Youtube Featured Channels 2022 Tutorials

Youtube Featured Channels 2022 Tutorials

How can I link to other YouTube channels on my YouTube channel, as a featured channel? I said the word “channel” way too much there… Hello, and I have this Youtube Featured Channels 2022 Tutorials!.

But I’ve just created a few other new YouTube channels and I want to link to those on my channels. I want them to appear like this, as featured channels. And I found it really difficult to find where to link other YouTube channels to my YouTube channel, so I’m going to walk you through the process step by step. This is my YouTube studio dashboard and on the left-hand side if we click on these three lines, it expands the menu and we want to go down to here: “Customization”. This opens up a menu for customizing your channel so at the top here we’ve got a channel trailer and then you might be aware of this but this is where you can put rows of videos for your Youtube Featured Channels 2022 Tutorials! page.

 I kind of like to think of them as bookshelves. It’s not very intuitive but this is how you link a featured channel. If we click on “add section” you get lots of options to add a section but right at the bottom that’s where it’s hidden: Featured Channels. Because this is going to appear on my channel page it’s…

It’s asking me to think of a title, so I’m going to call it “my other lovely channels” I’ll think of something better later, you can change this at any time. So let’s find that travel channel that I’ve made. It’s called Youtube Featured Channels 2022 Tutorials! and stops and this search box has found the channel! Even though there’s an apostrophe in the channel name, that hasn’t stopped it from tracking down the channel I’m looking for.

 You can link to your channel or other people’s channels. I’m just being arrogant and selfish and linking to my channels, so we’re going to click on this check box here. Tick! And on the right hand side here you can see that it has appeared in the list. My other channel is called there it is!

Wow, that’s found it really quickly, so I’ll tick that box. If you can’t find your channel by doing a search I tried this: Just go to the channel that you want to link to and at the top you can see in  the URL it says and then it’s got this code here. It’s like a series of letters and underscores and numbers. I’m going to highlight that, that’s a unique URL name for the channel.

How I link & add channels to my other channel? YOUTUBE FEATURED CHANNELS 2022 Tutorial!

This is what the channel is actually called and I’m going to copy that. And if I paste that channel URL into the search box you can see it’s found the channel instantly. There is one exception to this. If you like this one – this is my IKEA  Dad channel – I’ve not added any videos to this channel, and if there are no matching results. Basically, it won’t link to channels that don’t have any videos on them yet.

When you’ve found all the channels  that you want to link to, just go down to “done” and there they are. They appear as a little shelf on your channel home page,  but something more special than that happens. If I hit “publish”…

And here is my lovely  YouTube channel! If I scroll down,  you can see these shelves mirror the sections in the customization menu… And there they are!

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 At the bottom! My other lovely channels! Yes! On the tabs at the top of your channel page, we have videos, playlists, and community…

. If I hit “channels” there they are – my other lovely channels. And you can just click on them to go to them directly, and there is my other lovely channel: Youtube Featured Channels 2022 Tutorials!. Now the hope and the wish is of course  that if you make this link to your other channels, or to other people’s channels,  there’ll be some kind of link in the algorithm – or at least in people’s minds – that you are  publicly linked to these channels. If you want to see if this has any effect on my channel, or maybe even have a look at some of my other Youtube Featured Channels 2022 Tutorials! experiments,  why not hit the subscribe button?

It’d be great to have you along for the ride and right here right now is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next!

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