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Viral marketing or viral marketing is a company method that makes use of existing socials media to promote an item. Its name refers to how customers spread out info concerning a product with other people, a lot in the same way that a virus spreads out from one person to an additional. It can be supplied by word of mouth, or enhanced by the network effects of the Net and also mobile networks.

Sick And Tired Of YouTube Ads

Don'T tellI am sick and tired of youtube ads, and this is what I’m going to do about it: all right. Let’s analyze this for a moment. Okay, first, they provide all videos on youtube free of charge. Second, you become addicted. Then they offer us a paid ad-free subscription because they know you don’t like ads and then they annoy the out of you with their ads so that you eventually buy their subscription and look I’m not against capitalism and making money. On the contrary, I’m all for it and look. This is not about the money. Money comes as a result of success. However little your successes are, if you have no success, you have no money and success is your duty obligation and responsibility as grant Cardone says it. So well in his book, the 10x rule, but he also says – and I fully agree it should be done ethically now. Don’t tell me that what google is doing here is ethical.

Google is rapidly becoming just like Facebook, not given a sh about you, the viewer, a human being, they don’t give a rat’s ass or maybe they do give a rat says it’s the same as giving you hard drugs for free for a long period of time to make you become addicted to it and then start charging for it and suck you dry? Don’T you see that they are turning us into the next type of addicts on the internet? I myself am becoming an addict and I’m doing something about it. I’ll tell you in a minute first, I want to talk about ethics here. Wouldn’T you agree that Google has some of the most intelligent people working for them and that they have access to a whole lot of money and that they are creating an ai that beats the intelligence of every human being combined on the planet. Then how come? They cannot come up with a business idea to make billions of dollars in profit. Ethically how come they must be stupid.

That is impossible. Oh really give me a break. Just look at the world’s most phenomenal example here, Elon Musk. Why did he start tesla? Why Starlink? Why SolarCity? And why the boring, company and SpaceX? Why? Because it was the right thing to do for him. It is the right thing to sacrifice his time and energy here on earth for the betterment of the world to a man like that, i tip my head and listen he’s not the only one. There are thousands of entrepreneurs around the world who run highly profitable businesses based on great ethics. So if Google is so smart, why don’t they do something for the betterment of the world huh? You can answer that question yourself. Two things are going to happen. Mark my words, one, an alternative to youtube will flow to the surface that offers video content in an ethical way, a way that works for everyone, a win-win.

Why? I am sure I’m not the only entrepreneur who is sick and tired of being bombarded by google ads and who can see this. That’S why two we, the people, will find a way to circumvent google’s malicious plan to make us into internet addicts. We, the people, have a voice and we will stand up and fight back and say no. Thank you, google. Here’S how I am doing it right now. Currently, all my videos are aimed to help people not to promote some random company that I don’t know. Therefore, I’m adding the text no ads colon in front of my video title and that will allow you the viewer to see if this video has ads by google or not before you decide to tap or click and watch. If this idea goes viral and YouTubers start doing that, we win and we will beat the system.

So if you are a YouTuber and you care about your viewer’s experience more than you care about the money you get from the ads, then do this and to all YouTubers out there who agree with me. Please use this video or make your own copy translate it. If you can I’ve provided the closed captions here and look, we can do this, but we have to do this together. People will abuse this for sure. This means that if you are a viewer – and you see no ads in front of the title and that YouTuber has allowed Google to place ads in it, we, the people should dislike the video click, the report flag for manipulative content, and then unsubscribe from their channel. Come on guys, let’s do this, and let’s do this together: It’s your Choices that count?

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Understand Your Shorts Traffic in YouTube Analytics!

– Hello insiders. I’m Elena. I’m a product specialist working on YouTube analytics. As probably all of you know, recently we launched a new feature called Shorts. Shorts are a new video or a new short video format and we’ve seen a lot of comments and a lot of questions about this feature.

And we want to talk today about how shorts will influence your metrics and YouTube analytics.

Some of the metrics will remain the same and some of the metrics might change. So we invited Fiona to talk about this topic in detail Fiona do you want to say a couple of words about what you’re working on? – Yeah, absolutely. So to introduce myself, hi, I’m Fiona, I’m a product manager on YouTube analytics.

And I, we’ve been spending a couple of months sort of doing some work to make sure that kind of shorts make sense and YouTube analytics and sort of don’t get too confusing, hopefully. – All right. So let’s start with how, can I see how many views shorts are driving to my channel in analytics? – Yeah. So maybe first of all to clarify, just how views are counted for shorts they are counted the same way as for shorts as for regular videos.

So they also contribute to your channel level view count and sort of don’t get filtered out in any way.

You can see how many views you get from shorts by looking at the traffic source type card on the reach tab of YouTube analytics. And you can also go into advanced analytics to see the same information. And if you click on the traffic source types there, you will see a row for shorts. And it’s important to mention that all of the views that are classified in that traffic source type, are the ones from viewers sort of swiping up to your video in the shorts player.

If people are clicking onto your short from the home tab, those would still be marked as kind of the in the normal browse traffic source as before. – Okay. So I assume shorts might decrease channel average view duration , click through rate or potentially RPM? Is that correct? – Yeah.

So they could change if you do have a lot of shorts your average reiteration could go down because of course the videos are shorter. This shouldn’t hurt your channel performance in any way it’s just kind of an attribute of the video. Same thing for click through rate because most people will sort of swipe to your video rather than click on it based on a thumbnail that metric might also change, but again, it shouldn’t really impact your performance.


RPM is a little bit special because the views in the shorts player aren’t monetized. And so we are actually filtering those out from the RPM population so that it doesn’t get too impacted and confusing, because you could have seen a drop if we had left it in, because if you get a lot of and monetized views, the RPM could drop since it is sort of essentially revenue divided by views.

So we filter that out. – Wow! That’s good to know about shorts. I also heard that analytics for shorts, I can’t see typical performance for shorts and analytics. Is that true?

And why can’t I see a typical performance there? – Yeah. So, because shorts is kind of a very new format, we wanted to make sure that we weren’t really generating any unfair comparison, so we didn’t want to say things like, “Oh no, your average view duration has gone down.” If we’re comparing it to regular videos, ’cause that won’t, it wouldn’t be an apples to apples comparison. So we’ve disabled these sort of typical performance indicators, the little up and down arrows, and also some of the headlines for shorts just to make sure that we actually when we do really bring it back, that it actually makes sense and is a fair comparison.

So we intend to have typical performance for shorts but we want to do it properly. – Okay. It makes sense. So do you have any questions for CI audience today? – Always.

We’re always working to improve analytics and particularly for shorts because it’s new, we’re very keen to hear you know what would be the most interesting information for you? What would be the most helpful? So definitely leave us a comment about that and we’ll look into it. – Awesome. Well, thanks for coming to the show Fiona.

Leave your feedback under this video and keep it real..

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How to Increase Blog Traffic with 13 Proven Tactics

Five Keys to Choosing the Right CPA

welcome to the journey today we’re going to talk about how to increase blog traffic with 13 proven tactics [Music] sam did you know research shows that 61 of businesses say that their biggest challenge is generating more traffic and more leads i didn’t know that so listen if you don’t want to fall into this group here’s what you want to do you want to learn how to publicize your blog and this is going to help you to generate more traffic more customers and spread more word of mouth so to help you get started we have 13 tips starting with promoting your blog on social media i mean what a great place too oftentimes businesses they’re posting on social media and eventually they kind of hit that writer’s block like oh what do i post today well throw this into a calendar get a calendar plan out your post and maybe even on a weekly basis maybe on a monthly basis choose to promote your blog in a creative way on twitter and instagram and facebook and while you’re promoting this on social media reach out to your friends and family they are the best people to encourage to like comment and even share your post because when they do those things you’re opening up into new networks whom you may never have had the opportunity to reach out to totally speaking of new networks of folks that maybe never heard of you before i encourage you to guest blogging as well i know i do it on the godaddy team whenever we do a webinar with other partners out there in the marketing world after we do the webinar one of the things we do is like hey you know this was a great webinar we recorded it we’re going to put it on our blog do you guys have a blog and if that other company does we’re like let’s do a guest blog so we’ll have their blog that they did and put on our site and vice versa it’s just another great way to get in front of new customers who’ve maybe never heard about you before and collaboration is so much better than competition don’t be afraid there are people out there that want to join forces with you to actually promote each other and really important for your blog when you are actually posting on there and we’re talking about social media make sure you have an easy way for that traffic to share the blog posts to social media platforms to even help you get in front of more new customers and fans so i have an example here uh godaddy our vlog this is an article that my teammate wrote recently caroline barker shout out and it’s about it’s for salons and it’s about instagram and like how to rejuvenate your instagram for 2020 a very very top of mind article but notice here on the left hand side you can share it to tweet it on twitter you can share it to facebook etc so it’s as simple as this i go and i click on twitter and right away it not only populates the link but even shows the title there and then i can add a caption to like read this article it was rad and super helpful hashtag instagram so this is just another tip that i would have for every blog post that you do make sure it’s super easy for that traffic there to share it to social and another little tip something else that you can do if you have a certain aha moment in your blog that you really want people to pay attention to this is an advanced tip you can actually make that small section tweetable or you can share it to facebook and add that necessary widget so that people can add that it’s a great point sam another great point find your niche focus in on what it is that makes you unique and that’s going to also help influence your blog so i want to travel over here to one of my favorite clothing brands aviator nation and what i love about the blog the owner paige she has a passion for the 70s and not just the 70s but the surf culture and this time period as well as the fashion then and the music then when you go to the blog you know you get that sense of her story her vibe she even goes into the fashion the music the collection and in addition to some of the partnerships they have like even with soul cycle and austin city limits wow yeah and i know many people are saying oh i want to be able to reach everyone however when you narrow your focus you’ll be able to find very enthusiastic brand ambassadors that’ll be just eating up what you have to do so narrow that focus find that niche and you’ll have those brand loyal brand ambassadors just coming to spread the word about you yeah send me a shirt i’ll rep it on the journey and also people like it when you keep it simple so make sure your blog is simple in that you know think about your audience they want to know exactly what they’re getting themselves into when they come to your blog so next tip is seo you don’t want to just write about everything and anything you want to think about what is your audience going to be looking for what are they going to be searching for online there are some ways of you know researching these keywords to make sure that you’re writing with a purpose and these things that your audience is going to be looking for like for instance the aviator nation maybe things related to 70s or disco exactly things that you know your loyal fans are going to be looking southern california tip number five publish consistently i mean you have readers viewers anticipating what you’re putting out there i know for the journey we post two to three times a week and that helps with retention so you want to make sure you’re incentivizing people to come back you don’t want to just go and post once and then totally ghost them and they let them know hey we have fresh content coming out mondays and wednesdays so people know when to expect it and then they get excited they’ll know to okay let me show up because i know every monday and wednesday whatever works for you but stick to it because you don’t want to lose those people that have already invested into being a reader or audience member for your blog all right number six turn readers into subscribers i mean you can’t just sit back and hope they’re gonna return to your blog or gosh i really hope they see that social media post about it and they’re going to return get them on that email newsletter and that way you can send them a nice friendly reminder to one of your blog pet to one of your blog posts and to make sure that they are on your email list call to action let them know hey subscribe here you can add that at the bottom of your blog so they know what to do just a simple tell them hey enter in your email so you’re notified when we have this coming out and number seven you want to have the right cadence we did talk about scheduling your content and having specific days for it to go out at the same time you want to know how many times it’s going to be good for you two times could be good for others maybe once it’s for you just play around with it yeah experiment and i mean if you’re say a salon how often can you keep posting about how to dye your hair or what styles are in by the way balayage still very cool so you want to think about it you don’t want to lose the quality in your post and cadence is going to help you to maintain quality and plus people they don’t necessarily want to see something from you every day so take your time figure out how much is enough just play around with it number eight invite industry experts to guest blogs so we talked about this very briefly earlier like when we do our webinars with other industry experts and what’s really cool is you know they have an expertise outside of what we’re doing at godaddy and so they can come in do a post and that collaboration then allows us as a company to get in front of a new audience and it’s a great way for you to leverage their fans they may not have known that you are offering the different types of content so they become aware of you and then potentially become a new fan of yours yeah and then you’re already getting credibility right because they’re already fans of this guest blogger so then you have this instilled trust right number nine balance your content and ads i know for me when i go to a blog and there’s a pop-up window a little pesky pop-up window it’s distracting it throws me off and also if you get hit with more ads i just want to leave like the credibility goes down it feels like spam so i abort all right so for number 10 monitor your load time 40 of people say that they’ll leave a page if it hasn’t loaded after three seconds you want to keep a close eye on this because you take pride in your blog and maybe you’re adding things to it and as you add things you don’t know how it’s affecting the low tide so you want to keep an eye on this because you want your people to have a positive experience so you can use tools like google’s page speed to make sure that low time is still efficient number 11 make it easy for journalists to contact you so this is really a cool way not just journalists but influencers to learn about you collab with you and then once again what is that going to help do drive traffic to your blog a great place to do this really beef up your about us section so let’s go back over to my friends at aviator nation and check out their about business section so here’s where i know i learned the story about paige the founder and creative the whole vision that she got about the california-based brand and then you go into not only the story which is beefed up as they say and the unique story but there’s great copy and images that really embrace her vibe and the brand one thing i might advise if paige and i were to grab a cup of coffee or catch some waves i’d say add video i think she’s super personable i know she plays music it’d be cool to see that i know they do a great job that on instagram but this is where you tell your unique story and then also you’ll notice the partnerships that they have listed in here from south by southwest to the x games to lollapalooza and that’s another great place where they’re sharing their story sharing their partnership so when journalists or other influencers come across they get an idea of like oh yeah this makes sense for us as you know acl to collab with aviator nation because look who they partnered with in the past so for tip number 12 replicate your success now it may take some time to actually find your cadence and get everything just right but once you do keep it that way you’ve worked hard so you just continue to go with what works and finally number 13 track which marketing efforts work best so set some milestones weekly monthly quarterly and work as hard as you can until you reach those milestones track it reflect on it and stay inspired by tackling your niche posting consistently and building relationships with your readers other journalists or influencers you’ll be sure fire on your way to getting more traffic to your blog that’s a wrap this is a journey you just learned how to drive more traffic to your vlog site be sure to comment below like this video and subscribe to our channel and ring the bell so you’re notified when we have fresh new content coming out this is the journey we’ll see you next time you

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How Do You Analyze Target Audience

How To BOTS Companion of a Modern Revenue Manager Legally

hello and welcome back this is video number two and in this video we’re gonna talk about analyzing your audience so like I said beforehand before you can go ahead and create content which is what most people do you need to have a good picture of who your audience is what their dislikes are what their likes are and all of that so what we’re gonna do here is we’re gonna be using a tool that’s free called Facebook audience insights and what this tool is is it’s a very powerful tool that has tons of data on your audience and it’ll allow us to gain a clearer view of your demographics who it is are they male or female are they a certain age what do they like what do they do not like and things like that so we’re gonna keep it simple and give you some real-life examples and it’s not going to be complex all right so let’s jump right in okay so right now I am at the Facebook audience insights and to get to this page all you need to do is simply go to slash ads slash audience – insights you’ll log into your Facebook account and you’ll be able to access this page now if you want a direct link and the link changes you can always go to and simply type in Facebook audience insights and it’ll direct you to that specific page okay so what this tool does like I said is it allows you to analyze your audience and we want to have a more granular very specific idea of who that might be now when you start this up you’re gonna see it says choose an audience to start you can do everyone on Facebook which is what we’re gonna do or you can have the option of people who are connected to your page now if you do have a facebook fanpage this is nice to have because this will give you an idea of exactly who your audience is that is connected to your page now in this example we’re gonna choose everyone on Facebook and there we go now by default it will most likely list your location if we want to target a person of a specific location you will enter that here then you can enter the minimum age to the maximum age now we don’t want to do this just yet what I normally do is we scroll down and we enter an interest and based upon that we will get a better idea of the demographics so let’s say for example people that are interested in a specific arts and crafts let’s say for example knitting so we’re gonna enter knitting so we see that here we’re gonna select that and we see this over here so as you can see I did not choose any of this I simply entered the keyword and then I got this information here so based upon Facebook Facebook is saying that there are about five to six million people in the United States of America that are interested in knitting now you can change that location to something like Australia to Canada to a different location but for now we’re simply just interested in the types of people so the demographics here we can see that the age and gender 88% are women and 12% are men so based upon this we can see that knitting it’s mostly women all right so because it’s mostly women we are going to want to target women so the images we have need to attract women now if it’s 50/50 you might want to choose images that are specific to that interest so when we take a look at the age we can see that even though it’s women the majority of them are actually in the 25 all the way down to 64 and more so we’ve got 19 percent 20 percent 90 percent 19 percent 17 percent now this is 7 percent which tells us that the age group from 18 to 24 is a little bit interested but not as much in fact we can see for males is 30 percent here which I would never have known and that’s why guessing who your audience is whether they’re male or female and all that information by yourself is actually quite dangerous so you really need to use this tool so we can see relationship status we can see that the majority of them are married the majority of them have a college education level we can see job title we can see that the majority of them are 31 percent administrative services the second one is sales and the third one is management so this allows us to kind of paint a picture now if you want to zoom in on a specific age group and gender you can simply click that area of the block so let’s say for example that we want to focus on people that are 25 to 34 or actually let’s pick the one that’s high as 20 percent 35 to 44 so if you click that what Facebook will do is it’ll hone in on this specific group now when we click that we can see that about 900,000 to about a million people are in this specific group now if we scroll down we can see it’s about the same married college education level administration services management and that’s interesting because remember we saw sales being the one of the third highest when we look at this specific group we can see that it is non-existent so what you want to do here is simply write down what you see so we’re going to talk about page likes and all of this in a different video but for now let’s keep it simple you

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Advice to Small Business Owners in 2020

Advice to Small Business Owners in 2020

Alex BermanAre you a small business owner here is small business owner advice for you this is my best advice for small business owners I’m gonna go through four things that you as a small business owner should be doing in order to escape your business and start living free Who am I I’m Alex Berman I’m the founder of x27 I also run a software company I run a digital services business.

Yes I’m also a YouTuber here we’ve generated over ten million dollars in revenue for our clients and so you might consider me a little bit of a small business owner what’s cool also is I am free I’m working on my own schedule I’m not working 80 hours a week right I’m pretty free I’m working as much or as little as I want it’s pretty cool we’ve got a whole team going and it’s very possible for most business owners to do that and that’s what I want to cover in this video four things that you as a small business owner can do to start the process of escaping the small business owner advice trap that is most small business.

First, let’s start with s̲m̲a̲l̲l̲ ̲b̲u̲s̲i̲n̲e̲s̲s̲ ̲o̲w̲n̲e̲r̲ ̲a̲d̲v̲i̲c̲e̲ what happens in most small businesses you start a business because you either want to make money or you’re good at something then customers are paying you for this thing then you start working on the delivery of that thing then you end up doing the work on that thing putting a lot of your time in and eventually you’re only working on this thing putting all your time into delivery instead of into sales and what that leads to is you as a small business owner have now instead of getting the freedom business that you wanted you’re ending up with a business that is more like a job.

This video is brought to you by mail rush IO if you need to send cold emails or if your current provider isn’t allowing you to send cold emails you must get an account with Mel rush dot IO with Mel rush do you can send bulk email in campaigns on autopilot while avoiding blacklisting problem improve your sending reputation with a dedicated IP and if you sign up with the offer below they’ll include a free customized IP warm-up schedule with your dedicated IP account and you can get 30% off the first month by using the promo code cold email in addition to that you can also open a free trial account with a sending credit of 1000 emails check it out Mel roast audio promo code you know

Now you have to show up at the office every day and do a certain number of tasks and you’re not free and you might even be working more than you were at a corporate job and that sucks nobody wants that you become an entrepreneur because you want freedom you want to live your passion you want to do things that excite you so let’s cut all that out here’s the four step process number one figure out how you make money where does the money actually come from in your business and that doesn’t mean let’s say you sell widgets the way you make money is not selling widgets the way you make money is we call vendors and those vendors give us money for widgets or we go to trade shows and sell our widgets to customers at trade shows how you make money is not the product itself how you make money is literally how you make money how do you get to the customers that pay you cash for us we make money through cold email which is our number one source and these YouTube videos which is our number two source

So if I was a small business owner and I wanted to focus only on what makes the most money I would be making more of these YouTube videos and sending more cold emails that’s that so number one figure out how you actually make money how does the cash leave the customers hands and come to you number two scale that heart if you find out you make most your money from trade shows and you’re doing one trade show a month do ten this month do fifteen this month scaled the crap out of the way you make money and run that yourself at the start then number three once you have figured out how you make money and you’re scaling it up you’re doing more of these things that make you the money you remove yourself from everything that doesn’t make money directly that means if you’re a consultant and you’re doing small business coaching but you find out that the money is being made from cold email now instead of spending 40 hours a week actually talking to clients you move those 40 hours to work on new business and generating revenue instead and hire somebody to be the business coach for you that is the first step to escaping

100+ Customizable Video Intro Templates

Now You’ve heard this small business owner advice it’s important to test your subject lines to have at least an 80 percent open rate and we’ve been able to achieve that pretty consistently for our clients selling the billion-dollar brand the hardest part was coming up with the subject lines but lucky for you we put together 50 cold email subject lines for you to test at email 10k com/subject I remember when I first decided to cut my hours incredibly the thing that was taking up most of my time was consulting calls people were paying me up to $1,000 an hour to consult on their cold emails what we did instead is now Robert Andrus my co-founder handles the consulting calls we charge a couple of hundred bucks an hour instead and he is able to take these calls and be just as good if not better than I was and our customers are getting more value from it because it’s cheaper and we’re all winning here and I don’t spend any time on it more importantly so I can focus on new business stuff

Then what you want to do is once you’ve removed yourself from everything else so that you can focus on the thing that makes money for your business you’ve worked on that thing only work on making money for your business until your revenue is high enough then number four you remove yourself from that money-making thing hire a salesperson to take over that aspect of your business that makes money and now you’re doing nothing you’re not working on the product you’re not working on the marketing and you’re not working on the sales you are now a business owner you’re free you’re in the new rich right you’re doing nothing you’re doing whatever you want all day and working on the systems of the business instead of working in the business

So that’s the four-step small business owner advice plan to escape your small business and increase your revenue while at the same time buying your time back and that best advice for small businesses again is figure out how you make money scale that hard remove yourself from everything that doesn’t make money then remove yourself from the money-making do those and start living the life you want you to have any questions on what we just talked about feel free to leave a comment below let’s get a conversation going thanks for watching the video feel free to subscribe to this youtube channel for more content like this we do videos three times a week all about sales marketing how to be a better business owner etc like this video to encourage this type of content on YouTube and if you want business coaching from us check out two twenty coaching com

For Marketers Who Seriously Want Strategy To Increase Quality Traffic Marketing Viral Video Welcome Video

Viral Marketing For Small Business Promotion

Viral Marketing For Small Business Promotion

With the myriad of exciting resources on the Internet today, small business enterprises are game to take up any business challenge confidently. New business startups are not fearful of setting up their business base with strategies implemented small businesses the Internet offerings that can propel a small or new business entity into the limelight of business quickly.

Effective business option

The Internet has proven to be a boon to small businesses in establishing themselves quickly in the marketplace. There are appropriate communication options that convey relevant and up-to-date information to consumers easily and quickly for a quick purchase decision. The Internet platform impacts all parts of the world with its highly wired connectivity measures. Every consumer with Internet access can be reached within seconds by any strategies implemented small businesses to consider the business wares and offerings.

The Internet opens the wide door of opportunity, even for small businesses to reach global consumers via the myriad of tools and resources available. Different business approaches are now adapted to meet the changing demands of modern consumers who surf the Internet more nowadays compared to traditional modes of marketing. The Internet offers a limitless potential of business opportunities with different target audiences easily identified for different s̲t̲r̲a̲t̲e̲g̲i̲e̲s̲ ̲i̲m̲p̲l̲e̲m̲e̲n̲t̲e̲d̲ ̲s̲m̲a̲l̲l̲ ̲b̲u̲s̲i̲n̲e̲s̲s̲e̲s̲ entities to gain potential leads and generate higher sales conversions.

Social media platform

One of the most effective online marketing from the Internet is the use of social media marketing networks. There are many established and renowned social media networking sites on the Internet today with millions of followers; these include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These online social media sites enjoy a huge following that forms a potential base for businesses of all sizes and industries to tap on.

Social networking is a popular activity that is growing very fast amongst all consumers across the globe. Modern-day consumers are enjoying this modern form of communication to keep in touch with one another or be updated with the latest happenings around the world or on a personal basis. This Internet tool has proven to be very powerful in disseminating information of every kind across the world in a matter of seconds.

More and more social networking sites are set up to encourage modern-day consumers to tap on advanced technologies and resources to interact effectively with one another as long as the same platforms are engaged. However, smart businesses are also tapping on to this dynamic resource in gaining more potential leads from the millions of social media network followers or members. This vibrant platform proves to be a dynamic resource to businesses with the appropriate online marketing strategies integrated to benefit the business objectives. Today, even small businesses can engage in social media marketing approaches to seek prospective clients for direct interaction on products and services.

Delightful outcomes

As small businesses discover the power of social media marketing, dynamic results are in the pipeline for their taking in a short period of time. Small businesses are benefiting from the availability of social media platforms to incorporate inexpensive online marketing measures that serve to bring about desirable business results.

There is a myriad of SMM strategies that could be implemented by any small business to gain the best of market exposure for more web traffic to visit their business site. There are professional SMM experts or facilitators who are experienced and reliable with proven track records in optimizing suitable online campaigns for any type of small business to excel in their marketplace. These social marketing experts are well equipped to initiate advanced optimization campaigns that cater to the business objectives of the company. Dynamic social media techniques include blogging, video sharing, mobile marketing, article submission, and classified advertisements to boost the web presence of the companies engaging them.

Social networking sites open up wide channels not only for direct communication but also for gaining potential leads to any business which is a crucial outcome desired by all businesses to stay in business. Unique online marketing strategies can be implemented by a small business via social media marketing avenues to achieve the desired goals in a certain time frame.

Small businesses that capitalize on social media sites stand to gain more benefits that include identifying the target audience for promoting their wares and services effectively as well as establishing their market identity quickly via the right tools employed.

Strategic approaches

It is crucial for a small business owner or manager to be proactive in social media marketing to benefit from this approach. Although this online marketing approach is deemed cost-effective, there must be sufficient effort and time appropriated to enjoy the desired outcomes. It is necessary to build good relations with the target audience while establishing open channels of communication that would allow proper promotions of products and services of the company effectively.

Professional blogs by the strategies implemented small businesses with active participation in online discussion forums work best in generating consumer interests and inclination towards the company products and services. These online avenues serve as essential platforms for constructive criticisms and feedback from consumers who may be customers or potential leads. Such feedback allows the business entity to enhance their SMM approaches for greater effects without wasting further time and resources.

An impactful approach to SMM is the regular evaluation of the online marketing method to gauge its effectiveness. It is imperative to track and measure the effectiveness of the SMM approach via the returns on investments for small businesses to check if they are on the right path. Tweaking or changing the online marketing strategy is part and parcel of the marketing campaign for any business to enjoy success and be sustained in the marketplace.

Connect with these strategies implemented small businesses when applied properly, social media marketing for small business promotion is very efficient and cost-effective with the right outcomes attainable in a short period of time. Hence, it is not surprising that many small businesses are willing to plunge into this new revolutionary marketing concept with little or no capital for investment, but expecting a handsome ROI quickly while enjoying a brand presence in the market.

Grow Your Local Business Using The Internet

Local business opportunities

A small local business can thrive on the Internet easily today with the plethora of resources available to the business owner to make a comfortable income without sweat. Even future expansion can be in the pipeline in the not-so-distant future through available Internet resources and opportunities that keep improving with progressive technologies.

A small business can be transformed on the Internet platform with simple components such as a well designed website that displays clearly the range of products and services offered. An optimized web business site contains great customer service elements to encourage potential leads and current customers to contact the business marketer directly or make an online purchase of products or services immediately if eCommerce features are incorporated in the website.

Today’s local business opportunities lie on the Internet where the web business site functions to be the pivot point of attracting web consumers to browse through the myriad of products and services offered. It is an important business component on the web which must be clearly visible to entice more web consumers to stop by, browse, make a purchase and come back for more.

Manipulating search engines

Local small businesses have a plethora of tools and techniques to assist them in establishing their business in the marketplace today. The Internet is a resourceful platform that allows a local small business to set up an appropriate website to handle online business opportunities just as well as bigger companies in the market.

A well designed and developed web business site can set the small business apart from the competition and be placed alongside big market players to win the desired customers and draw potential leads. However, the effect is much greater with an optimized website that would gain the favor of popular search engines for a higher page ranking.
Hence, local small business owners with a web business site need to familiarize themselves with keyword research and selection that would optimize their website. They would need to understand how to manipulate keyword placement in Meta descriptions and Meta tags. There is also the use of backlinks that would benefit their website to draw more traffic for more sales conversions.

With a higher page ranking, the local small business website would be clearly visible on the web that would attract more visitors to browse and make online purchases immediately if eCommerce features are included in the website. This SEO approach lowers marketing costs to bring in higher ROI for the local small business.

Advertising activities

If a small business wants to grow or expand quickly, there are many options on the Internet to assist in this objective. It is true that all businesses set up targets to grow and expand; as quickly as possible. This would require a maximization of online marketing efforts through the plethora of options available today; some of which require paid advertising. This is part of any business investment to generate more returns quickly.

Many small businesses today are resorting to one of the popular online marketing solutions in the market known as Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC). This is a paid advertising platform that is growing popular with small businesses to enjoy a quicker expansion plan. PPC is found to be cost effective as payment is made only if the business ad is clicked on as an indication of a site visit that may generate a sale to benefit the company.

Other paid advertising options include advertisement banners on paid sites that enjoy a high traffic. Web visitors on these sites would be able to view the small business products and services on these banner ads and visit the website for more details or purchase if the ad is effective. Different websites would request for different ad payments on a monthly basis where a small fee is worth the hundreds or thousands of potential leads coming to the site for a higher sales conversion rate.

Small business owners can also consider blog posts on a personal basis or through blog experts for a small fee. Alternatively, innovative small business owners can offer their expertise in posting blogs or joining online forums as a form of indirect advertising for their own business. Potential leads data can be collated through these online marketing options to generate more sales for the small business subtly and professionally.

Struggles of small businesses

It is not always a smooth ride in setting up and sustaining a business. There would be potential risks and hiccups along the way. The increasing competition forms another barrier against small businesses that are not daring to venture out into the deep with new technologies and resources which can change their outcome.

A poor management of the business may lead to high operational expenses that can come with online marketing. But these issues can be overcome with a proper understanding of the market and associated online solutions available to assist small businesses in their growth and expansion plans. There are great benefits from online marketing options which a small business can consider and apply to optimize the results.

One of the main struggles of a small business owner has to be the funding. There must be a certain amount of capital to promote or advertise a product or service offered by the business enterprise. Traditional local advertising options such as local mass media, door-to-door marketing and billboards can be quite expensive for a small business. Smart small business owners today should resort to cost effective online marketing solutions such as Google AdWords without busting their advertising budgets. This bidding system offers an excellent way in keeping to the budget by paying what the business can offer to its advertising needs.

Possible solutions

A small business today has a plethora of excellent online marketing tools and techniques to apply for boosting their bottom line. The application of organic SEO solutions is cheap with a high return on the business. There are also many social media channels available for small businesses to capitalize without cost.

Cost Effective SEO For Small Business Owners

Small business owners today need not cringe at the intense competition in the marketplace with the availability of search engine optimization tools and resources. It is not surprising to have small businesses today establishing themselves faster in the marketplace than previously. There is a plethora of SEO tools and techniques that can be easily employed by small businesses to compete gainfully with their larger opponents.

Overtaking the market giants

Huge traffic can be directed to even small businesses that employ appropriate SEO approaches and campaigns. These online marketing options need not cost the small business owners an arm or a leg to compete with bigger players in the market. It is possible to generate a comfortable to satisfactory returns through cost effective SEO solutions.
Small businesses may need to work out a comprehensive SEO marketing campaign or online marketing strategy that would bring in the desired potential leads to bigger profits and bottom lines. A consistent gain would help establish the small business enterprises quickly in the marketplace if the right innovative SEO approaches were adopted and the results monitored carefully.

Although small business owners may not be able to compete with bigger players on a totally equal footing, there would be enough progress for the former to move forward to steal some of the consumer market and the industry limelight while gaining more ground along the way. It is not surprising to have bigger players in the market to be totally caught surprised by the progress made from small businesses that are determined and consistent in their online SEO marketing strategies. There are simple SEO tools and techniques which small business owners can adopt without incurring too much cost to gain the desired business outcomes such as securing a higher market position, enhanced web presence through their optimized website and bigger profits.

Cost effective measures

There is a myriad of cost effective SEO solutions for small business owners to consider implementing without busting their budget. There are low competition keywords that do not incur a huge cost in implementation, but would generate the desired effects on the business especially with certain geographical locations. This would generate the right opportunity to secure a higher ranking with more traffic coming into their website.

Small businesses can stay focused on promoting their products and services in specific locations to gain a good reputation before venturing out into the deep to compete with the ‘big boys’ of the industry. Once the small business is ranked favorably by top search engines, they gain a higher market presence with their brand better established and image built more prominent in the market. It is also cheap and easy to generate an off-line prominence locally for a small business to establish its presence in the neighborhood. Consumers’ trust is easily secured with face-to-face dealings, especially when excellent customer services are consistent. Small businesses can still manipulate or integrate cheaper traditional marketing processes with SEO options to gain the best of both approaches that would boost their bottom lines and cash flow which would enable them to compete at a higher playing ground with the big industry players.

One of the cost effective SEO approaches for small businesses is to take advantage of local listings with email facilities. Popular search engines offer excellent email verification facilities to reach massive audiences. However, this approach must be well implemented to avoid misconstrued spam activities. Geo-modified keyword searches are cheaper for small businesses to enjoy organic searches with favorable results. Such search phrases are less competitive with a low volume that leads to a higher conversion sales rate as web consumers are usually more inclined to make a purchase.

Small businesses can consider an interactive media in their web pages to be more appealing; a simple but attractive and interesting picture or video can help web consumers decide to make an immediate buy on the visualized product or service. Adding a video or picture costs close to nothing for the small business with a big impact; as the saying goes, “a picture speaks a thousand words.”

It is crucial for small businesses to gain favorable customer reviews on their products and services to establish the brand and image of the company. This can be achieved through the availability of special promotions and discounts where possible to win customers over as many consumers enjoy greater savings with the higher cost of living due to inflation today. Positive customer reviews put small businesses in a better light on the market even in the midst of the bigger players in the industry.

Continuity and consistency

A small business can move up the market ladder easily with cost effective SEO tools and approaches through a well planned online marketing strategy that aligns with the business objectives and requirements. This would include consistency in the application of SEO processes that bring on business continuity.

A well monitored SEO approach would help keep the marketing costs down for a small business as changes can be made quickly without incurring too much cost unlike big companies with a host of bureaucracies. A small business is more dynamic and flexible towards changes with fewer and simpler components to tweak and adjust. Hence, a small business has the vibrancy in adjusting to new and more powerful SEO tools to garner more gains as SEO marketing approaches are adopted and evaluated. Shorter SEO implementations are possible with smaller businesses as they normally have a shorter business process.

Small business owners may or may choose to hire professional SEO experts to assist in their business continuity plan via SEO options. It is possible to consider a cost effective SEO approach with a low cost option from the myriad of SEO solutions packages in the market today. There is a plethora of bespoke SEO solutions packages that would fit the smaller budgets of small businesses to bring on the desired business outcomes. There are also freelancing SEO experts in the market that charge reasonable fees affordable to small business owners. Bigger SEO steps can be considered when favorable results come about.

Keeping It Simple Affiliate Marketing Secrets

The advanced technologies today open a myriad of business opportunities for every individual who wants to generate some income easily. The market offers affiliate marketing opportunities, even for beginners who have no experience in marketing or advertising products or services. There are millions of companies around the world with millions of products and services to market and local assistance is always welcome.

Simple setup and operation

Modern companies today are employing affiliate marketing programs to promote or advertise their products and services more effectively to generate more sales and to move their products quickly through the market. Beginners to affiliate marketing can consider the plethora of companies and their products or services in kick starting their affiliate business venture as online marketers. Companies favor affiliate marketing as they can secure more advertising channels through affiliate marketers than on their own efforts; less resources are employed to reduce the operational costs of the companies.

New affiliate marketers can choose from a myriad of affiliate programs in the market to set up their affiliate business venture. Many of these affiliate programs are free to apply depending on the type of products or services the beginner affiliate wants to promote. There are guidelines and helps from the associated companies for beginners in promoting the products and handling the affiliate program effectively and efficiently.

When the affiliate program application is approved by the chosen company, beginner affiliates would be issued a personal link with which they can start marketing the products assigned in the affiliate program. The beginner affiliates would need to market the product by writing excellent reviews on the product as well as interesting articles that not only provides relevant information on the products, but captivates the audience to click on the personal link for further purchase information.

The product reviews and articles serve to enlighten online consumers looking for such products and help them make a purchase decision. This is the primary task of the affiliate; providing a relevant marketing service on a particular good or service. When a sale is generated through a click on the personal link, the affiliate receives a commission from the company.


It is easy to become an affiliate today. This is no special qualification, experience or condition to be an affiliate. Housewives and college students as well as retirees can be an affiliate even if they have no business or work experience. A good affiliate can earn a handsome income with diligence and determination.

The market offers a plethora of step-by-step tutorials and guidelines to help beginner affiliates. It is easy to get the hang of being an affiliate and its requirements if the individual is serious in the business venture. Those who want to be a successful affiliate should learn more about it before getting started. The main reason for failing as an affiliate is the lack of understanding of its process and requirements. The choice of products or services is crucial to be a successful affiliate. A poor understanding of the payment terms and conditions can lead to frustration and giving up on affiliate marketing. Hence, it is crucial for any individual who wants to be an affiliate to learn all about it and execute the proper research before venturing into the program.

Affiliate marketing is for any individual above 18 years old to draw in some extra income at their convenience. The affiliates can take on more products and services when they are familiar with the process or established with their base products. Beginner affiliates should only attempt one product or service when starting out in affiliate marketing to get a good feel and grip on the venture. Over time, more products or services can be incorporated to form a larger local business before moving on to international levels.

Simplicity in affiliate marketing

Simplicity is the key to beginners’ success in affiliate marketing since this online marketing program is growing popular as the fastest way to set up an Internet business for some quick money. Beginners to affiliate marketing should consider the simplest of approaches to help them start up this business venture without the hiccups and frustrations. There are proven beginners guide to affiliate marketing that would help beginner affiliates walk through the business program effectively.

There is no need to create a product or service in affiliate marketing; hence, the beginner affiliate need not worry about generating marketable products or services. The beginner affiliate needs to be equipped and determined to market and promote the assigned or chosen product or service to a targeted audience through reviews and promotional articles. It is easy for an individual who has a flair in writing to be successful as an affiliate. It is a matter of highlighting the product or service benefits to the audience compelling consumers to make a purchase that would generate income for the affiliate.

The initial investment for a beginner affiliate is very low; a domain name registration and signing up with a reliable web hosting provider would be sufficient to kick start the affiliate business venture. Once the preferred product or service is identified with an established merchant, online marketing of the item can commence to start generating the desired income. This simple setup of affiliate marketing program may not cost more than $20; the amount is quickly recovered within the first month if diligence and hard work are executed on working the affiliate business.

Another simple route for beginners to affiliate program is the use of free web 2.0 and blogs without spending a cent although there may be some limitations. Creativity is a good tool to employ in generating a successful affiliate program with the arming of the right tips and guidelines in pre-selling and promoting products on the web. Learn from the experts in the market and go slow with observations and evaluations along the way to improve personal techniques and approaches for more gains without plagiarism. Consistency and persistency are key factors to succeed in any affiliate program for the beginner, although some may encounter hiccups or make minor mistakes along the way.