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When not done right advertisers with text messages, iPhones could soon be accused of spam, just as their e-mail accounts have been. But god mobile marketing provides customers or potential customers information so useful that they can get what they need exactly when they need it, even if they’re on the go.

The Problems Everyone Has With Web Designs

The Problems Everyone Has With Web Designs

Boosting Online Conversions with Proper Web Designs Leads is great, but there is nothing more crucial to a business than conversions because, without them, you don’t get customers. A website turning people’s visits into conversions means getting the target audience to perform the desired action, what the company wants. It can be purchasing the product or service or simply subscribing to the company’s email list.

Improving conversion rates online is not very difficult. It can be done in many ways, from testing to be conducted surveys with customers; you can give them all a go. But nothing beats having a website with a killer design. Boosting Online Conversions with Proper Web Designs Something people just cannot stay away from.

The design has to be a priority B̲o̲o̲s̲t̲i̲n̲g̲ ̲O̲n̲l̲i̲n̲e̲ ̲C̲o̲n̲v̲e̲r̲s̲i̲o̲n̲s̲ ̲w̲i̲t̲h̲ ̲P̲r̲o̲p̲e̲r̲ ̲W̲e̲b̲ ̲D̲e̲s̲i̲g̲n̲s̲ Looks are not everything but they are something. Well-presented websites speak for themselves. This is an essential factor because users deem a site’s credibility by the looks of it more than anything else. A good design also means that the user is having a positive experience of their journey. This also means that there is a huge chance that they will become loyal customers and keep coming back for more.

Colors do matter

The Problems Everyone Has With Web Designs

Marketing and advertisement agencies know the importance of color schemes. The choice you make in terms of color can be very detrimental in terms of what your effort’s outcome will be. Color is used everywhere, from packaging to your creatives and it impacts your consumer’s purchase decision too. A lot of research shows how people buy simply because of the color of the product pleased them. Anything aesthetically pleasing will be wanted by all. So, when it comes to your website too, pick vibrant colors that match your brand’s image and bring out the emotion you want in your audience when they visit your site.

Being mobile-friendly

All internet users today, mostly access it through their mobile phones. May it be to check their emails, search for something or use social media, people seem to prefer their phones. It is, therefore, extremely important that your website fits a phone user and it looks and works just as well as it would via desktop. All call-to-action buttons and conversion points need to be optimized for the mobile screen. The journey can be simplified but the quality and experience need to be top-notch. Fix bugs and load time for better results.

Deciding the page layout

Knowing what it must be like when a user looks at your web page will be helpful to you when it comes to deciding what layout would suit your page the best. The design should be well made with key information in the right place so that your user’s eyes go towards what is important. Find the best area to place, whichever key content you think is most important. Know what to place right at the top, what needs to be at the absolute bottom, and what needs to be displayed at the conversion point. Each positioning should have relevance and meaning for you choosing to place it there. Haphazardly placing content all over the place with too much going on will just leave users confused and they might just end up missing out on some essential information.

Utilizing white space well

This is also known as negative space. White space is the free space you find around an image or a graphic element on the site. Most designers feel the need to fill up this blank space just because there exists some. Sometimes, it is alright to just let these spaces be. Forcefully putting something there will just leave the whole place looking cluttered and users will get lost or annoyed, in a worst-case scenario.

Navigation needs to be easy

Navigation has to be a breeze for your users. Help your users take action by guiding them towards whatever your desired action is. Creating an intuitive way to navigate while making it easy to find what the visitors want is preferable. The aim is to get visitors where they want to go, but with the least number of clicks.

CTA buttons need to be strong

CTA (call to action) buttons are what users click to perform the full conversion process. If your CTA button is good, it will reflect positively on conversion rates. Color comes into play in this aspect, so ensure design-wise, these buttons are well colored and highlighted, they need to stand out on the page.

Using images

Images are your friends. Using images to nudge your users into going to a specific part of the website is a smart tactic. You can use these images as cues that give people the direction of where they must go next. Otherwise too, images are a delightful element to add to websites to make them look beautiful. A picture does say a lot more than words!

Let the choices be minimal

When you give people too many options, they take a lot of time to pick and some may even get overwhelmed by the sheer pressure to make a decision. Web design can help increase conversion rate and if your design has highly directive and limited choices, it makes the process more efficient.

Snackable content

People like information, but they cannot consume too much at one go. What works in such cases is boiling down large chunks of content into brief, crisp ones. People find such content easier to absorb and even retain information. Boosting Online Conversions with Proper Web Designs Web design to include video to promote engagement

Design your site in such a way that people can engage themselves in it. Include video content that they might enjoy, along with comment sections where they can post their feedback. This makes them feel involved and like their voice is heard. From your end too, keep communication active by providing testimonials for the benefit of your customers on your website. This makes you look more reliable in the eyes of users. Make sure you include authentic audience feedback. Invest in automation as well, Boosting Online Conversions with Proper Web Designs that way; there will be a conservation of resources.

EVERY DAY IS A FRESH START | 5 Minutes to Start Your Day Right

Every day we need a new situation New position. do you know why Yesterday’s situation will be old If not start new and new Then you will bring in all the negatives of yesteryear to today You have to do something to start your day right I mean if you’re not someone who can manage for a long time The time then takes 5 minutes or 3 minutes and shuts yourself off In the bath and pray for 5 minutes. Just God help me. I want to put love. I want to go Out of my home today people are treated properly.

I have problems with God and they tend to make me cranky. Don’t let me take On others. Make an exit plan And behave yourself Every morning when you wake up you have to say, Father, thank you for this day.

Thank you You woke me up. Thank you for giving me air To breathe.

Thank you for giving me so much satisfaction I am grateful to be alive I am grateful to my family. I am thankful For opportunities. Lord, I will live this day to the fullest This puts on a new position You can wipe the baseboard clean. You can leave From yesterday’s disappointments What did not work. You think Going in the right direction.

I’m going to see the good Today, I’ll be nice to someone I will stay in faith enjoying this day make a plan To be a blessing. Plan ahead That when someone offends you, you will forgive him immediately Plan ahead To be forgiving Plan ahead Abandoning things.

To praise people Urges people. I wake up in the morning and think that the Lord here is my goal today Everywhere I go I don’t know how many people I’m going to see today, maybe 15, 20, or 25 But everyone I see I want to tell them something simple that makes them feel A little better then they were before I got there Psalm 119: 147. I stand up Early To shout for help And to put my hope in your words He says I start every morning I’m talking to you, shouting in prayer I heard you read your word He says I start my day with hope.

Do you start Your day with hope or despair At some point, we have to look in the mirror and say Maybe I am the one who needs to change Maybe I developed a habit to see what was wrong Rather than what is right.


Maybe I trained myself to Be negative, disrespectful, hard to live with This is why it is important every morning that we lay down In this new position. I’m Excited About this today. I don’t have to go to work I have to go to work. I am grateful for this job I don’t focus on what is wrong.

Lord I want To thank you for what’s right in my life Hello, Jesus died for us so that we could have a great church of life I want you to have the best life you can have There are many lost people who do not know Christ Let’s go out into the world and be a living message for them Let us preach at all times and use words only when necessary Let’s leave our position And our business Are you preaching.

You can argue with words but you cannot Argue with constant work This day is a gift from God It is full of potential new ideas, new friendships Mercy Kindness and kindness is compassion and the boy we love God have mercy not Oh my God, wonderful mercy We can do wrong things and God forgive us It never shuts us down outside of his life Because we didn’t do everything exactly the way Wanted that.

His mercy is new every day Every morning I guess he’s making a new batch every day Because I consumed all yesterday That’s why it’s so important To get up in the morning and spend time with God Would I live negatively this day, sour Seeing the error, the chip on my shoulder or Will I live it with faith? Positive, optimistic, seeing the best, being Good for people.

This is the choice you made We have to make every day Whatever you encounter today or perhaps Face I want you to call it Goliath because if you are She calls it Goliath and then at least knows where it will end up Life is short to live negative Conditions of leasing acid Dictates the position.

Every morning You need to make the decision this another day The Lord made that I would live in faith I will be positive. I will see the best I will make the most of this day.

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Domain Valuation – How to Price and Sell Domains

We’Re talking about how to price and sell domain names here on the journey, [, Music, ] today on the journey, we have a special guest Joe from GoDaddy. Why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself to the audience? Hi everybody, as he said, I’m Joe. I work in the after market which, in my opinion, is one of the most exciting places to work at GoDaddy. I’Ve been there for more than 10 years done all different things. It’S great. You get to meet all different people from all over the world and you get to find out if you’re sitting on a goldmine right on so Joe is obviously the domain expert, which makes perfect sense for today’s topic of how to price and sell your domain names. Let’S just jump right into it. Let’S talk about why it’s important to know how much a domain name might be worth you know, one of my favorite shows is Antiques Roadshow. I love that right. All the like, the hidden gems that you yeah and and the best part is the end when they reveal what is it worth right? What do they think? It’S worth it’s important to know they say for insurance reasons or other things for your antiques button for your domain. It’S even more important because either you own one and you want to know how to value that or maybe you’re interested in starting a new business, and you want to go purchase a new name and you want to make sure that you’re paying a fair price. I know like most people, we have those like late-night just ideas and you go out and buy a bunch of domain names. I have spent far too much money on those late night domains. My catalog is getting out of control. How do we find out how much our domain name might be worth? Oh there’s there’s a couple really good tools that are out there for you to use, there’s a site called name and that tries to keep all the historical sales of names. So you can go look for comparable names to yours and find out what did they sell for what they actually, you know, go for in the open market. There’S other sites like estaban, calm or GoDaddy has a domain valuation tool that you can use and that will give you an estimate of what they think the market value of that name is yeah. So I saw that when I was registering my last domain name it had. I did my search I saw I was available. Then it said cool. It’S estimated this price because of this reasons definitely new we’ve kind of been implementing something we’ve been working on over the years and we look at a lot of different things. It uses AI and machine learning and it tries to figure out comparable sales. It also looks at things like how short is the name, how memorable is the name? How brandable is it and then it looks at what people are looking for and name so that they can have businesses that people can easily find, and then they can use that to make money right on. So if I use the tool, whether there’s s spot named by a good evaluation tool, is that the end-all-be-all price, if I get that price like am I going to be able to actually sell it for that price, or what does that process? Look like it’s just an idea. It’S a tool gives you another idea of what your name could be worth, but I think one of the best ways to find out where your name is worth is to get a name that you’re familiar with something in your industry. That you know that market really well. So, for instance, if you were selling whites and you knew that the average lighting customer that came into your store was going to spend $ 1,500 right, then what would that name? Do that you’re gon na purchase for your advertising budget? How many people could you bring in and how many more sales do you think you would expect if people could remember your name easier, find you use word-of-mouth with their friends to be able to bring more business in those things all add value to the name. That makes perfect sense. It’S it’s kind of like just real estate in itself. Right, it’s like that, the better property you have near the city near amenities, the more expensive that that properties gon na be the better the domain name brandable. Is that the right market, the more profitable it’s going to be, and also it you brought a brand. It brings up a really good point brand credibility. So if I had lighting com, that’s a great name and it you know it says – to the market: hey this person’s serious in They must know a lot about lights. If I own Bob’s lights down the road org, it might not be, as you know, brand authoritative right, so the brand authority also adds value. So Talk Talk us a little bit more through, like the brand authority, like what what makes you gave us a little bit. Example, what really makes a brand a domain Authority versus one that may not be? I think one that resonates with people so one that you can easily remember on one that looks legitimate. You know there’s a lot of concern about online fraud or things that happen. You know shopping online if you have a name that resonates with people, and that really, you know, is a great credible name. That’S gon na bring in more business absolutely domain names can be priced at almost anything. I know if I can go online and say my my awful domain name is worth a million dollars and no one’s gon na buy it. How do we actually like figure out the best practice of valuing it and determining that value? Some of the best practices? Really, you know just concrete things that you can look at like the length of the name. Usually the longer the name is the less value it has so the shorter the name them more valuable, because it’s easier to remember – and also it’s usually easier to spell – is there like a certain limit? We should try to keep under most of the sales that we see historically happening our 15 characters or less, and I would imagine dashes and numbers devalue the domain name yeah. It just makes it harder to pass the radio test. We call it. So if you were to say, you know, go to lights,, but that’s lights. Online.Com people don’t remember that as easily yeah. A couple years ago there was a just a plethora of new gTLDs, those extensions and the domain name that were released to the public and they’re, still adding more and more and more so now, there’s not only the vector comm Norg net, there’s like dot blue dot. Ninja dot, licked, literally almost anything right, alright, do those play and do and anything with like SEO or the value of the domain name. Is it better to do that or what does that have to do with the value of a name? It’S really what the business is going to benefit from that owns, that name right, so using a new TLD or a new gTLD. Some of those make perfect sense for people and Google said that you know. They’Re gon na show up SEO results the same as sakam or any other TLD would so from a branding standpoint. If you think that it’s something that people can easily remember and use, then it’s gon na have value Joe. Do you have a like a fun extension that would actually be relevant to the after market? Sure I think one of the fun ones is dot games? I know that free games and math that games. That’S done really well gotten a lot of traffic, there’s home dot loans which sold for a lot of money. So there’s there’s opportunities as long as the front of the dot and the right of match up the SOTN TLD and makes sense like free dot, games or home doubt loans. Then you can potentially make a good profit on those names. Yeah there’s a there’s, a site that I used to use when I used to just randomly buy domains, expired domains. Net em, hmm you heard of that. Yes, I have a great resource, use it all the time, but basically it shows you all the domains that just dropped off registration or they let them lapse, didn’t go and pick them up, and it shows kind of information like when it was first registered and a Bunch of other stats, you could possibly use that if your domain investor to want to look for another resource to buy some awesome domains, yeah one of the great things about expired to me is that net is. It shows what other teal Dee’s are taken and usually, if there’s a lot of other teal Dee’s that are taken in that same cellphone loans and home comm and home net in Oregon, they’re all taken means. A lot of people are thinking that that name is a good name, because it’s registered so wildly and the more people that think it’s a good name, the more valuable it’s likely to be Joe. What, if we’re just completely lost like I know, I have a bunch of domains, but I might be a little loss of how to rather whether it’s selling my domain or, if I’m looking to buy domain names. Where can I get help and the audience mostly me, though, I think if you want to sell your names, the the best place to go is to try and talk to a broker. You can look at those automated appraisal tools we talked about earlier, but to really get somebody who’s in the industry and knows the industry. Well, they can give you up-to-date advice and give you. You know personal advice based on your names. If you’re gon na sell a name, that’s the best place to go, and also, if you want to buy a name, we offer domain broker service, a good, a there’s, other buyer brokers and what they’ll do is they’ll. Give you an idea of what the name that you’re trying to purchase is worth what the fair market value is. They do it day in day out, they’re really in touch with the market, and they can help assist you in getting a fair price. When you make the purchase, that is a ton of great information, but before we wrap things up, do you have any last minute words of wisdom for our audience and myself sure I think if I were to start trying to buy and sell names, I would do Two things I would start really slow. I think one mistake that people makes they buy a lot of names before they really understand. What’S valuable. What’S not and that can cost you a lot of money up front and the other thing is to buy names that you know the industry. If you sell guitars, then you should stick with names that are related to music or guitars, that you know the audience and you know potential buyers. You might know what this would benefit. You know another business, a competitor yourself and then you can gauge the value. A lot better than if you’re just buying random names that you think might be valuable. Those were some awesome. Last minute, words of wisdom thanks so much Joe for being on the show, thanks for having me create the, and if you like, this video got some value out of go ahead and smash. That, like button, add a comment below if you ever bought a domain name or sold one make sure to subscribe to this channel and ring that bell these episodes first. This is the journey. We’Ll see you next time, you

appraisal tools

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niching down and content creation on iphone only

The Problems Everyone Has With Web Designs

00:00: We are back on the road again, we are on Highway 67 south, on our way from Fort Worth Texas to San Antonio. And can I be honest with y’all? I’ve been feeling really gasy lately. [music] 00:25: Alright. So big changes coming to the channel. I mean this is a new channel, so it’s like, can I even say big changes at this point? I will say that from a content creation standpoint, I think that…

Well, I feel like I’ve put some time in. We’re on 30 videos, past 30 videos, right around there. I’ve got over 400 subscribers now, which is tiny compared to other video channels here on YouTube. One thing that is interesting though that’s happened is that I have already hit over 100000 views on my videos, so that’s wonderful news for me. I didn’t anticipate that that would hit, I thought that I would probably hit 100 videos first, and then I thought that I would get to a thousand subscribers then maybe I would hit 100000 views. So the organic SEO is alive and well on this channel. The problem is, is that it is disproportionately good when compared to the number of subscribers that I have and the engagement, I don’t have a whole lot of engagement.

So I’m working on it. This is definitely a terrific experiment for me. So now that I’m at 30 videos, and I’m able to look at data and kinda see what is generating views for the channel, what makes sense from what I know and what I can actually share with folks that is beneficial for ’em. A couple of changes that are gonna happen on the channel now. [music] 01:52: The first one is is that I have decided in my own practice and on the channel itself, that we are going to niche down to primarily food and beverage as a topic when it comes to online marketing. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t still be talking about music, I won’t be talking about events. It doesn’t mean that I won’t be talking about tech. But it does mean that the majority of my content when I’m looking at targeting an audience for the kind of social media online marketing, email, search engine optimization, the folks that I’m really going to be focused on are going to be folks in the food and beverage industry.

But that’s where I’m niching down, because in my own practice, that’s what I’m niching down to. 02:35: I won’t be picking up anybody that is not in the food and beverage space. In fact, I’ve already turned down three opportunities because of that. And that’s painful, saying no is hard, especially when you’ve got folks that are coming to you who wanna work with you, saying no is really hard. But I think that in the long run it should benefit my clients ’cause I should only be focusing on food and beverage moving forward when it comes to the marketing as opposed to bouncing from music and then food and beverage, and then fashion and then music again, and then quantum computing, and then business services.

It’s really hard to stay creative and to really own a niche. It’s impossible to own a niche when you’re bouncing around between all these different niches, right? So I’ve gotta get through this hump of kind of bringing on clients in the food and beverage industry, but the biggest challenge is gonna be saying no to folks who are not inside the industry. So, there’s that, number one, a little tweak, still doing social media. One thing that’s gonna be added to it, which is something I’m gonna bring up here in a second, is that, how should I bring this up? [music] 03:51: Let me start with this.

Back in 2013 I made a conscious decision to work with one individual client only using iPhones for all of our content creation, it was all the photography and all the video that we created with that client. And the reason being was is that we wanted to create a brand online that felt like it was accessible to the folks that we were targeting, and one of the easiest ways that we thought to do that was to produce high quality content and to produce content that was true to the brand. And this is a premium brand that also looked and felt like the same kind of content that our target audience was producing for themselves on their own social media. 04:41: And one of the easiest ways to do that was to use the gear that they used, the cameras they used to create their own content, which I think everyone knows the most popular camera on the planet is the Apple iPhone.

So we made that call, and it worked splendid, I mean it was fantastic, we nailed it. After that experience I then made a personal decision in my business, a professional decision, to shoot all my content for all of my clients for about two and a half years, only using an iPhone. I started with taking DSLRs and putting an iPhone on the cold shoe, mounting it up on top of my real camera and pretending like I was shooting with the DSLR when I was actually shooting with the iPhone. 05:26: And after having at that point in time two years of fully developed content case studies of stuff that I created with the iPhone, then I got a little bit bolder, and I just started taking the iPhone, in fact I sold all of my DSLR and mirror-less cameras, so that I didn’t have any of them accessible to me to be able to use on shoots.

So I went through that phase, I did that for about three years, and during that time for about two years of that I also used an iPad to do all my post production for photos and video. I came across a few critical moments where the iPad just would not do what I needed it to do, and it caused me quite a bit of pain, I mean show-stopping type of issues. 06:15: So, because of those and because those were so critical to the work that I did with clients, and because I’d kind of proved to myself that I could do what I was doing with iOS devices, I started moving into playing around a little bit more with point-and-shoot and mirror-less cameras for a little bit. Now, one of the reasons why I also went and made the move to the iOS devices was part of it was the challenge of it, and another part of it was kind of seeking to live a more minimalist life.

In the world that I live in with photography and video, you end up getting a lot of gear all the time, because you feel like you need to, because you feel like you need to keep up with the competition and you gotta have the latest camera. And I came to a realization that, you know what, I got into doing what I do because I like the creativity part, and actually because I wanted a way to kind of feed my soul in a way that being a programmer and a technologist wasn’t feeding my soul. 07:14: So the move to the iPhone was a bit of a move to simplify what I was doing and also to challenge myself and my art, because another reason why I was shooting at the time when I made the move on Canon 7Ds and 5Ds and I got through a point to where I knew those cameras so well that it was impossible for me to take a bad shot.

I knew the camera, I knew what it could do and increasingly it became an issue for me to where I wasn’t being challenged creatively because it was too easy to get stuff that looked professional. That’s a dumb problem to have. It’s a stupid thing to complain about, but it was something that was kind of eating away at me that it wasn’t fulfilling anymore. Alright. So I go through my iPhone phase and iOS phase for about three years, and then I come out of it. And for the last year or so, I’ve been shooting with different Fuji cameras again.

But then when I started to re-launch this channel back in January, I really hunkered down and looked for the exact right camera that would do the perfect job for me, to be the all-around camera for me, because I’m still fighting this need to have a minimalist set-up. [music] 08:34: In the hunt for finding the right camera for vlogging, the right camera to be an all-around in the field camera, but also be minimalist, super small, it’s super important that when I’m out shooting in the field that I don’t draw attention to myself, because I’m really a fan of creating content that is editorial, right? That it is candid.

I don’t want staged shots when I’m out in the field shooting for clients. I want shots of people enjoying the products that the clients provide to them, and I want them to be caught in that kind of magical moment, when they’re honestly enjoying the product versus when I pose them and say, “Okay, act like you’re having fun.” 09:22: So that’s what I’m looking for in a camera. That camera for me didn’t exist. So what I ended up with was the Canon EOS M50 which had every single thing I was looking for, except it’s not weather-resistant. And that is critical for me, because I shoot a lot of music festivals, food and wine festivals.

Being weather-resistant isn’t necessarily an issue of it being water-resistant, I think a lot of people just assume that weather-resistant means that it can withstand being splashed with water. That is not as much an issue as being sealed so that fine dust and particulates don’t get inside your lenses and don’t get inside the camera body and ruin the camera body. So the EOS M50, oh my gosh, I mean what a 90% perfect camera. Super-small footprint, check. I mean, everything about that lens or that camera was wonderful, but not weather-resistant. 10:28: So, I had to find a camera to use in the field that would serve basically the purpose of what the EOS M50 did but was weather-resistant. So I get the EOS M50, I’ve got it for the vlogging camera, I’ve got a couple of more for studio cameras, and then I get the G1X Mark 111, which is a point-and-shoot, but it’s got that same sensor in it, the dual pixel image stabilization in it, weather-resistant, but it doesn’t have the microphone jack.

What I intended to use the G1X Mark 111 for was that B-roll kind of camera out in the field, at festivals, and getting stills images that are that quality. But then, because of no microphone jack and because it’s kind of bulky, I didn’t have anything to vlog with, like I’m vlogging now in the car, I didn’t have anything to vlog with when I was on the road. So enter a GoPro HERO7 black with an external microphone set-up on it. So then I also wanted a different camera in the field that would allow me to fake drone shots. 11:30: Now, I use a DJI Spark as my drone. It’s the smallest drone that DJI makes, and for the way that I use drone footage, it’s all I need. I throw the drone up in the air, I get six to 10 seconds of smooth footage of an environment.

I take it around to the other side. I get six to 10 seconds of smooth footage from another environment. Boom, I’m done with the drone footage. So I don’t need to have a Mavic Pro or anything like that for what I’m doing for social media. So the Spark is fine there. I throw an ND filter on there if it’s too bright, we’re all good there. And then I found myself being drawn back to… I’ve done 360 video for a few years. I find myself drawn into the Insta One 360X, Insta 360 One X, whatever the heck it’s called. 12:18: I think that you probably know where I’m going here, is I went from looking for a minimalist set up to all of the sudden I’ve got, again, like eight cameras, each one of these cameras takes different batteries. So now I’ve got a backpack with not only the iPhone in it, which I still shoot half of my footage on, because they’re so good. But now suddenly I’m walking around with a backpack with the Canon point and shoot camera in it, I’ve got the GoPro set up and all it’s gear in there, I’ve got the batteries for the GoPro, I’ve got the batteries for the G1X Mark III, I’ve got the Insta One 360 X, I got the batteries for it.

Oh, by the way, all three of those cameras have different chargers on it, so you’ve got different charging bricks on ’em, different cables for ’em. 13:04: And I’m right back to square one. In fact, it’s worse off, I’m worse off than when I started this when I was shooting with the Canon. What a mess. Wow, there was a gust of wind.

With all that to say, I woke up about a week ago, and I’m like, “Man, I am so gasy, my backpack is so bloated. We’re gonna go back and we’re gonna fix this again.” I just woke up one day… Can I back up a little bit? When you’re a content creator GAS is gear acquisition syndrome, it means that you get sucked into this vortex of feeling like you have to have the exact right tool for the exact right job, and you forget that the reason why your content is good or bad, is mostly due to the person creating the content, and to a small extent dependent upon the gear that you’re using. And so, I’m gonna fix that. [music] 14:09: Everything is back on eBay. All three of the Canon M50s, back on eBay, the G1 X Mark III back on eBay, the GoPro back on eBay, moving forward, I will only be shooting content, any content moving forward, this is September 2019, with an iPhone, iPhone. The only other cameras that I’m gonna keep in my backpack are gonna be the Insta-360 One X, which is this doohickey guy here, it’s a 360 camera.

I’ll have a couple of those with me in my bag whenever I go to shoot. I’m gonna keep the DJI Spark, ’cause obviously I can’t get drone footage out of an iPhone. 14:53: And I will use accessories with the iPhones. I mean I’m gonna use the moment lenses, I’m gonna use gimbals. I’m not gonna limit myself by saying I’m gonna be hand-holding an iPhone all the time, but the sensor from now on is gonna be the sensor out of an iPhone, and it’s going to eliminate a lot of complexity, it’s gonna make all my content super consistent again and it’s also going to allow me to focus my creative energy on creation and not have my creative energy spent on figuring out which camera I’m gonna take and whether it’s all gonna fit inside the camera bag and whether or not I’m gonna be able to get away with pulling out a bigger camera rig to shoot something at an event when I don’t have media credentials.

You know, there’s all kinds of things that’s freeze up. So that’s the path moving forward. 15:43: And also, when I spoke early on about niching down to food and beverage, from a technical standpoint, this allows me to niche down into folks that work with iPhones, work with iPhone photography. And so I’ll be able to create content that’s not only kind of social media-based, food and beverage primarily, but also smartphone mobile photography, mobile video. And the nice thing about that is I’ve been recognized by a couple of movie-making magazines as being somebody who does mobile cinematography. So that allows me to niche down in a few areas to help me kind of center my brand and grow out my brand a little bit quicker.

16:21: With all that being said, I think we’re done here. I am gonna continue on the lonely back roads of Texas till I get to San Antonio, and we’re heading to San Antonio to do a meeting with another agency, about something that’s super exciting that I can’t talk about right now. So there, there’s a teaser for you. Keep watching and maybe in the future, I’ll be able to talk about that a little bit. It is super cool. I’ll see you in the next video. [music].

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3 Fundamentals of Building an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Ways To Boost Your Social Media Strategy

all right so this question I asked for you guys what is the bare-bones effective strategy digital marketing I want you to first comment below what is the one tactic or strategy that you are using in your business right now that you find the most success with the result or any questions or insights that you have based on this question before you watch this video so I want your comment below let me know what are the bare-bones basics of an effective entertaining so the barebone base is an effective digital marketing strategy goes on three folds this is the same three principles I’m about to share with you well first of all I want you to comment below let me know what do you think in your mind today is the barebone basics of a digital marketing strategy do you think it’s Facebook Ads do you think it sells funnels do you think its digital advertising do you think it’s a social platform like what is the trend that you think is it I want you to guys comment below and let me know or what’s working for you or any questions that you have as you’re watching this video now let’s go into it so the barebone base is still in effect there’s a marketing strategy ties into three core things I share this with companies that are doing and just starting out let’s say doing zero revenue or their startup to even business they’re doing a hundred million dollars these are the only three principles of a barebone digital marketing strategy the only way grow business is you need traffic you need actual people to notice about your business pay attention to your business and follow you to be able to grow your business the second thing is once you have their attention to focus in your business and they’re visiting you then you’ll be able to convert that into leads now leaves is basically a fancy way of saying you need to have that communication channel established with that specific audience so whoever you’re selling through the fitness space the mom space and the business community you want to establish communication distribution channels to be able to effectively influence them you know send them value add value build that relationship and that’s what you do through emails you do through messenger marketing and you probably heard of right now when you go in chat BOTS or you go on LinkedIn messaging campaigns or you do Facebook messaging campaigns or any on any platform the social platforms are powerful because they give you a way to distribute your message with your target audience that’s the most important thing as the second point the third point is revenue all right how do you convert your traffic your leads into actual revenue profits and cash flow in your business you want to be able to turn that into three types of revenue new revenue new customers in your business ascension revenue customers are existing with you and they upgrade or buy more of your products or services or complementary things that fit within your business product line extension or service line extension and the third thing is the reoccurring revenue you want people that are buying your part not just the first time but you want them to buy with you over and over again so those are the three things they want to focus on is how to generate more traffic get people to go into your business they pay attention to your ABC company they pay attention to your brand they consume your content they join your email list they join your messenger they join your LinkedIn or if your b2b or they join your Facebook group and they’re saying hey I want to start that communication process with you all know more about your business and how it you can solve my problems and provide me with the result that I want and then I’m willing to actually take my hard-earned money out and then spend it with your business and actually pay 20 50 100 thousand 2000 whatever amount your product or service costs and then they’re willing to pay that into your business I think the biggest principle that you can get from this is that when you actually put a disproportionate amount of value with your target audience and you build that up then you’re going to be able to actually put more in the bank for them to invest in with you so think about this every time you give them a piece of content you add value to them the most effective strategy is this you actually deposit money and their what I call the value account now the value account when you send them a video when you send them a piece of content when they watch your when they read your guy when they attend your webinar when they learn about your branding and all this stuff you’re depositing value in your target audiences bank account and then when it comes time to transact let’s say or start that buying relationship and they want to spend money with you they’re much more likely to spend money with you with you added so much more value to them that’s why content is such a very important play for every business you want to figure out what is the best way what is the value I’ll give you important question what is the value that makes the difference to your target audience it’s a very important question what is the value that makes a difference to target audience deliver that to them and as you deliver it to them keep delivering keep delivering and over time they’re gonna reciprocate that and they’re gonna buy for him because 84 percent 60 to 80 percent let’s say of your target audience are not gonna buy for me the first time they see your message you need that frequency there multiple touch points between 1 2 3 4 5 8 to 10 touch points that are value oriented touch points to make a difference I think that’s a fundamental principle it doesn’t matter what business you’re in b2c b2b multiple audiences product or services doesn’t matter it’s all about how much value at your target audience how you increase the traffic leads and sales and over time the majority of that market a hundred thousand people that are finding about you millions of people are finding out about you how do you maximize on every single person instead of just the 5 to 10% I’d say the 5% that are looking for your products or services right now that want to buy from you focus on a long term strategy and that’s the most important thing so thanks for watching this video I want you to comment below if you got insights from this thing what questions you have what is one thing that you learn from this video how do you plan to add value to your target audience what piece of content that you want to create anything you con them below I just want to hear from you guys the second thing I want you like this video third thing is want you guys to subscribe and hit that Bell icon because what do you guys do that you get notifications on future videos just like this and also digital secrets and any videos that are being released to you guys so thanks for watching this as usual I appreciate you guys’s time and attention and I will see you guys in the next video

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Cool Tips To Fast Email Marketing Success

Cool Tips To Fast Email Marketing Success!

Here are just a few of them:

Business 2.0

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2020 Way to Make Passive Income

This is called to generate passive income. But what about generating passive income

How GVO Became Now Lifestyle Health & Wellness

MySpaceBrightcove allows you to create and launch your own internet TV station. It’s quick and easy to get your channel up and running. You can also incorporate videos uploaded by other users into your shows. Your channel is syndicated with other major players on the net and you can earn revenue through advertising as well as video sales. The interface is also extremely impressive.

FlickLife counts among the small handful of revenue sharing hosts that are out there. This is something you definitely want to look into because you can

With the emergence of the Internet, online interactions have been made simple via the emailing facility. The advanced technologies move emailing further to benefit businesses through practical incorporation in a business online marketing plan or manipulate dynamism online marketing strategy.

There are a plethora of ways to manipulate the email facility in online marketing campaigns. There are many practical guidelines that a small to large business can take on to be successful in this form manipulate dynamism online marketing.

Simple approach

Many businesses may be stumped with email marketing because they have no idea on how to manipulate their dynamism in online marketing. The simple features of emailing can enable any business to gain more customers while enhancing its own market image and manipulate dynamism online marketing brand.

Email marketing features include list building tools and techniques which can be manipulated with the best of services to make a positive impact on the recipients. An effective email marketing plan can be very successful with the right steps applied. Some of these steps are very simple to implement while others may require extra thought and effort; nevertheless, these steps form a comprehensive guide to generate the ultimate email marketing campaign for any business to enjoy a satisfactory market presence.

1. Have a privacy policy page

Privacy is a very important component in any consumer emailing facility. Even top search engines today recognize this special page on privacy to be of worth that impacts the page ranking of any business site. The business entity should also have a link to its privacy page that would safeguard itself and its viewers from encountering legal problems along the way that may disrupt operations.

2. Required components for site captures

Business sites that want to capture potential leads information must remember to comply with the stringent requirements of search engines that stipulate the capturing of user first or last name with their email address to create the proper and quality mailing list.

3. Incorporate SignUp forms

There is a plethora of great sign up forms available on the Internet to encourage potential leads in signing up with the business site which offers a delightful range of complementary offerings such as free tools and software or discounts and vouchers on popular articles and e-books.

4. Creative terminologies & displays

There is no end to creative online marketing even with emailing. Since traditional pop-up advertising is banned by top search engines, online marketers use different terms to mean the same such as pop-unders that would not be blocked by search engines. However, the proper structure and style sheet guidelines must still be adhered to to avoid a fall-out with search engines. Other emailing marketers use ‘house-banners’ which are compelling graphic ads with text.

Slide-up ads that come up for only a couple of seconds are also very effective with email marketing.

5. Up-sell business newsletter

Any business that has a newsletter containing pertinent business operations information must promote it to the list of customers regularly to keep customers aware of new and special offerings. Third-party vendors can also assist in publishing or selling the newsletter which contains product or service information that can boost sales and profit.

6. Hire email marketers

Businesses that are not familiar with email marketing should outsource this important task to the market experts. The returns are certainly worth the investment minus the hassles and effort to generate the desired end results. A wide scope of services can be negotiated depending on the business requirements and budget with professional and experienced email marketers.

7. Monitor marketing campaign

Different email marketing approaches work differently for different companies; hence, close monitoring of each campaign is necessary to determine its effectiveness quickly without wasting time and effort.

8. Apply proper formatting

Good formatting in an email makes it more legible, especially with high-quality text, graphics, and multimedia elements included.

9. Frequency of mailing

A business company that applies email marketing needs to determine the frequency of sending out business emails to its clients without annoying them or sidelining them in order to build and maintain good relations.

10. Well managed emailing campaigns

Email marketing is only truly effective when it is well managed. There must be a dedication to ensure that the whole process of an emailing campaign runs its course well from start to end with expected results at the end.

11. Engaging auto-responders

The use of auto-responders in email marketing allows an immediate response to customers on a 24/7 basis until the company customer services provide an appropriate response. Customer emails may come in after office hours or with a difficult query which requires time to offer the best of answers to maintain the professionalism of the company.

12. Modern and advanced features

Despite what many business entities may think, email marketing is still a cost-effective online marketing option for business companies with its growing plethora of advanced features that come in modern software solutions.

13. White listings

Email marketing with its new features allows businesses to keep contact with their targeted customers while seeking potential leads to generate white lists. New features include sender certification to assure recipients of the good reputation of the sender without fearing a scam mail.

14. Technical issues review

Before sending an email to any customer or prospective client, all technical issues should be checked and rechecked to avoid spelling errors, the bad taste of graphics and images as well as ineffective links.

15. Manipulate Dynamism Online Marketing Landing Pages

Every business company must design and develop an attractive landing page or more that would interest more customers. This call-to-action page can be an effective marketing tool to draw more prospective customers to the web business site for sales conversion opportunities. These landing pages must be well monitored and constantly upgraded to keep the professional image of the business entity while captivating the interest of web visitors to have them keep coming back for more.

Successful manipulate dynamism online marketing with email marketing campaigns employ these and more useful tips as part of their ultimate guide to win more customers and draw more potential leads to grow the business.

A Small Business Guide to Developing a Minimum Viable Product

How To BOTS Companion of a Modern Revenue Manager Legally

Welcome to The Journey. Today we’ll be showing you how to build minimum feasible produce. MVP. So money procreates the world go round. You know it’s really important for an entrepreneur, the small business owner is to keep track of your income. So you want to make sure that you have one of these MVPs because it can help you with your business. Today we’re gonna talk about what an MVP is, why it’s useful for small and medium-sized businesses, and how exactly to develop a minimum viable commodity.

So an MVP is an information gathering lowcost project to net your income. So at the very beginning of your business, you may not have a lot of resources, the capital. MVP’s are the greatest course to actually get to your final product. So even though we’re not talking about Most Valuable Player MVP, a minimum practicable product can definitely still be your business’s MVP. That’s because it’s a really great way, a bare-bones method, to really get your product out in the quickest way possible. That lane, you don’t waste a cluster of day and natural resources. The ultimate goal is to make sure your product is viable. You want to make sure that people are going to buy it so this what the MVP is all about and here’s a few things that you want to keep in mind when we’re talking about the MVP. So your MVP is gonna be light on features and is boiled down to the most essentially needed things to acquire that produce feasible. The second thing is there’s very little to no charge for using this because what’s important here is that customer feedback, rather than revenue.

And it often acts as a precursor to a bigger, more developed idea that may or may not be related. In fact, the sky’s the limit when it comes to developing an MVP because of all the benefits that you can get from it. So here are some examples of minimum practicable makes. So first, starting with product designs. So this would be like cartoons right. So “ve been thinking about” whenever you are about to paint a picture if you were to actually sketch it out first. So this is a really bare-bones layout of your website or your projection so that behavior it’s really easy to present to investors or maybe apply for crowdfunding.

The next type of product design is a wireframe. Think of it as a draft of your web or portable produce. It “could’ve been”, for example, say you’re a contractor. The inventor is gonna give you some blueprints to know what to build. That’s gonna be something similar to a wireframe. And house off of wireframes, you can do a mockup. So this is actually a workable test of the final product. And those mockups are good for performances, evaluations, publicities, or if you want to raise funds for your commodity. The next type of MVP is demo videos. One of the most famous videos out there is the Dropbox video. Think about Dropbox. I know I use it very often. So Dropbox, they used a three-minute capture or video to showcase what Dropbox was gonna be before it was actually made publicly available. They exploited that demo video to get the funding to become the big company that they are today. So those demo videos are really great ways to actually conceptualize and show people what they’re gonna get with their make and how they’re actually gonna application it.

And it allows you to do this without spending a large chunk of cash in order to get your video in front of that necessary investor. So rather than spending thousands of dollars on this concoction, actually create a great video to show off to those investors so that you can tell if it’s working and connecting well before spending that fund. The next form is the shoring sheet. It’s a single webpage, optimized for keywords that allow people to know what your product is going to be. So these tolerate pages are typically used for marketing purposes. So imagine if you’re a diner who’s about to open, right, you were necessary to get that enthusiasm going so you have that arriving that says coming soon and maybe encourage people to sign up for email notifications. That’s one way of genuinely going the idea and agitation out there. Exactly, and it’s easier to get investors when you already know you have a lot of beings already interested in you. Think about it that way. You can go to the investor and say, Hey a thousand people have already said that they are interested and when we have this commodity ready to come to the market.


You want to get on board with that don’t you investor? On the example of this is Buffer. Buffer is the platform that you can merely manage your social media uprights. You can schedule them out. Well, the founder, when they were getting ready to actually have the product ready, they had a landing page that had projects and pricing and when you click on that, it made you to another page that said, hey, we’re not quite ready just yet. Leave us your email to let us, so we can let you know when we’re ready. And that was a great way for them to, as I said earlier, show investors that all of these people are interested in our concoction. And that lane, you’ll merely have to create that one landing page rather than investing all this time and money into creating your full-on website.

So here are some benefits of developing minimum feasible produce. It’s a good deal different than that traditional program where it required a lot of research and development and cost. Now, there’s plenty of companies and manufacturers that shouldn’t use an MVP, especially those that will affect people’s safety like the airlines. You wouldn’t want them to have minimum workable produce for an airplane.

Yeah, I would not be getting on that plane. Not at all. However, there are many small businesses that are using an MVP to get their fresh product off the dirt. And small and medium-sized businesses are doing this because you are able to, one, test theories about your sell quicker and cheaper. And since it is a bare-bones project, you’re not consuming a great deal of duration and fund. And you can potentially realize a return on your skinny investment because your product is already in the marketplace. Plus the results of your MVP testing are a really great way to refine other products and services that you offer. So in short, it’s not about the short tournament.

You don’t want to simply put under an inexpensive make or low-quality product to simply get rich quickly. You’re in it for the long haul. So mostly, MVPs are a really great way to get a product or research projects off the grind without overcommitting your time or overspending money. And because they’re resilient, you can choose from a lot of the different types of MVPs like we’ve mentioned and it’s all depending on your budget or your needs. Well, we hope you experienced this guide on how to develop a minimum viable make, that MVP. Be sure to like, remark, and subscribe to our direct. And resounding the buzzer so you’re notified when we have fresh content coming out. This is The Journey. Thanks for watching it. See you next time…

Getting Traffic to Your Online Business

Many ordinary consumers are getting onto the Internet for more than just surfing and browsing activities. Online businesses are sprouting up like mushrooms on the web to enjoy the myriad of benefits the Internet platform offers. Hordes of consumers are capitalizing on the Internet to gain some extra income.

The main crux of an online business to be successful is the continuous flow of web traffic to the site. An enterprising entrepreneur must be creative and innovative in securing more web visitors to the website if a good income is to be enjoyed. A plethora of ways can be employed to secure a high web traffic volume to an online web business site. Below are listed 6 important steps in getting traffic to an online business to boost its bottom line.

1. Optimizing website

Getting an online business is easy with the generation of a website, but a successful online business entails more than just a website. Optimizing the web business site gains the favor of top search engines which leads to a high page ranking.

There is a plethora of ways to optimize the web business site. A well designed and structured website with interesting and relevant content would boost the web presence of the website via search engines’ higher SERPs. Proper keyword searches can be executed with free keyword search tools to identify the most effective keywords or phrases for generating a clearer visibility of the website. Headlines of contents should contain optimized keywords or phrases for a more successful search. High quality content from an appealing web business site would compel more web visitors to consider making a purchase from the site.

Optimizing the web business site requires the site URL to be available to top search engines for an easy search by web consumers. Many search engine optimization tools and techniques are available to optimize the web business site for higher volume of traffic.

2. Complementary websites

Web traffic can be boosted to a web business site by collaborating with certain web businesses on the Internet. There is a plethora of websites that do not compete with the business enterprise which can be helpful business associates in allowing a backlink to the targeted site.

These websites work in tandem with the online business for one reason or another without competing with the web business. Blog sites are also another complementary option to boost web traffic to the targeted site. Link exchanges are common among online businesses in helping each other draw more traffic to their websites without the competition.

3. Website address inclusion

Web consumers surfing the Internet would need to have relevant information about an online business for the proper contact especially if relevant information is found or a desired purchase of the displayed product or service is to be made. Hence, online businesses with a website should ensure that their website address is clearly visible at the right places such as business e-mail or personal e-mail signature locations to help web consumers make the necessary contacts as these are potential leads and customers for the business.

Online businesses that include their website address and contact information anywhere they can, stand a higher chance to lead more web consumers to their web business site as it is easy for consumers to click on the link to move over to the website.

4. Impressive reviews

Online businesses with products or services to be rendered should consider captivating testimonials or reviews on their products or services that would impress potential buyers or customers.

Product or service reviews can be posted in various places that have a high traffic volume such as complementary websites and blog spots that allow such postings. These reviews should include the online business website URL for customers to click on to direct them to the web business site. This is a very cost-effective online marketing tool that is usually free with a high volume of traffic.

5. Auto-responders

The Internet may be on 24/7 all year round, but the webmasters or customer services may not be manning the website in a similar passion or availability. Hence, a professional online business would consider installing auto-responders that generate an immediate response to the enquirer automatically instead of leaving the enquirer high and dry over the contact attempt with a resounding silence.
An automated response from the incorporated auto-responding solution would appease the enquirer or potential lead that the online business company has its systems in place and the right responses would be activated in due time. Certain smarter auto-responders may also capture potential lead’s email addresses and relevant information to put them on the business mailing list automatically for regular product or service information or updates.

These prospects can be converted to loyal customers when they become interested in the business offerings and start patronizing the enterprise with online purchases. An automated auto-responder system is capable of handling large traffic to the website which human customer services may not be able to. Such systems ensure that no potential lead would be missed out to benefit the business.

6. Social media sites
The buzz and hype over social media sites are generating a lot of interests to online businesses wanting more visitors to their websites. Although there is some work to be executed to enjoy more traffic via social media networking sites, such forms of investments are worth the effort and indulgence.
Social media networking sites boast of millions of members and followers that can form a big market share to any online business. With the proper online marketing tools and campaigns, social media sites can be tapped successfully to siphon hundreds and perhaps thousands of potential leads to the online business site for a higher sales conversion rate.
It is up to the online business to manipulate or exploit the rich plethora of online marketing tools available on social media sites and the Internet to be successful in their marketplace. Small online businesses can grow in leaps and bounds with the right resources tapped to lure in the traffic to their website for online or off-site purchases.

Small Business That Produce Bankable Results

There is a growing tendency for small businesses to adopt Internet marketing as their new online advertising platform to reach the desired masses. There is a plethora of workable technology-based solutions for small business owners to gain bankable results in a short period of applications. This approach makes it worthwhile as quicker results are generated at lower costs compared to traditional modes of marketing.

Changing trends

Modern day consumers are now resorting to the Internet for their wants and needs from purchases to entertainment. The Internet is changing the consumer market and business landscape dramatically to bring on new marketing trends and lifestyles across the globe.

Every business is affected by the emergence of the Internet and its plethora of innovative tools, techniques and solutions that are proven to be cost effective and result oriented. Big or small businesses are able to capitalize on Internet marketing measures to gain the desired outcomes on any brand, product or service in the market.

Businesses today are using less of yellow pages and traditional mass media such as the local newspapers, TV and billboards to advertise themselves, their products and services as consumers are also looking away from these options to focus on web offerings. With the availability of a wide range of online marketing options for businesses today, even a small business can thrive in the marketplace using the best of Internet marketing tools and approaches without incurring high costs or long duration of application.

It is now the right time to establish any business on the Internet platform to gain a wider web presence or greater company visibility through the best of tools from cutting edge technologies of today.

Seizing opportunities

Smart businesses today, especially small businesses, should understand the powerful effects of Internet marketing to grab every opportunity in generating a wider online presence with more web traffic to their websites. Even small businesses today can be educated on the vast spectrum of benefits stemming from online marketing measures when implemented properly.

Those who noted the changing business trends and jumped onto the bandwagon stand to profit from the emerging online marketing tools that are powerful and cost effective. Competitors can be sidelined easily if they are not taking advantage of these new marketing options regardless of their size and establishment in the market. Market leaders can disintegrate into oblivion if they do not ride on the waves of changing technologies in the form of Internet marketing. This new marketing platform has encouraged many business enterprises to mushroom in all sectors of industry with a quick rise to fame and fortune while laggards take a beating in their profits and market position.

Modern businesses today must stay alert to the changing business trends, as well as the new tools and solutions that are cropping up in the marketplace. Some of these Internet marketing solutions are very viable even for small businesses to enjoy bankable results in a short time frame without incurring high costs.

Profitable measures

There are many profitable online marketing options which a small business can consider to enjoy watching its bottom line expand. Generating a well designed and efficiently implemented web business site is a boost to creating the desired web presence for any small business. An excellent web business site for any small business enterprise camouflages the actual size of the business; modern day consumers are not focused on the size or the establishment of the business but its professional capabilities and offerings that are satisfying to the needs and expectations.
An attractive and appealing website forms the first measure of higher page ranking in top search engines’ SERP. However, optimizing the website would be more favorable to popular search engines to secure top positions on the first page of SERPs. This should be the aim or objective of any business employing a web business site and Internet tools to boost their web presence.

Another profitable marketing measure on the Internet today is the use of videos. Video marketing is hot with innovative businesses as consumers prefer to view pictures and images with sound and movements over text. Video marketing is popular with more sharing executed via social media sites such as YouTube that become a plausible tool in marketing the business entity’s products, services and expertise. More consumers today are watching online videos of business products and services to understanding these better before making a purchase or order. They are the modern consumers who are well informed of their needs and expectations before committing to a purchase or service.

Sustainable growth

It is very obvious that Internet marketing for small businesses is able to generate powerful results that are profitable and satisfactory to the business owner. The cost effective measures and vast options available form a powerful business tool that can be easily put into daily practice to enjoy sustainable business growth quickly. Small businesses that engage in these options stand to rise meteorically in the marketplace; even to overtake bigger players in the industry to be market leaders.

The active participation in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can generate huge profits for the small business with a little ingenuity and innovation. It is easy to be an expert in a particular field, according to the business portfolio to share some great insights on related issues that would interest part of the millions of social media followers to generate larger potential leads that would boost the business growth.

There is the desired business continuity with the application of proper Internet marketing solutions for small businesses in small steps at the start of their online marketing venture. As new online technological tools and resources emerge, small businesses have more business ‘ammunition’ to compete with bigger players and grow their business to be more affluent. The Internet proves to be a viable platform for small businesses to be established in the marketplace with the right skills, innovation and resources applied.

Hence, it is not surprising to note the increasing number of enterprising entrepreneurs in the market today engaging Internet marketing tools to boost their business ventures.

SEO Means More Traffic to Your Website

SEO Means More Traffic to Your Website

Seo Proven Excellent Cost-effective

Businesses today are discovering more and more options to market themselves, especially with SEO proven excellent cost-effective with the emergence of the Internet and evolving technologies that bring on search engine optimization techniques, features, and campaigns. SEO has proven to be an excellent and cost-effective marketing approach to generate the desired web traffic to the web business sites for a bigger consumer market share.

With the plethora of benefits in using SEO, more businesses are clamoring to engage one or more aspects of search engine optimization to gain better outcomes in their sales and profits. Benefits One of the best benefits of SEO proven excellent cost-effective is to secure more web traffic to the desired web business site for a higher conversion rate to sales. If the targeted potential leads to visit the web business site, there is a higher opportunity of conversion to sales as these are the right categories of consumers who would have a need for the web business products or services rendered.

A well-designed web business site that displays the right products or services accurately and attractively serves to garner more sales from web visitors coming in. Millions of web users ply the Internet every day looking for their desired products and services via popular search engines. Search engine optimization tools and techniques lure these web users to the preferred web business sites that meet the stringent requirements of search engine algorithms. Well designed web business sites that comply with these search engine algorithms are ranked higher to be positioned not only on the first page but at the top of the first page of search engine results. Web consumers tend to favor top listings of search engine searches before browsing other pages or positions.

seo proven excellent cost-effective
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Targeting Website Traffic Effectively In-Today’s Digital Age

Another SEO benefit is its ability to draw the right type of web traffic to the web business sites. This would normally be executed through the application of links at the appropriate locations such as web business sites, blogs, and social media sites. The right web contents that are optimized work to draw the desired traffic that not only proves to be potential leads but actual consumers of the brand. This is possible through the best of SEO proven excellent cost-effective techniques and tools employed by the business on its website through effective links and high-quality content. The proper keyword usage helps to optimize the web business site to secure higher page rankings for the necessary web traffic to flow in. When the web visitors enjoy their web visit, they are more inclined to make a purchase, whether online or off-site as the brand stays with them if the site is attractive, appealing, and impactful.

Business Opportunities

There is a host of powerful business opportunities that can be generated and redeemed easily with SEO implementation for any web business site that is serious about growth and expansion. Some businesses may consider Pay per click marketing campaigns, CRM, affiliate marketing, and social media networking approaches. Some of these marketing approaches may be more effective for certain businesses than others. It is up to each business enterprise to evaluate and implement the best SEO options that would offer the optimum results.

Many businesses may prefer organic rankings over PPC ad marketing depending on their marketing strategies and business objectives. Different SEO approaches would bring in more profits to the business depending on a myriad of factors at play. A small or new business enterprise engaging in the best of SEO tools and campaigns can secure higher business gains than bigger corporations that are not well versed with SEO features and implementation. Business opportunities for more profit are limitless with the availability of SEO today. Proper implementation of SEO brings in more traffic to the web business site to secure a higher ranking and conversion rate for the business enterprise.

Implementation of SEO techniques

Different web businesses would require different SEO proven excellent cost-effective techniques and tools to draw more traffic to their websites. It is crucial to employ the best of SEO to lure the targeted traffic to the web business site to increase the sales conversion rate. When the web business site is optimized with high-quality content and appropriate keywords, more traffic would come through. When the web contents are interesting, original, and relevant to the web readers, they will keep coming back for more or bookmark the website; better still, they may recommend or share this page with their circle of influence that would increase the traffic volume to the site. The web business enjoys free advertisement without making any effort this way.

Structured SEO implementation of keywords in title tags would draw the attention of top search engines that would favor the website with a higher page ranking. The proper implementation of backlinks is another SEO consideration that is favorable to search engines. Search engines take note of the use of keywords in the URL and file names of web pages to rank them higher in their SERPs; so would the addition of keywords to folder names to draw a higher page rank and more web traffic to the web business site.

SEO over other marketing techniques

Many businesses may consider other marketing tools and techniques besides SEO to gain more profit or web visibility. This may include PPC online marketing which requires payment of these campaigns to draw in the desired traffic. Hence, web businesses that engage in PPC need to invest in this model of a marketing campaign, unlike SEO approaches.
Organic SEO proven excellent cost-effective services keep generating traffic to the website when the tools and techniques are well implemented. Search engines continue to favor the web pages with higher page rank and web consumers can be roped into market the site indirectly without payment. There are great savings by the web business that implements SEO over other marketing approaches. However, SEO implementation may require some time before the desired results can be seen, unlike PPC campaigns that offer faster results. Hence, different web businesses with different objectives and budgets would choose different online marketing approaches. Results have proven that organic SEO approaches adopted offer more sustainable market operations over the long run.

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What is Virtual Assistant New News


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