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Google Search News

access web pageshttps://videoinformationproducer.com/high-quality-automatic-backlinks-exchange-network/ Hi everyone and welcome back to the google search news series. I hope life is treating you reasonably well, wherever you are, I’m your host today, john Mueller, here from Switzerland. With this show, we want to give you a regular summary of what’s been happening around google search specifically for website owners, publishers, and users. If you find these useful – Google search news series which I hope you do and if you’d like to stay up to date, then make sure to subscribe to the channel, I hope your year both ended well and is starting off well what a unique year.

It was right if you’re watching this in the far future, then first off congratulations for making it that far and secondly, as you can see in early 2021, we’re still recording from home in Switzerland. In this episode, we’ll be covering some neat new things around the foundation of search, namely crawling and indexing, as well as another relevant part of the search, namely links if you’re curious to find out more then stay tuned. A bit of background crawling is when Google search news series Googlebot looks. On pages on the web, following the links that it sees there to find other web pages indexing, the other part is when google systems try to process and understand the content on those pages.

Both of these processes have to work together, and the barrier between them can sometimes be a bit fuzzy. Let’s start with news about crawling: while we’ve been crawling the web for decades, there’s always something that we’re working on to make it easier, faster, or better understandable for site owners in search consoles. We recently launched an updated crawl stats report. Google search console is a g̲o̲o̲g̲l̲e̲ ̲s̲e̲a̲r̲c̲h̲ ̲n̲e̲w̲s̲ ̲s̲e̲r̲i̲e̲s̲ free tool that you can use to access information on how to google search sees and interacts with your website. This report gives site owners information on how Googlebot crawls a site. The report covers the number of requests by response code and the crawl purposes host level, information on accessibility, examples, and more.

(Jan ‘21) – crawling & indexing updates, link building, and more
Some of this is also in a server’s access logs, but getting and understanding them is often hard. We hope this report makes it easier for sites of all sizes to get actionable insights into the habits of Googlebot. Together with this tool, we also launched a new guide specifically for large websites, and crawling as the site grows crawling can become harder, so we compiled the best practices to keep in mind. You don’t have to run a large website to find this guide. Useful, though, we’ll add a link in the description, if you’re keen and finally still on the topic of crawling we’ve started crawling with HTTP 2

HTTP 2 is an updated version of the protocol used to access web pages. It has some improvements that are particularly relevant for browsers and we’ve been using it to improve our normal crawling too. We’Ve sent out messages to websites that were crawling with HTTP, 2 and plan to add more over time. If things go well, as you can see, there’s still room for news in something as foundational as crawling, and now, let’s move on to indexing, as mentioned before, indexing is a process of understanding and storing the content of web pages so that we can show them in The search results appropriately for indexing – I have two items of news to share with you today. First requesting indexing in the URL inspection tool is back in the search console. You can once again manually submit individual pages to request indexing. If you run into a situation where that’s useful for the most part, sites should not need to use these systems and instead focus on providing good internal, linking, and good sitemap files.

If a site does those well, then google systems will be able to crawl and index content from the website quickly and automatically. Secondly, in the search console, we’ve updated the index coverage report significantly with this change, we’ve worked to help site owners to be better informed on issues that affect the indexing of their site’s content. For example, we’ve removed the somewhat generic crawl anomaly issue type and replace it with more specific error types. There’S a bit more about this update in our blog post, which I’ve linked in the description below. Finally, I mentioned links in the beginning. Google uses links to find new pages and to better understand their context on the web. Next to links, we use a lot of different factors in search, but links are an integral part of the web, so it’s reasonable that sites think about them. Google’S guidelines mention various things to avoid with regards to links such as buying them, and we often get questions about what sites can do to attract links. Recently, I ran across a fascinating article from Giselle Navarro on content and link-building campaigns that she saw last year.

While I obviously can’t endorse any particular company that worked on these Google search news series campaigns, I thought they were great examples of what sites can do its worth. Taking a look at these and thinking about some creative things that you might be able to do in your site’s niche, I added a link in the description below creating awesome. Content, isn’t always easy, but it can help you to reach a broader audience and who knows? Maybe get a link or two and just a short note on news about structured data, as we mentioned in one of the previous episodes, we’ve decided to deprecate the old structure data testing tool and to focus on the rich results test in the search console.

The good news is that the structured data testing tool isn’t going away, but rather finding a new home in the schema.org community, and that’s all, for now, folks, in closing I’d love to hear more news from you all, especially around this video series, Google search news series which parts did you find particularly useful, which part’s less so what should we focus on more for this year? Please, let me know in the comments below or drop me a note on Twitter. I really appreciate all feedback, yours too. Finally, if you’d like to see more of these episodes or catch up on the new series for sustainable monetized websites make sure to subscribe to the channel, I look forward to seeing you all again in one of the future episodes of google search news, Bye

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Ultimate Booty Home Workout!

All right, I have a lot of ladies right now that I’m training actor Wesley. How do I get a bigger butt? I want my book nice. I want it big, you know I want it sexy and you know I thought most women want to lose weight, but they want a big button. I’M gon na show you how to get it done. I’M gon na show you how to get it done, not saying that I have a big butt, but I’m gon na show you how to get the gluteus nice. Okay. First, you want to do it. You want to get down here before them. Okay, go to your forearms look straight. You want to see the leg. You see that all the way up down you see, then that should be a nice 90-degree angle. That’S not enough. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 1, we’ve done is go for the form. You see right here upon on the face: 1. 2. 3, 4. 5. 6: 7 next leg: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, next leg, 1, 2, 3, four, five, six next days; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 1, 2, 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 1, 1, 10, 2001 June, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 1. 2, 1 you’re going to Rome going your bedroom you’re, not that I should not take you longer than 7 minutes to do this. Workout and your glutes are done for the evening all right folk. This is whistling virgin you’re a master virtual training. Hey that’s training with whis get fit with pass;


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How to Use Facebook Ads – Tutorial Guide Best Practices (2020)

So Facebook ads are the things really which makes my event successful. At the moment now, if-if-if Zook, mark zuckerberg goes and changes any of the rules around events or makes Facebook ads more expensive. Then this is kind of going to screw up this. This strategy, which I use at the moment but hey-ho whilst it’s rolling – and I reckon it will be fine for the next year or two at least I’m just going to roll with it so right. What I’m going to cover during this Facebook ad section is around the budget, the you’re planning to market your event so versus your event, lifetime value. If you’re jumping in at this point, I suggest you’d go back and and watch the slide about event lifetime value, because that’s quite important, I’m gon na go through the ad format. Again, I’m not a Facebook ad expert and I’m just telling you what I do and it seems to work and get people booked on for less than a pound per person. Sap per person booked at the moment, and so I’m just telling you what I know there’ll be other probably Facebook, ad experts out there, maybe watching this, who maybe I’ll get some tips out of it. Maybe they’ll help support some stuff that I’m missing, but I’m Jessica. I’M not an expert, I’m just telling you what I know so, I’m gon na go through what I do from an ad format perspective. Title descriptions calls to action and stuff like that, and it torch a little bit around split testing and the three different types of ads which I’ve tested and which one I’ve really kind of honed in and settled on. And then. Finally, I’m going to talk to you about kind of the actual Facebook ad structure from an audience perspective, so looking at look-alike audiences, custom, audiences and event, audiences, and things like that. I hope that’s cool, so kind of jumping about a little bit. But these are the three ads which I split tested. Basically, so let’s have a quick look, so we’ll come back to budget so kind of just to give you an idea, so I tend to have a basic image. Ad is actually kind of the least popular one. I then have a video ads, that’s kind of the second most popular one, and then this what I call a disruptive ad – and actually this has been the most popular one for me. So this is actually one of the diagrams one of my tools that I teach people about customer lifetime value, but for some reason it makes people stop and go back and have a look at the event and then, during those few seconds they then go. Oh, this is called it’s a free seminar in Cheltenham so yeah away, we go so you can see from the structure of the ad in terms of like so, first and foremost, and again, I um I got a give sort of hat tip. There’S a guy called Jamie Forrest jjp I was getting the name on japw marketing. Jamie Forrest is a Facebook Ads expert and he kind of helps me out with the ad structure. It started to introduce me to kind of audiences, and things like that. So I owe him an awful lot but um, but so he’s the one who can taught me this sort of structure. So basically, what we want to do is have like something really clear at the top of it, so who was speaking to business owners of Gloucestershire. So it’s location-based, it’s talking about our target market and then you’re invited so call to action. You’Re invited to a free seminar at the juries in Cheltenham on Friday, the 26th. So it’s got all of the basic details in there and then, if they click more, it’s going to get them, give them a few more details about what this seminar is going to do for them. Basically so there’s like three bullets and a couple of other details in there and then we’ve got the image like I said, and it says interested there. But actually, if you click into that ad, you then get the option to actually book a ticket directly from the Eventbrite, which is pretty cool, so I’ve split tested like numerous different ads. I mean I’ve spent thousands of pounds on Facebook ads and finally settled on this kind of being the most popular, but do always split test across your different audience. It may be that this thumbnail wasn’t right for this video or the video was too long, because this particularly videos about sort of two two and a half minutes, so people maybe didn’t watch all of it. This is a bit kind of too salesy, and people will probably just scroll past that potentially so I found this disruptive type of ads like make it colorful make it bright, make it like scribbles and a bit of a mess. It seems to attract people’s attention. It works for me, like I said so, then we’re kind of going to go into the budget side of things so now I actually set for the last event. I actually only ended up spending about 100 pounds to book 97 people onto the event, but actually I would have been willing, because I knew that if I, if I got if I filled the room up with 50 people, I’d have at least one maybe two ongoing Coaching clients, I’d, sell some people onto my group coaching program, so that would create and cus customer lifetime value in its own right and actually the the venue only cost me 250 quid. So I was willing to spend 300 pounds on Facebook ads. You know one of the key things is. What we want to do is run the ads right up to the day before the event, because people will still book at the last minute. I did this tsunami for my networking event and in January we had 17 people booked on the day before that 17 people out of 60 in total, who attended the event so scheduled it to to start straightaway and and literally like the day before your event and Like the time looks a bit roundabout, hey hope, so my event was on the 26th of Jan and then running out to all the time. Basically, you could schedule it if you wanted to to run between like the most popular times. You know like I. I know that my audiences tend to be online at lunchtime on Facebook and sort of lay Eve later on an evening once the kids are kind of gone to bed so sort of 7:00. I don’t know 10 p.m.

Ads manager

So you could potentially run it on schedule. I’Ve never split tested that and hey, maybe that’s something I should do, but I term lazy. So I just run the ads all the time. Basically, so next up we’re kind of getting into the the real guts of like the the Facebook Ads manager and like the control panel and there’s a few things that you’ll see in here, which will be familiar. So the the ad which we’re doing is an event ad and what ideally, what we want to do so this stuff on the right is really really important. We want this needle to be bolt upright so that it says that we’re not too specific we’re not too broad. Our audience is clearly defined. Now the green band actually goes like you know, for a big big part of it. Also, what we don’t want is, if potential reach to be absolutely massive, we don’t want it to be into like the hundreds of thousands I mean it depends on the event. I guess if you’re like Tony Robbins or somebody, you probably want it to be going out to hundreds of thousands people and you got the cash, but actually the reality is we want it to be very specific. So I’m talking about kind of local event based marketing. Here not, you could use this tactic if you wanted to do bigger events and probably actually, if I wanted to grow my fearless events, I probably take them to London or reading or Birmingham or a bigger city. You know so so that’s one way of doing it. Like I’m not going to draw people in to an event like, let’s be fair, I do but not from outside of Gloucestershire, probably and then the other thing is this estimated daily results. So what I try and do is I’ll adjust my budget basically to make sure that the reach is some we’re approaching a thousand people a day, because then, when you start reaching a thousand people a day, you get this. The second bar appear, which is for the estimated number of event responses, and so, if I’m getting six to twenty one event response to the day and reaching a thousand people a day, that’s pretty cool and actually so what? What it’s in terms like budget? That’S why it’s better off to start with a really high budget. Now what Facebook is going to do is eke out that budget over the course of the lifetime. So if you’re doing four week campaign, it leaked out and 300 pounds over the course of the event. So um, but what we want to do is is maximize the amount of event responses as quickly as you possibly can. So we may only be willing to spend three hundred quid, but if you’re brave with your budget and stick in three hundred quid knowing that you’ll probably get everybody booked on in that first week and it’ll only cost you a hundred quid, I mean Facebook’s like woohoo. This person’s, like gon na spend 300 quid so they’re like yeah. Let’S just throw this out all over the place and one will get loads of engage people and we’ll give it to the right people, but actually what you do is you spend a hundred quid get your 7 to your 97 bookings and switch it off and you’ve Only spent a hundred quid so actually being brave with this this budget and the scheduling is like absolutely vital and ideally like. I said we want to get to this point whereby we’ve got this. This estimated daily reach up over a thousand and and this event responses thing pops up, because that’s just triggered something in Facebook’s algorithm, say this guy’s promoting events and he’s got budget for it. So I’m I’m not going to go too much into creating custom audiences, there’ll, be loads of sort of advice and tips and tricks and stuff like that out there. How I do it is, I create a basic custom audience if everybody who’s attended. My events in the past and pumped that into Facebook the moment it’s about six or seven hundred people, and then I create a look-alike audience based on that of the clip and basically look at how it look like audiences work. Is they give you the closest 1 percent of people in so I’ve chosen in terms of my look-alike audience, people based in the UK so there’s 41 registered 41 million registered Facebook users in the UK so that any look-alike audience you you create the first 1 %. Will always be if it’s UK targeted 410,000 odd people, and that seems like a lot and you’d be like wow. That’S too many, that’s not that’s not very targeting, but actually what it’s done is out the 41 million people it’s got to pick from in the pool. It’S chosen a thousand people who the one percent of people who look the most like that initial list of people who’ve attended events does that if that makes any kind of sense, so it should be the four hundred and fourteen thousand people who are most closely associated To my target market next up – and this is one of the biggest mistakes actually so so, first of all, when I am my first event, I did where I was booking people like seven to ten pounds per seat. I didn’t have a look-alike audience like this. I didn’t have a location. I wasn’t really aware of this sort of stuff going on over here. So the moment I created a detailed look-alike audience based on people, who’d attended my event, the event bookings and for my Bristol event dropped down to about between. I know it’s about four pounds ish, so it halved pretty much. The next thing is this location thing here now most people will go my events in Cheltenham so I’ll do a 40 kilometer radius and round Cheltenham. Now again, that’s quite vague, so there’s something called poly. Agonal searches um – this is probably the stuff for the like Facebook ad gurus. Don’T want you to know because they’re like this is our secret sauce like why this guy’s telling you it like. This is a secret sauce, I’m giving you now and it works for me and hey by the way like when you’re first starting out with Facebook ads like the money you spend, isn’t wasted. It’S information-gathering, like you, will waste a lot of money on Facebook ads before you get it right. I certainly have so I’m trying to save you a few quid here so GL. One two is what we call a poly. I can all post code search. So it’s not it. Basically, it’s a very specific, like grid on a map of where that location sits and what happens is we’re going to target people who specifically live in that location, because we know that they’re more likely to come to our event because they live closer to it. So if you want to know more about this, like you’re going to have to join, I’m not going to give you this list, you can go and find your own postcode lists if you want to, but I’ve got some great text files available if you’re a fearless Business member and to make that job a lot easier for you. So I can give you these poly agonal searches, but you’re gon na have to give me some juice, I’m afraid, because it took me a long time to get to work out where to grab that information from and which I know is a bit tight of me. I suppose I could help you out. Maybe you could just donate some beer tokens or something but but um like this when I started targeting specific poly agonal postcodes like this and my my cost per person, SAP again dropped by more than half, so it moved from about three to four pounds down to About one to two pounds, which was a massive difference, so just with these two things alone, I’ve moved from sort of seven eight nine pounds per person booking down to like a pound per person, booking it’s absolutely phenomenal when it works, and it doesn’t always work. It depends like there’s a lot of other variables like when you, when you launch your promotion like what are the promotions going on, and things like that, if you, if you run two ads similar ads at the same time, effectively they’re competing against each other. For this reach this traffic, so it could potentially cost you more. So there’s a lot of variables which which are kind of going on there. I again, I kind of tend to use sort of Faerie vague sort of demographics, like I want everybody to come along from 24 to 65. Now the last event, which I did again probably the first 10 people had booked. It were women and then Facebook decided. Well then, everybody who wants to go to this event female so so I had I had there was a it started to slide much more towards women, so I had to create another ad switch off my my women out, because I wanted I wanted them. I have them, I’m not focused specifically on women, i, but i wanted a mix of people and genders in the room and mixed demographics in the room, because again it all adds to the event. I think it’d be a bit weird if people turn it, I don’t know whether it’d be weird. Maybe I thought it was weird if everybody turned out to my event was female. I don’t know language make sure you put English UK in there, if you’re in England or wherever you’re based and target language – and I filled in this details in the in the screenshot but again 21,000 people in gloucestershire – that’s still quite vague, so I might want to Narrow that down, potentially and start to put in you know business owners, entrepreneurs whatever it might be so and you can also exclude people so you might choose to exclude, I don’t know, taxi drivers for whatever reason, maybe you got something against taxi driver. So if there are people you don’t want to, but there’s a you don’t see this box to start off with you have to there’s a little link which you have to click to exclude people. So if you put business owners, you even have to click another box and exclude taxi drivers. So it’s just a way of narrowing down your audience and making sure you have the right people booking to turn up to your event, cool and then so edit placement. So I’ve kind of played around with this I kind of settled on I prefer to target mobile only. I get better results through that occasionally I’ll test it, if that, if that mobile only is not working, I might do automatic placements and that Facebook do its thing. It’S entirely up to you. You’Ve also got the art that there’s various different things I mean I would look at what just look at Facebook’s help pages around kind of the different types of platforms and, what’s going to work best for your event and kind of again, it will depend on your Audience but for me mobile only or automatic plain placement, absolutely fine, whether you push it across to Instagram or not. It’S entirely up to you. If you got Instagram following optimized for a delivery, we want event responses. Bin amount automatic, so let Facebook do its work and if you do manual, you will end up paying too much and then charge. We want charges to be charged per impression. Basically, so every time this goes out to a thousand people we want to be. We want to be charged for it because, if I add structure is right, if I targeting is right, if our event is appealing and can produce value, we should get quite a good conversion rate. Now I haven’t actually looked in detail as to what my conversion rates are actually based upon. My impression and impressions are probably something I should look at, but again you can find that information in the in the what you call it. The Facebook Ads manager I’m waning. So I’m going to try and wrap this up soon, so here we go so a few stats, so this is again show differences, but so event responses. So again, by far this was my most. This was getting the best results for the least it cost me a little bit more, but it was getting me more people booking so and you know yes, these were cheaper and I suppose I could have switched that off and ramped up the spend on these. I did try that and ultimately this ended up being the center that costing me more because too many people were just scrolling past the image ad in the video. So I settled upon the it says: head shot there, but it’s not it’s the disruptive image. Basically – and you can see here, you know great relevancy – score lots of people taking action, we’re talking like 19 event bookings for 10 quid. At this point I think, like I said in the end I booked 97 people for just over 100 pounds like which is a pound a seat. I mean that’s, that’s amazing. You know you’re gon na get better results early on and then the ad will keep on getting repeated to the same people after that. So when, when this starts to kind of creep up, you probably want to start to think about duplicating your ad and tweaking a couple of things in it. Maybe change the ad copy or drop in another image, or something like that just so people get something different again, I’m lazy! I didn’t do it for this campaign, but if I was doing a bigger campaign, perhaps I would so so that’s that, basically so if you’ve got any questions like jump on to the either the business start at group on Facebook hit me up, so you can just Search like on Twitter for Robin Waite on Facebook, Instagram, I’m all over that you can buy one of my books take your shot there based on or online business, starts at there based on Amazon, and if you want to know more about Facebook ad side of things, Then, like get yourself booked in for a consultation with me, I, the consultation, won’t focus on Facebook Ads by the way, I tend to look at much more strategic perspective of your business, and we will be talking about whether coach business coaching is something for something for You but hey get in touch. Have you got any questions like potm into the potm into the feed below, and i will be sure to come back to you.

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Traffic fluctuation (and ensuring healthy navigation) | Sustainable Monetized Websites

Sustainable Profitable Website Fluctuations in traffic ( and ensuring good browsing ) Welcome back to the sustainable, profitable website series. I am Aurora. I work in Googles, publisher policy, education department: Oh these two are my partners: Organic (, a ) and Monetized. In this episode, we will talk about the reasons behind the changes in traffic And share best practices to help ensure good traffic to your website. I am here to learn my Google AdSense monetization strategy, How to help my organic performance in search. I am glad you raised this question. This is actually a common misunderstanding. Profit does not affect How the website works in organic. Google search results You can in the resources linked in the description, See more information about how search works. First, I want to say: Traffic should come from real user interest, Any other way to manipulate. It May cause your content to be restricted And manual operation of organic search. Google AdSense calls this manipulation invalid traffic. In short, anything that does not come from an advertisement Or the interaction of real people with real interests on your website. Some invalid traffic is accidental, Like an improperly placed ad Blocks, what the user is trying to click Some are deliberate, such as botnets Or someone who maliciously clicked on the ad Invalid traffic includes, but is not limited to Publishers generate clicks or impressions on their own, live Ads The publisher explicitly asks users to click on their ads To encourage clicks on ads Or implement ads in a way that can cause a lot of accidental clicks, Automatic click tool or traffic source, Robots or other deceptive software. Ad clicks must come from real user interests. A large amount of invalid traffic on your account May lead you to Google AdSense Profit pause Advertising budget for invalid clicks will be refunded. This will affect your final income. How does Google identify invalid traffic Through an automated system? Combination with manual review, Our ad traffic quality team is committed to Block all types of invalid traffic So that advertisers dont have to pay for it And the people who made it wont profit from it. What if I am the victim of destruction, We understand that a third party may be without your knowledge, or permission Generate invalid traffic on your ads. Ultimately, as a publisher, You are responsible for ensuring that your advertising traffic is effective. If you think you have invalid traffic from a third party, Please use the form linked in the description Report to our traffic quality team. In terms of organic content, Your website traffic may fluctuate due to a series of factors. These factors may affect your websites, ranking impressions and clicks Before continuing. Please make sure your site is verified in the search console. Do this as early as possible, so that you can Ability to access tools and data. Don’T focus too much on the absolute position of your website, Even small fluctuations. However, if you see a significant or continuous decline in the position, You can start by checking the search console performance report. It will help you understand what has changed on your site And whether the decline is related to a specific category Such as inquiry, country or equipment related Some reasons for website traffic fluctuations. It may be because — The user saw your website, but did not click. Maybe other search results are more convincing, More reliable, newer or more authoritative, Search for some queries to see which sites do better than you And why Resources you can link in the description Read how to improve the title and selected abstract. Google has trouble finding or viewing your website If you recently made major changes to your website, Such as moving to another domain Or move an existing page to a new URL on the same website Or you move from HTTP to HTTPS. Please give us a few weeks to update our index. You can track the progress of the index coverage report in the search console. You could use the search appearance feature before, But not anymore, Check your rich results in the search console And new bugs reported by AMP. Your websites, mobile device usability, has declined To do this check. The mobile-friendly testing tool of the search console Our ranking or reporting algorithm has changed, Visit the search center blog and our data anomaly page. You will see manual operations or safety issues, Open manual, operation and security issue report in the search console To fix them Cyclical decline. Does your traffic drop, have a weekly, monthly or yearly pattern? Use, Google Trends to understand this pattern: How to relate to your website content. For example, if your website is about swimsuits, You may see a drop in search traffic in the winter. These cyclical fluctuations are hard to avoid, But you can try to create content. That is relevant throughout the year Now that you have heard the cause of these problems Here are some best practices. You can follow these practices to prevent or minimize invalid traffic fines And the organic traffic fluctuations of profitable websites In terms of organic. You should make web pages for your users Instead of making web pages for search engines. This makes me think Dont fool, search engines. Ask yourself, am I doing this for my users or to improve my search engine rankings. Make your website different from your peers, Make it unique, valuable and attractive Make sure it is accurate, useful and up to date, Regularly check available, search, console tools and reports Such as index coverage and performance reports. These will help you understand how your website performs in search Check out the beginner’s guide to SEO And keep up with the changes in the search center blog. Don’T limit the flow of websites to understand your ad traffic And website visitors Actively monitor the performance of your traffic sources So that you can make informed decisions Avoid working with untrustworthy or low-quality partners. These partners will bring bad traffic to your website. Dont click on your own ads, Even if you think its okay to do this, We may disable an account if it looks like a publisher Have been clicking on their own ads to increase their revenue. Double check. Your ad implementation Make sure they follow our ad serving policy And no programming errors. In addition check your ads on different browsers and platforms To make sure they work. As expected, Ask in the AdSense Help Forum Chances are another publisher has the same problem as you. We hope this video helps you understand Your organic website and profitable content Reasons behind fluctuations in traffic. We wish you a smooth browsing In the next episode. We will discuss duplicate content And how to deal with it Subscribe to this channel, so you dont miss any content. Dont forget to like and share this video. If you have any good suggestions for future video topics, Please leave a comment. Goodbye

advertising traffic

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Online Investing Wealth Building Strategies

Online Investing Wealth Building Strategies

8 passive ways to make money without a product. Now, if you’ve been trying to figure out ways to make money online, you don’t have a product. This video is for you because in this video I’m going to show you eight ways you can passive ways to make money. 24/7. You don’t need to invest any money and inventory whatsoever and we’re starting right now: hey I’m jr. Fischer. I appreciate you visiting my channel if you’re new here. Do me a favor and subscribe hit that subscribes button down there.

Take a bell to turn off Bell notifications, my goodness, you turn off Bell notifications to become part of the family to fish your family, so that every time I do a new video, I will notify you don’t think of searching for it. You won’t stumble on it. You’Ll know because I can tell you about it, so don’t forget to do that. In addition to that, we have passive ways to make money. You want to get it to you.

Absolutely free, okay, it’s going, be in the description below just click the link and learn no credit card required. Now. Have you been questioning how to make money online and you don’t have any products? You don’t want to look for products. Put your comments below about what you’ve done or what questions you have about it if you’ve been successful with some other methods put that below, because that’ll help other people now I’ve been selling online since 2009 and I’ve sold millions of dollars worth of both digital and physical products and I’ve learned O̲n̲l̲i̲n̲e̲ ̲I̲n̲v̲e̲s̲t̲i̲n̲g̲ ̲W̲e̲a̲l̲t̲h̲ ̲B̲u̲i̲l̲d̲i̲n̲g̲ ̲S̲t̲r̲a̲t̲e̲g̲i̲e̲s̲ with a lot of stuff along the way and on this channel all I do is I share it with you.

I help you start running and grow your online business by doing these videos so enjoy the videos, take the information, and make some money okay. So let’s go ahead and get started right now, let’s take a look at the first way that you can make money online without any products.

Now: here’s the truth making passive ways to make money 24/7, while you sleep, while you’re at the beach while you’re at the movies, while you’re eating dinner, that’s a pretty cool idea and it is passive and I know it works because I’ve done it. However, nothing is truly passive and what I mean by that is that you have to do some work upfront to get that passive income going. So you can’t just sit in your chair one day and all of a sudden money starts coming. It doesn’t work that way. You’Ve got to put some effort in upfront, but once you’ve done that there are some truly passive ways to make money. So let’s jump right into that right now and we’re going to talk about the first way.

The first way to make passive ways to make money is a professional spokesperson. Let me ask you a question: what, if somebody just handed you a script and they said, read this in front of a camera and send me a video of that and I’m going pay. You would you think, that’s a good deal, I mean I do and you could actually do it now, I’m going to show you where you can do it, let’s run over to Upwork right now, so I can show you how that’s done.

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6 Tips For Your Emails

affiliate marketing

So here’s the thing email marketing can be complex. Are you trying to achieve a measurable return on your email, marketing investment, Maybe you’re trying to grow or retain your email subscribers and stay compliant with all these new email regulations? Hey everyone. My name is Shauna Carroll and I’m a principal channel consultant working at HubSpot, Working with marketing agencies and direct clients. Trust me I’ve seen a lot and I’m here to give you the lowdown on email marketing.

i’m going to share with you solutions to common challenges, marketers face, so you can start reaching your audience effectively and crush your business goals through email And I’m going to do so by getting some ideas from HubSpot Academy’s Email, Marketing Certification, which, by the way, is free. Now I see this a lot. Some of the common challenges when it comes to email are things like making sure you’re hitting your email, open rates, click-through rates, email, deliverability, and staying compliant.

It all comes down to having a sharp and integrated email marketing strategy, No matter the size of your company or marketing team. You need to have a clearly defined strategy in place to be able to reach your goals. Experts agree that, in order to build an effective email marketing strategy and get your email seen, you have to adhere to this framework. Let’S check it out. [ Courtney ] The three pillars you need to build. An effective email marketing strategy is the significance of segmentation. The power of personalization and the impact of data-driven analysis, So the first pillar, which is segmentation, it’s basically dividing your email subscribers into small segments based on a strategic set of criteria that you have determined things like location or purchase, history, or even activity on your website, Can work great

Let’S see what Courtney has to say from the Academy, Segmentation is seemingly simple but important. Segmentation is what helps you send the right person, the right message at the right time, Creating an inbound email experience and conversation means focusing just as much on the context of your message as the content you deliver. The DMA, a Data and Marketing Association, found that 77 % of email marketing ROI came from segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns.

Bringing context and content together helps you write the greatest emails in the world and make sure they connect with your audience and don’t waste their time or yours. I love that stat that 77 % of email ROI comes from segmentation, But now you may be wondering how do we actually get started with segmentation? Let’S check this out Segmentation at its core brings together two key inbound concepts: buyer personas and the buyer’s journey Sending the right email at the right time to the right person means knowing who that person is and where they are in the buyer’s journey. Buyer personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer based on real data and some select educated speculation about customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals.

And the buyer’s journey is the active research process. Someone goes through leading up to a purchase. The buyer’s journey is made up of three stages: the awareness stage, the consideration stage, and the decision stage. The second pillar is personalization Customers now kind of expect personalization in all marketing they get from modern companies. It’S just no longer an option In email. Personalization is when you can use your subscriber data to make your email feel customized for your subscribers, making it more intimate and relevant.

Personalization is so much more than adding the first name of the recipient to your email, It’s about creating a contextualized and individual experience. While there are many channels that’ll allow you to do this and more and more created each day. Email is a channel that continues to offer so much room for creativity and experimentation and developing that highly personalized experience. Email personalization is basically like having a personal concierge for every person that interacts with your brand, based on actions that they take. How cool would that be? There’S a word for that by the way which we all should know, It’s behavioral email,

Behavioral email is defined as the practice of sending automated targeted emails to your contacts, based on the historical interactions they’ve had with your company across channels And when you send a behavioral email, you’re, creating a highly personal experience for your contacts. One of my favorite examples is OpenTable. They make it easy to make reservations online, but they also remember your favorite restaurants and help you discover new ones, based on your user reviews and your past reservations. How cool is that Another great one comes from Spotify. They send behavioral emails to fans that love certain artists And they surprise them by giving them exclusive access to presales and other goodies from the artist. This brings us to our last pillar the impact of data-driven analysis In a world that is always changing where your customers are always changing. The way they live and work analysis helps you evolve with them and not be left behind.

By analyzing your emails consistently and having emails as one of the core parts of your inbound strategy, you will give your customers what they need to continue the conversation with you. So how do you actually get started with that? [ Courtney ] To implement data-driven analysis into your email marketing. You will want to keep in mind this framework First track the metrics that matter

This will be different for you in your business than me in my business Second understand what those metrics indicate about the success of your emails. What is moving and improving versus what is slowing down And then third apply what you’ve learned to optimize and improve each email that you send Email marketing is a powerful tool And a lot goes into creating an impactful email? Marketing strategy Learn more from Courtney in the HubSpot Academy, Email Marketing, Certification Get certified and start mastering your email marketing strategy. I’ll see you at the next one.

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Best Ever Door to Door Salesman

actually I’m gonna be quick like nestling be there like Michael Jackson that’s why your neighbors said I’ll remind them a Nicholas Cage because I’m going in 60 seconds watch this right here dad look who does this the most on a window the kids the dogs that are ugly black guys that eat fried chicken now you see these water spots look they get wider than my elbows at our lotion watch this dad and I’m right here cuz Stevie Wonder’s says seeing is believing and I got a disease called enthusiasm so I’m gonna cut straight to the mustard watch this don’t laugh to mark the neighbors ghost eaters black kids forever your window okay look like mr.

Miyagi remember the Karate Kid now watch does the air dry it puts the co2 Nigel winter no water spots no fingerprints no streaks that’s not we can’t sell it to criminals don’t tell Tiger Woods did your mom y’all would agree oh you see this right here who did okay watch this No my mom said if it’s darker than me and they don’t pay the bills it should be there right god bless you now look this right here did we just upgrade it like Beyonce this is our new surfactant hold this and watch this because this should be the main reason why you get the HBO special you know HBO me know you get the help of brother green called me a pig and look at this right here look those go with chicken don’t drink Adobe the Hershey squirts but look that one bottle lasts longer than my last relationship y’all got water right yeah how far you come try to use it oh yeah but not this is my last demo and I want you here quicker than your favorite shampoo y’all see me with these right here sharpies yeah now watch this even though I’m black getting black magic it just work because let’s say you got this in the clothes that a carpet that around room would you agree that’s hard to get out okay would you throw it out shout it out get okay to stab it down Mike Tyson about Kobe Bryant it was a little as a multiple-choice funny joke cuz you know you came to a bleach on colors right sure look at this this safe won’t colors that’s why we close telecast a miso you just wait a spray right now dude this right here takes up eat blood coffee stains grass stains kool-aid lipstick gum blue can do it would you say that’s wider than the Colgate smile not oh my goodness you see that can use up my teeth today Jesus for the bottle I use money turn brown no I’m just kidding but no you just use it on for your house what’s the hardest thing to clean would it be carpet the tile barbecue grills the shower doors that oil and rest of the driveway that’s blacker than my mother but not as beautiful or that counseling right here can I put this on youtube yes ma’am what are you feeling personality show but this sells itself though it’s called a vanish to wonder cleaner best day since cake and ice cream now unlike Madonna has never been touched so you want to put two caps in the bottom and I’ll just come motion neighbor they just get it because they like me y’all familiar with Tony Robbins yeah see I’m taking this course because this is how Jamie Foxx started off door-to-door and he said two years of door-to-door selling there’s the equivalent to four years of college communication on you interact with different people that’s what I have for the neighbors owned by because the work they just get it because they like my tenacity because they said it in the easy I’m pretty sure Windex in Bleach I never knocked on your door made you laugh with my way about the camcorder just the tape right but which I do full of ourselves – god bless you did but as I said just try to warn you only gotta buy the case today like Matlock – Ted you can’t get the whole chicken at least get the wing right that’s oatmeal beat no meal but like I said you want to put two caps 20 ounces of water so that one bottle make you 68 Spears but you should just save my autograph because by the time you run out you probably see me on Last Comic Standing and anybody big it should win it because even Jesus said if you give a person a fish you feed him for a day but if you teach amount of fish you can feel lighter god bless you but if you had one would you try it on first day at that right there right a hard water spots but just just some funny I don’t know how much is it with a warm bottle just 36 about and you get a spray powder it makes you 68 bottle I just get 50% of that because if I sell my mouth get enough that’s why your navy sound just go get it could use funny because the one thing that your neighbors did say they look right here you know all of these cleaners another joker so let’s take this one but you know all of these claims right here Y on you they said this stuff is like a pregnant lady on we’re for it don’t work okay you get it because you know there’s Clorox super green fool on that comments biggest vampire so yeah I probably use a lot now if you had a choice that grabbing a solid dollar a hundred pennies now this should be really to check test for your dough now mom you see our door handle their brands oh my god pull the door watches this should be the main reason why y’all get to get rid of me special I’ll give fire right now but what you can do mom you can write this up for fund raise and though that’s what most your neighbors you can you get the writing yes I like you uh-huh you must be a teacher cuz you got a lot of class but you see right here down through no you get the write it off no that’s why a lot of your neighbors don’t do a friend a pocket they do it from the heart but I tell you what I can’t do if y’all get the one bottle imma throw in a free Mary Kay Christian to your Calvin Klein believe the time spray bottle to go with it but this should be the check test though you see this brass right here now I’m gonna be on one last time y’all see this look shiny like a baby Jaime y’all first bought the house god bless you watch this right here naw it’s so old I know not about to be brand new it’s gonna be – disco go from 79 to 2010 look at that oh my goodness that sure did that’s worth the bottle right there not the door don’t panic it’s organic remember I said you know fake color remember that’s what we could that’s what we gotta sell it to Michael Jackson well I’ll probably ocean USDA EPA and PETA you notice the safe around dogs I like Michael lid and it’s safe volunteers are like pee-wee Herman would you say the show a Longworth with me being the commission off that one bottle from your heart you think I can extend upcoming oh yeah that’s not the reason why I’m doing it this is a stepping stone for me because I get a commission to pay for my actions food that’s what a lot of your neighbors are you from around here I’m from my mama don’t tell my daddy here staggered but I’m staying here now yeah we still really skinny brutes why’d you don’t see me on TV make sure you take that Kenny Brooks because uh because I think if you’re around because we played music and bands and we have it’d be perfect to have you come up and you know between dads and say some [ __ ] I’m fine yeah yeah why not I’m so nice man y’all cooler than the other side of the pillow thank you I had Johnny inside cut man zone because your neighbors been working me like I’m black is heavy like I’m Mexican that’s why I’m trying to get over on one neighbor try to make me clean the toilet yeah but that’s I said just Charlie one cuz I know that go take the cheese out John macaroni and mom it ain’t like y’all can use it oh could you use it on everything only thing you can’t use it on this dirty mine dirty Solar nosy neighbors that’s why when part of Jesus in a bottle and dad you know them bugs that commit suicide on the front of your car yeah they told me the bugs I hear it’s bad a good morning from watch this right here to see is unison but but it’s made I have to leave them ok you can do cash check or chicken we could you get this right now you only have to wait are we faster the UPS the fitter motion ever just been doing cash I’m making out to the company could you get it right now and I’m gonna get you all the spray bottle just to join make me clean the toilet god bless you

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Tips on obtaining those EyeBalls on your YouTube videos

Entertainment Culture

For your video clip to obtain a good number of views, it is required that the material developed is worth individuals’s time. Tags added have to be appropriate to the content being posted.The description that you include has to be well thought out since this does the dual task of notifying both users and the search engines exactly what your video content is truly around. Not just competition really, considers video clip format and content from the leading videos on YouTube for ideas to boost your web page’s efficiency.

How to Increase Blog Traffic with 13 Proven Tactics

welcome to the journey today we’re going to talk about how to increase blog traffic with 13 proven tactics [Music] sam did you know research shows that 61 of businesses say that their biggest challenge is generating more traffic and more leads i didn’t know that so listen if you don’t want to fall into this group here’s what you want to do you want to learn how to publicize your blog and this is going to help you to generate more traffic more customers and spread more word of mouth so to help you get started we have 13 tips starting with promoting your blog on social media i mean what a great place too oftentimes businesses they’re posting on social media and eventually they kind of hit that writer’s block like oh what do i post today well throw this into a calendar get a calendar plan out your post and maybe even on a weekly basis maybe on a monthly basis choose to promote your blog in a creative way on twitter and instagram and facebook and while you’re promoting this on social media reach out to your friends and family they are the best people to encourage to like comment and even share your post because when they do those things you’re opening up into new networks whom you may never have had the opportunity to reach out to totally speaking of new networks of folks that maybe never heard of you before i encourage you to guest blogging as well i know i do it on the godaddy team whenever we do a webinar with other partners out there in the marketing world after we do the webinar one of the things we do is like hey you know this was a great webinar we recorded it we’re going to put it on our blog do you guys have a blog and if that other company does we’re like let’s do a guest blog so we’ll have their blog that they did and put on our site and vice versa it’s just another great way to get in front of new customers who’ve maybe never heard about you before and collaboration is so much better than competition don’t be afraid there are people out there that want to join forces with you to actually promote each other and really important for your blog when you are actually posting on there and we’re talking about social media make sure you have an easy way for that traffic to share the blog posts to social media platforms to even help you get in front of more new customers and fans so i have an example here uh godaddy our vlog this is an article that my teammate wrote recently caroline barker shout out and it’s about it’s for salons and it’s about instagram and like how to rejuvenate your instagram for 2020 a very very top of mind article but notice here on the left hand side you can share it to tweet it on twitter you can share it to facebook etc so it’s as simple as this i go and i click on twitter and right away it not only populates the link but even shows the title there and then i can add a caption to like read this article it was rad and super helpful hashtag instagram so this is just another tip that i would have for every blog post that you do make sure it’s super easy for that traffic there to share it to social and another little tip something else that you can do if you have a certain aha moment in your blog that you really want people to pay attention to this is an advanced tip you can actually make that small section tweetable or you can share it to facebook and add that necessary widget so that people can add that it’s a great point sam another great point find your niche focus in on what it is that makes you unique and that’s going to also help influence your blog so i want to travel over here to one of my favorite clothing brands aviator nation and what i love about the blog the owner paige she has a passion for the 70s and not just the 70s but the surf culture and this time period as well as the fashion then and the music then when you go to the blog you know you get that sense of her story her vibe she even goes into the fashion the music the collection and in addition to some of the partnerships they have like even with soul cycle and austin city limits wow yeah and i know many people are saying oh i want to be able to reach everyone however when you narrow your focus you’ll be able to find very enthusiastic brand ambassadors that’ll be just eating up what you have to do so narrow that focus find that niche and you’ll have those brand loyal brand ambassadors just coming to spread the word about you yeah send me a shirt i’ll rep it on the journey and also people like it when you keep it simple so make sure your blog is simple in that you know think about your audience they want to know exactly what they’re getting themselves into when they come to your blog so next tip is seo you don’t want to just write about everything and anything you want to think about what is your audience going to be looking for what are they going to be searching for online there are some ways of you know researching these keywords to make sure that you’re writing with a purpose and these things that your audience is going to be looking for like for instance the aviator nation maybe things related to 70s or disco exactly things that you know your loyal fans are going to be looking southern california tip number five publish consistently i mean you have readers viewers anticipating what you’re putting out there i know for the journey we post two to three times a week and that helps with retention so you want to make sure you’re incentivizing people to come back you don’t want to just go and post once and then totally ghost them and they let them know hey we have fresh content coming out mondays and wednesdays so people know when to expect it and then they get excited they’ll know to okay let me show up because i know every monday and wednesday whatever works for you but stick to it because you don’t want to lose those people that have already invested into being a reader or audience member for your blog all right number six turn readers into subscribers i mean you can’t just sit back and hope they’re gonna return to your blog or gosh i really hope they see that social media post about it and they’re going to return get them on that email newsletter and that way you can send them a nice friendly reminder to one of your blog pet to one of your blog posts and to make sure that they are on your email list call to action let them know hey subscribe here you can add that at the bottom of your blog so they know what to do just a simple tell them hey enter in your email so you’re notified when we have this coming out and number seven you want to have the right cadence we did talk about scheduling your content and having specific days for it to go out at the same time you want to know how many times it’s going to be good for you two times could be good for others maybe once it’s for you just play around with it yeah experiment and i mean if you’re say a salon how often can you keep posting about how to dye your hair or what styles are in by the way balayage still very cool so you want to think about it you don’t want to lose the quality in your post and cadence is going to help you to maintain quality and plus people they don’t necessarily want to see something from you every day so take your time figure out how much is enough just play around with it number eight invite industry experts to guest blogs so we talked about this very briefly earlier like when we do our webinars with other industry experts and what’s really cool is you know they have an expertise outside of what we’re doing at godaddy and so they can come in do a post and that collaboration then allows us as a company to get in front of a new audience and it’s a great way for you to leverage their fans they may not have known that you are offering the different types of content so they become aware of you and then potentially become a new fan of yours yeah and then you’re already getting credibility right because they’re already fans of this guest blogger so then you have this instilled trust right number nine balance your content and ads i know for me when i go to a blog and there’s a pop-up window a little pesky pop-up window it’s distracting it throws me off and also if you get hit with more ads i just want to leave like the credibility goes down it feels like spam so i abort all right so for number 10 monitor your load time 40 of people say that they’ll leave a page if it hasn’t loaded after three seconds you want to keep a close eye on this because you take pride in your blog and maybe you’re adding things to it and as you add things you don’t know how it’s affecting the low tide so you want to keep an eye on this because you want your people to have a positive experience so you can use tools like google’s page speed to make sure that low time is still efficient number 11 make it easy for journalists to contact you so this is really a cool way not just journalists but influencers to learn about you collab with you and then once again what is that going to help do drive traffic to your blog a great place to do this really beef up your about us section so let’s go back over to my friends at aviator nation and check out their about business section so here’s where i know i learned the story about paige the founder and creative the whole vision that she got about the california-based brand and then you go into not only the story which is beefed up as they say and the unique story but there’s great copy and images that really embrace her vibe and the brand one thing i might advise if paige and i were to grab a cup of coffee or catch some waves i’d say add video i think she’s super personable i know she plays music it’d be cool to see that i know they do a great job that on instagram but this is where you tell your unique story and then also you’ll notice the partnerships that they have listed in here from south by southwest to the x games to lollapalooza and that’s another great place where they’re sharing their story sharing their partnership so when journalists or other influencers come across they get an idea of like oh yeah this makes sense for us as you know acl to collab with aviator nation because look who they partnered with in the past so for tip number 12 replicate your success now it may take some time to actually find your cadence and get everything just right but once you do keep it that way you’ve worked hard so you just continue to go with what works and finally number 13 track which marketing efforts work best so set some milestones weekly monthly quarterly and work as hard as you can until you reach those milestones track it reflect on it and stay inspired by tackling your niche posting consistently and building relationships with your readers other journalists or influencers you’ll be sure fire on your way to getting more traffic to your blog that’s a wrap this is a journey you just learned how to drive more traffic to your vlog site be sure to comment below like this video and subscribe to our channel and ring the bell so you’re notified when we have fresh new content coming out this is the journey we’ll see you next time you

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niching down and content creation on iphone only

00:00: We are back on the road again, we are on Highway 67 south, on our way from Fort Worth Texas to San Antonio. And can I be honest with y’all? I’ve been feeling really gasy lately. [music] 00:25: Alright. So big changes coming to the channel. I mean this is a new channel, so it’s like, can I even say big changes at this point? I will say that from a content creation standpoint, I think that…

Well, I feel like I’ve put some time in. We’re on 30 videos, past 30 videos, right around there. I’ve got over 400 subscribers now, which is tiny compared to other video channels here on YouTube. One thing that is interesting though that’s happened is that I have already hit over 100000 views on my videos, so that’s wonderful news for me. I didn’t anticipate that that would hit, I thought that I would probably hit 100 videos first, and then I thought that I would get to a thousand subscribers then maybe I would hit 100000 views. So the organic SEO is alive and well on this channel. The problem is, is that it is disproportionately good when compared to the number of subscribers that I have and the engagement, I don’t have a whole lot of engagement.

So I’m working on it. This is definitely a terrific experiment for me. So now that I’m at 30 videos, and I’m able to look at data and kinda see what is generating views for the channel, what makes sense from what I know and what I can actually share with folks that is beneficial for ’em. A couple of changes that are gonna happen on the channel now. [music] 01:52: The first one is is that I have decided in my own practice and on the channel itself, that we are going to niche down to primarily food and beverage as a topic when it comes to online marketing. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t still be talking about music, I won’t be talking about events. It doesn’t mean that I won’t be talking about tech. But it does mean that the majority of my content when I’m looking at targeting an audience for the kind of social media online marketing, email, search engine optimization, the folks that I’m really going to be focused on are going to be folks in the food and beverage industry.

But that’s where I’m niching down, because in my own practice, that’s what I’m niching down to. 02:35: I won’t be picking up anybody that is not in the food and beverage space. In fact, I’ve already turned down three opportunities because of that. And that’s painful, saying no is hard, especially when you’ve got folks that are coming to you who wanna work with you, saying no is really hard. But I think that in the long run it should benefit my clients ’cause I should only be focusing on food and beverage moving forward when it comes to the marketing as opposed to bouncing from music and then food and beverage, and then fashion and then music again, and then quantum computing, and then business services.

It’s really hard to stay creative and to really own a niche. It’s impossible to own a niche when you’re bouncing around between all these different niches, right? So I’ve gotta get through this hump of kind of bringing on clients in the food and beverage industry, but the biggest challenge is gonna be saying no to folks who are not inside the industry. So, there’s that, number one, a little tweak, still doing social media. One thing that’s gonna be added to it, which is something I’m gonna bring up here in a second, is that, how should I bring this up? [music] 03:51: Let me start with this.

Back in 2013 I made a conscious decision to work with one individual client only using iPhones for all of our content creation, it was all the photography and all the video that we created with that client. And the reason being was is that we wanted to create a brand online that felt like it was accessible to the folks that we were targeting, and one of the easiest ways that we thought to do that was to produce high quality content and to produce content that was true to the brand. And this is a premium brand that also looked and felt like the same kind of content that our target audience was producing for themselves on their own social media. 04:41: And one of the easiest ways to do that was to use the gear that they used, the cameras they used to create their own content, which I think everyone knows the most popular camera on the planet is the Apple iPhone.

So we made that call, and it worked splendid, I mean it was fantastic, we nailed it. After that experience I then made a personal decision in my business, a professional decision, to shoot all my content for all of my clients for about two and a half years, only using an iPhone. I started with taking DSLRs and putting an iPhone on the cold shoe, mounting it up on top of my real camera and pretending like I was shooting with the DSLR when I was actually shooting with the iPhone. 05:26: And after having at that point in time two years of fully developed content case studies of stuff that I created with the iPhone, then I got a little bit bolder, and I just started taking the iPhone, in fact I sold all of my DSLR and mirror-less cameras, so that I didn’t have any of them accessible to me to be able to use on shoots.

So I went through that phase, I did that for about three years, and during that time for about two years of that I also used an iPad to do all my post production for photos and video. I came across a few critical moments where the iPad just would not do what I needed it to do, and it caused me quite a bit of pain, I mean show-stopping type of issues. 06:15: So, because of those and because those were so critical to the work that I did with clients, and because I’d kind of proved to myself that I could do what I was doing with iOS devices, I started moving into playing around a little bit more with point-and-shoot and mirror-less cameras for a little bit. Now, one of the reasons why I also went and made the move to the iOS devices was part of it was the challenge of it, and another part of it was kind of seeking to live a more minimalist life.

In the world that I live in with photography and video, you end up getting a lot of gear all the time, because you feel like you need to, because you feel like you need to keep up with the competition and you gotta have the latest camera. And I came to a realization that, you know what, I got into doing what I do because I like the creativity part, and actually because I wanted a way to kind of feed my soul in a way that being a programmer and a technologist wasn’t feeding my soul. 07:14: So the move to the iPhone was a bit of a move to simplify what I was doing and also to challenge myself and my art, because another reason why I was shooting at the time when I made the move on Canon 7Ds and 5Ds and I got through a point to where I knew those cameras so well that it was impossible for me to take a bad shot.

I knew the camera, I knew what it could do and increasingly it became an issue for me to where I wasn’t being challenged creatively because it was too easy to get stuff that looked professional. That’s a dumb problem to have. It’s a stupid thing to complain about, but it was something that was kind of eating away at me that it wasn’t fulfilling anymore. Alright. So I go through my iPhone phase and iOS phase for about three years, and then I come out of it. And for the last year or so, I’ve been shooting with different Fuji cameras again.

But then when I started to re-launch this channel back in January, I really hunkered down and looked for the exact right camera that would do the perfect job for me, to be the all-around camera for me, because I’m still fighting this need to have a minimalist set-up. [music] 08:34: In the hunt for finding the right camera for vlogging, the right camera to be an all-around in the field camera, but also be minimalist, super small, it’s super important that when I’m out shooting in the field that I don’t draw attention to myself, because I’m really a fan of creating content that is editorial, right? That it is candid.

I don’t want staged shots when I’m out in the field shooting for clients. I want shots of people enjoying the products that the clients provide to them, and I want them to be caught in that kind of magical moment, when they’re honestly enjoying the product versus when I pose them and say, “Okay, act like you’re having fun.” 09:22: So that’s what I’m looking for in a camera. That camera for me didn’t exist. So what I ended up with was the Canon EOS M50 which had every single thing I was looking for, except it’s not weather-resistant. And that is critical for me, because I shoot a lot of music festivals, food and wine festivals.

Being weather-resistant isn’t necessarily an issue of it being water-resistant, I think a lot of people just assume that weather-resistant means that it can withstand being splashed with water. That is not as much an issue as being sealed so that fine dust and particulates don’t get inside your lenses and don’t get inside the camera body and ruin the camera body. So the EOS M50, oh my gosh, I mean what a 90% perfect camera. Super-small footprint, check. I mean, everything about that lens or that camera was wonderful, but not weather-resistant. 10:28: So, I had to find a camera to use in the field that would serve basically the purpose of what the EOS M50 did but was weather-resistant. So I get the EOS M50, I’ve got it for the vlogging camera, I’ve got a couple of more for studio cameras, and then I get the G1X Mark 111, which is a point-and-shoot, but it’s got that same sensor in it, the dual pixel image stabilization in it, weather-resistant, but it doesn’t have the microphone jack.

What I intended to use the G1X Mark 111 for was that B-roll kind of camera out in the field, at festivals, and getting stills images that are that quality. But then, because of no microphone jack and because it’s kind of bulky, I didn’t have anything to vlog with, like I’m vlogging now in the car, I didn’t have anything to vlog with when I was on the road. So enter a GoPro HERO7 black with an external microphone set-up on it. So then I also wanted a different camera in the field that would allow me to fake drone shots. 11:30: Now, I use a DJI Spark as my drone. It’s the smallest drone that DJI makes, and for the way that I use drone footage, it’s all I need. I throw the drone up in the air, I get six to 10 seconds of smooth footage of an environment.

I take it around to the other side. I get six to 10 seconds of smooth footage from another environment. Boom, I’m done with the drone footage. So I don’t need to have a Mavic Pro or anything like that for what I’m doing for social media. So the Spark is fine there. I throw an ND filter on there if it’s too bright, we’re all good there. And then I found myself being drawn back to… I’ve done 360 video for a few years. I find myself drawn into the Insta One 360X, Insta 360 One X, whatever the heck it’s called. 12:18: I think that you probably know where I’m going here, is I went from looking for a minimalist set up to all of the sudden I’ve got, again, like eight cameras, each one of these cameras takes different batteries. So now I’ve got a backpack with not only the iPhone in it, which I still shoot half of my footage on, because they’re so good. But now suddenly I’m walking around with a backpack with the Canon point and shoot camera in it, I’ve got the GoPro set up and all it’s gear in there, I’ve got the batteries for the GoPro, I’ve got the batteries for the G1X Mark III, I’ve got the Insta One 360 X, I got the batteries for it.

Oh, by the way, all three of those cameras have different chargers on it, so you’ve got different charging bricks on ’em, different cables for ’em. 13:04: And I’m right back to square one. In fact, it’s worse off, I’m worse off than when I started this when I was shooting with the Canon. What a mess. Wow, there was a gust of wind.

With all that to say, I woke up about a week ago, and I’m like, “Man, I am so gasy, my backpack is so bloated. We’re gonna go back and we’re gonna fix this again.” I just woke up one day… Can I back up a little bit? When you’re a content creator GAS is gear acquisition syndrome, it means that you get sucked into this vortex of feeling like you have to have the exact right tool for the exact right job, and you forget that the reason why your content is good or bad, is mostly due to the person creating the content, and to a small extent dependent upon the gear that you’re using. And so, I’m gonna fix that. [music] 14:09: Everything is back on eBay. All three of the Canon M50s, back on eBay, the G1 X Mark III back on eBay, the GoPro back on eBay, moving forward, I will only be shooting content, any content moving forward, this is September 2019, with an iPhone, iPhone. The only other cameras that I’m gonna keep in my backpack are gonna be the Insta-360 One X, which is this doohickey guy here, it’s a 360 camera.

I’ll have a couple of those with me in my bag whenever I go to shoot. I’m gonna keep the DJI Spark, ’cause obviously I can’t get drone footage out of an iPhone. 14:53: And I will use accessories with the iPhones. I mean I’m gonna use the moment lenses, I’m gonna use gimbals. I’m not gonna limit myself by saying I’m gonna be hand-holding an iPhone all the time, but the sensor from now on is gonna be the sensor out of an iPhone, and it’s going to eliminate a lot of complexity, it’s gonna make all my content super consistent again and it’s also going to allow me to focus my creative energy on creation and not have my creative energy spent on figuring out which camera I’m gonna take and whether it’s all gonna fit inside the camera bag and whether or not I’m gonna be able to get away with pulling out a bigger camera rig to shoot something at an event when I don’t have media credentials.

You know, there’s all kinds of things that’s freeze up. So that’s the path moving forward. 15:43: And also, when I spoke early on about niching down to food and beverage, from a technical standpoint, this allows me to niche down into folks that work with iPhones, work with iPhone photography. And so I’ll be able to create content that’s not only kind of social media-based, food and beverage primarily, but also smartphone mobile photography, mobile video. And the nice thing about that is I’ve been recognized by a couple of movie-making magazines as being somebody who does mobile cinematography. So that allows me to niche down in a few areas to help me kind of center my brand and grow out my brand a little bit quicker.

16:21: With all that being said, I think we’re done here. I am gonna continue on the lonely back roads of Texas till I get to San Antonio, and we’re heading to San Antonio to do a meeting with another agency, about something that’s super exciting that I can’t talk about right now. So there, there’s a teaser for you. Keep watching and maybe in the future, I’ll be able to talk about that a little bit. It is super cool. I’ll see you in the next video. [music].

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