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EVERY DAY IS A FRESH START | 5 Minutes to Start Your Day Right


Every day we need a new situation New position. do you know why Yesterday’s situation will be old If not start new and new Then you will bring in all the negatives of yesteryear to today You have to do something to start your day right I mean if you’re not someone who can manage for a long time The time then takes 5 minutes or 3 minutes and shuts yourself off In the bath and pray for 5 minutes. Just God help me. I want to put love. I want to go Out of my home today people are treated properly.

I have problems with God and they tend to make me cranky. Don’t let me take On others. Make an exit plan And behave yourself Every morning when you wake up you have to say, Father, thank you for this day.

Thank you You woke me up. Thank you for giving me air To breathe.

Thank you for giving me so much satisfaction I am grateful to be alive I am grateful to my family. I am thankful For opportunities. Lord, I will live this day to the fullest This puts on a new position You can wipe the baseboard clean. You can leave From yesterday’s disappointments What did not work. You think Going in the right direction.

I’m going to see the good Today, I’ll be nice to someone I will stay in faith enjoying this day make a plan To be a blessing. Plan ahead That when someone offends you, you will forgive him immediately Plan ahead To be forgiving Plan ahead Abandoning things.

To praise people Urges people. I wake up in the morning and think that the Lord here is my goal today Everywhere I go I don’t know how many people I’m going to see today, maybe 15, 20, or 25 But everyone I see I want to tell them something simple that makes them feel A little better then they were before I got there Psalm 119: 147. I stand up Early To shout for help And to put my hope in your words He says I start every morning I’m talking to you, shouting in prayer I heard you read your word He says I start my day with hope.

Do you start Your day with hope or despair At some point, we have to look in the mirror and say Maybe I am the one who needs to change Maybe I developed a habit to see what was wrong Rather than what is right.


Maybe I trained myself to Be negative, disrespectful, hard to live with This is why it is important every morning that we lay down In this new position. I’m Excited About this today. I don’t have to go to work I have to go to work. I am grateful for this job I don’t focus on what is wrong.

Lord I want To thank you for what’s right in my life Hello, Jesus died for us so that we could have a great church of life I want you to have the best life you can have There are many lost people who do not know Christ Let’s go out into the world and be a living message for them Let us preach at all times and use words only when necessary Let’s leave our position And our business Are you preaching.

You can argue with words but you cannot Argue with constant work This day is a gift from God It is full of potential new ideas, new friendships Mercy Kindness and kindness is compassion and the boy we love God have mercy not Oh my God, wonderful mercy We can do wrong things and God forgive us It never shuts us down outside of his life Because we didn’t do everything exactly the way Wanted that.

His mercy is new every day Every morning I guess he’s making a new batch every day Because I consumed all yesterday That’s why it’s so important To get up in the morning and spend time with God Would I live negatively this day, sour Seeing the error, the chip on my shoulder or Will I live it with faith? Positive, optimistic, seeing the best, being Good for people.

This is the choice you made We have to make every day Whatever you encounter today or perhaps Face I want you to call it Goliath because if you are She calls it Goliath and then at least knows where it will end up Life is short to live negative Conditions of leasing acid Dictates the position.

Every morning You need to make the decision this another day The Lord made that I would live in faith I will be positive. I will see the best I will make the most of this day.

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Domain Valuation – How to Price and Sell Domains

We’Re talking about how to price and sell domain names here on the journey, [, Music, ] today on the journey, we have a special guest Joe from GoDaddy. Why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself to the audience? Hi everybody, as he said, I’m Joe. I work in the after market which, in my opinion, is one of the most exciting places to work at GoDaddy. I’Ve been there for more than 10 years done all different things. It’S great. You get to meet all different people from all over the world and you get to find out if you’re sitting on a goldmine right on so Joe is obviously the domain expert, which makes perfect sense for today’s topic of how to price and sell your domain names. Let’S just jump right into it. Let’S talk about why it’s important to know how much a domain name might be worth you know, one of my favorite shows is Antiques Roadshow. I love that right. All the like, the hidden gems that you yeah and and the best part is the end when they reveal what is it worth right? What do they think? It’S worth it’s important to know they say for insurance reasons or other things for your antiques button for your domain. It’S even more important because either you own one and you want to know how to value that or maybe you’re interested in starting a new business, and you want to go purchase a new name and you want to make sure that you’re paying a fair price. I know like most people, we have those like late-night just ideas and you go out and buy a bunch of domain names. I have spent far too much money on those late night domains. My catalog is getting out of control. How do we find out how much our domain name might be worth? Oh there’s there’s a couple really good tools that are out there for you to use, there’s a site called name bio.com and that tries to keep all the historical sales of names. So you can go look for comparable names to yours and find out what did they sell for what they actually, you know, go for in the open market. There’S other sites like estaban, calm or GoDaddy has a domain valuation tool that you can use and that will give you an estimate of what they think the market value of that name is yeah. So I saw that when I was registering my last domain name it had. I did my search I saw I was available. Then it said cool. It’S estimated this price because of this reasons definitely new we’ve kind of been implementing something we’ve been working on over the years and we look at a lot of different things. It uses AI and machine learning and it tries to figure out comparable sales. It also looks at things like how short is the name, how memorable is the name? How brandable is it and then it looks at what people are looking for and name so that they can have businesses that people can easily find, and then they can use that to make money right on. So if I use the tool, whether there’s s spot named by a good evaluation tool, is that the end-all-be-all price, if I get that price like am I going to be able to actually sell it for that price, or what does that process? Look like it’s just an idea. It’S a tool gives you another idea of what your name could be worth, but I think one of the best ways to find out where your name is worth is to get a name that you’re familiar with something in your industry. That you know that market really well. So, for instance, if you were selling whites and you knew that the average lighting customer that came into your store was going to spend $ 1,500 right, then what would that name? Do that you’re gon na purchase for your advertising budget? How many people could you bring in and how many more sales do you think you would expect if people could remember your name easier, find you use word-of-mouth with their friends to be able to bring more business in those things all add value to the name. That makes perfect sense. It’S it’s kind of like just real estate in itself. Right, it’s like that, the better property you have near the city near amenities, the more expensive that that properties gon na be the better the domain name brandable. Is that the right market, the more profitable it’s going to be, and also it you brought a brand. It brings up a really good point brand credibility. So if I had lighting com, that’s a great name and it you know it says – to the market: hey this person’s serious in waiting.com. They must know a lot about lights. If I own Bob’s lights down the road org, it might not be, as you know, brand authoritative right, so the brand authority also adds value. So Talk Talk us a little bit more through, like the brand authority, like what what makes you gave us a little bit. Example, what really makes a brand a domain Authority versus one that may not be? I think one that resonates with people so one that you can easily remember on one that looks legitimate. You know there’s a lot of concern about online fraud or things that happen. You know shopping online if you have a name that resonates with people, and that really, you know, is a great credible name. That’S gon na bring in more business absolutely domain names can be priced at almost anything. I know if I can go online and say my my awful domain name is worth a million dollars and no one’s gon na buy it. How do we actually like figure out the best practice of valuing it and determining that value? Some of the best practices? Really, you know just concrete things that you can look at like the length of the name. Usually the longer the name is the less value it has so the shorter the name them more valuable, because it’s easier to remember – and also it’s usually easier to spell – is there like a certain limit? We should try to keep under most of the sales that we see historically happening our 15 characters or less, and I would imagine dashes and numbers devalue the domain name yeah. It just makes it harder to pass the radio test. We call it. So if you were to say, you know, go to lights, online.com, but that’s lights. Online.Com people don’t remember that as easily yeah. A couple years ago there was a just a plethora of new gTLDs, those extensions and the domain name that were released to the public and they’re, still adding more and more and more so now, there’s not only the vector comm Norg net, there’s like dot blue dot. Ninja dot, licked, literally almost anything right, alright, do those play and do and anything with like SEO or the value of the domain name. Is it better to do that or what does that have to do with the value of a name? It’S really what the business is going to benefit from that owns, that name right, so using a new TLD or a new gTLD. Some of those make perfect sense for people and Google said that you know. They’Re gon na show up SEO results the same as sakam or any other TLD would so from a branding standpoint. If you think that it’s something that people can easily remember and use, then it’s gon na have value Joe. Do you have a like a fun extension that would actually be relevant to the after market? Sure I think one of the fun ones is dot games? I know that free games and math that games. That’S done really well gotten a lot of traffic, there’s home dot loans which sold for a lot of money. So there’s there’s opportunities as long as the front of the dot and the right of match up the SOTN TLD and makes sense like free dot, games or home doubt loans. Then you can potentially make a good profit on those names. Yeah there’s a there’s, a site that I used to use when I used to just randomly buy domains, expired domains. Net em, hmm you heard of that. Yes, I have a great resource, use it all the time, but basically it shows you all the domains that just dropped off registration or they let them lapse, didn’t go and pick them up, and it shows kind of information like when it was first registered and a Bunch of other stats, you could possibly use that if your domain investor to want to look for another resource to buy some awesome domains, yeah one of the great things about expired to me is that net is. It shows what other teal Dee’s are taken and usually, if there’s a lot of other teal Dee’s that are taken in that same cellphone loans and home comm and home net in Oregon, they’re all taken means. A lot of people are thinking that that name is a good name, because it’s registered so wildly and the more people that think it’s a good name, the more valuable it’s likely to be Joe. What, if we’re just completely lost like I know, I have a bunch of domains, but I might be a little loss of how to rather whether it’s selling my domain or, if I’m looking to buy domain names. Where can I get help and the audience mostly me, though, I think if you want to sell your names, the the best place to go is to try and talk to a broker. You can look at those automated appraisal tools we talked about earlier, but to really get somebody who’s in the industry and knows the industry. Well, they can give you up-to-date advice and give you. You know personal advice based on your names. If you’re gon na sell a name, that’s the best place to go, and also, if you want to buy a name, we offer domain broker service, a good, a there’s, other buyer brokers and what they’ll do is they’ll. Give you an idea of what the name that you’re trying to purchase is worth what the fair market value is. They do it day in day out, they’re really in touch with the market, and they can help assist you in getting a fair price. When you make the purchase, that is a ton of great information, but before we wrap things up, do you have any last minute words of wisdom for our audience and myself sure I think if I were to start trying to buy and sell names, I would do Two things I would start really slow. I think one mistake that people makes they buy a lot of names before they really understand. What’S valuable. What’S not and that can cost you a lot of money up front and the other thing is to buy names that you know the industry. If you sell guitars, then you should stick with names that are related to music or guitars, that you know the audience and you know potential buyers. You might know what this would benefit. You know another business, a competitor yourself and then you can gauge the value. A lot better than if you’re just buying random names that you think might be valuable. Those were some awesome. Last minute, words of wisdom thanks so much Joe for being on the show, thanks for having me create the, and if you like, this video got some value out of go ahead and smash. That, like button, add a comment below if you ever bought a domain name or sold one make sure to subscribe to this channel and ring that bell these episodes first. This is the journey. We’Ll see you next time, you

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The Importance of SEO For Effective Internet Marketing


The importance of SEO internet marketing, if you are already running a web strategy or are planning to set about a web strategy, one concept you are unable to afford to skimp on a search engine optimization seo seo is one of the most popular buzz words advertising, but Unfortunately, most internet marketers simply are not aware of enough about SEO to generate this tactic, benefit them. Even those who are knowledgeable about SEO might have difficulty executing their SEO. Ways have generate the desired effect. Advertising is a very important part of running almost any business. You need to advertise to reach new customers and market, your merchandise, whether you take your small business online or otherwise it is likely. You already realize how important it can be to promote. But if you are running your small business online, you need to understand. There is a great deal of free advertising available by means of optimal search engine, ranking positions well known search engines such as google rank websites, as outlined by complex algorithms, which are built to determine which websites are most recent for particular search terms. They’Re for taking the time and effort to optimize your internet site for relevant search terms may lead to you being rewarded, rich in search engine ranking positions of those terms. This will be significant since the majority Internet users rely heavily on these rankings. It is not uncommon for Internet users to only review the first few results when they find a particular term. What this means is in case your website will rank very well enough to seem on page one in the search results. You’Ll likely enjoy increased online traffic. However, in case your website doesn’t reach page one or perhaps the second page, it can be unlikely. You will receive a great deal of online traffic from visitors who use search engines. Now you understand why search engine ranking positions are extremely important. You could wonder the way to achieve these rankings. The best way to optimize your internet site is to hire a search engine optimization specialist, to perform the meet your needs. The concept of SEO is complex and continually evolving, which makes it a hardship on most businesses that are not experts in SEO to maintain the changes on the market. Therefore, businesses that make an effort to optimize their website on their own might have difficulty maintaining predators who employ a SEO consultant to optimize their website. The algorithms utilized by search engines might be rather complex and will include several different factors. Some of the common factors in the equation include keyword, density, meta tags, titles, when weight links, online traffic and contend keyword density describes how often a certain keyword is employed in the content of your website. The idea behind this idea is that website designed to use a keyword often are most likely extremely relevant to that keyword. However, overuse if that keyword may lead to penalties towards the website if the search engine deem the keywords are not utilized appropriately. Meta tags are items of code which some search engines use in evaluating this article of the website. Placing keywords over these tags might be valuable in some search engines. However, care should arrive at avoid placing irrelevant keywords over these tags, since this may lead to your internet site being penalized. Backlinks can also be utilized by some search engines to position websites backlinks make reference to links on other websites which point to your site in evaluating the quality of such one-way links. Some search engines consider the ranking the website offering the link to your website, and that means you should guarantee the website providing one way, links to your site or high ranking websites to get essentially the most take advantage of these links. Finally, this article in your website can perform a great bolster your search engine ranking positions. Most SEO firms retain staff of writers who will be skilled at providing quality content. Also is optimized for relevant keywords. In case you employ a SEO firm. Would you not providing copywriting services? You need to purchase hiring a professional writer yourself. This will aid to guarantee the copy on your internet site is not merely valuable for your visitors and also considered valuable to find engines. This video is brought to you by a sniper marketing com.

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Claim Your Knowledge Panel

Claim Your Knowledge Panel

Hi, I’m Lauren from our search team uh, oh back one – and this is Alex from our geo team and we’re really excited to share a little about knowledge panels today and how you can claim them and engage with them. So Claim Your Knowledge Panel, as we heard earlier this morning, billions of searches take place on Google every year and many of those are about people and organizations. When searchers find the people in organics that you represent.

Claim your knowledge panelWe want to give you the tools to make a great first impression with your knowledge panel next, so for those of you that are intimately familiar with knowledge panels already indulge me for a moment and for those that may be new to knowledge panels. Here’s a quick Claim Your Knowledge Panel overview, but the knowledge panel is an information box that appears when you search for entities that are in the knowledge graph people, businesses, things places locations those they give you a quick snapshot of information on a topic based on Google’s understanding of available content. On the web, so if you hear about an awesome, new restaurant or a great non-profit – and you come to Google, this is a quick way for you to learn more and get to know the topic so based on the topic of the knowledge panel, there may be Different information or features included, for example, if the topic of the knowledge panel is a business that serves a specific location or a service area, the knowledge panel may have options that are specific to businesses.

So we know that people and organizations with the information included in knowledge panels like those that you may work with or represent our authority on the topic. You are arguably one of the best authorities on yourself and we have tools for you to provide direct feedback and suggest any additions or changes. So the C̲l̲a̲i̲m̲ ̲Y̲o̲u̲r̲ ̲K̲n̲o̲w̲l̲e̲d̲g̲e̲ ̲P̲a̲n̲e̲l̲ tools may look a little different based on the topic of the knowledge panel, but the first step is always to do a search and look for a prompt to claim you’ll be guided through a verification process where we validate that. You, in fact, do represent that topic, so once you’ve claimed the knowledge panel. You’ll want to take a look at the info in it review that information and suggest any needed dates or additions in a study done with location-based businesses.

They found that businesses that complete their information are twice as likely to be considered reputable by consumers. So this is definitely something that you want to do to make a great first impression if you haven’t already and so to suggest those changes after claiming the knowledge panel, the next time you do a search for the person, the business, the organization that you represent you’ll See a special header at the top that invites you to suggest changes when prompted add any required information and documentation from the open web. Your suggestions will be reviewed by a dedicated team and you’ll receive email updates along the way, letting you know about the status of your suggestion.

If you represent a business that serves a location, Alex is going to take you through that suggestion flow thanks, Lauren, and so, when you see something like this you’ll be able to edit things like hours. Customer Claim Your Knowledge Panel service numbers street addresses websites the same information that shows up on the knowledge panel also shows up in Google Maps and other local search formats for Google. So this is a primary way for people to understand and identify the business and get in contact with it. The important really part here is also making sure that once searchers finally discover or rediscover you should let them work know where to go next, so they can continue their journey depending on again the topic of the knowledge panel. You should be things like websites, social media presence so that searchers can take the next step in terms of finding you and discovering what you do.

Engaging Claim Your Knowledge Panel searchers is also super important, and so we have a format that allows for certain types of knowledge panels to create and create content and engage with consumers and searchers on Google, all those billions of people that we’re searching for you that Lauren mentioned they should Be able to see those updates, depending on the top of the type of knowledge panel you own, they should be able to see those types of content immediately once you’ve surfaced them in the knowledge panel and to get started. It’S pretty easy for people in brands. All you need to do is search for yourself and you should be able to see the claim knowledge panel link and then for businesses, local businesses. You should go to business. Google com thanks…

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Mobile Marketing for Small Local Business – Today’s Tips & Strategies

Hello to you all, this is Bob Moore, your host with today’s latest roundup, from around the web of portable sell tips and policies for neighbourhood small and medium-sized companies. Okay, let’s get started in this episode. We will cover the following: is portable announce the best route for your small business and seven strategies for creating an effective mobile site? In a first topic we go to business insider business. Insider. Ask the question: is mobile announce the best route for your small business? We all is a well-known fact that mobile sell is talked about as an integrated part of any small and medium-sized companies, regional market local sell strategy, but to all local small and medium-sized companies run portable, which is a very important question and Business Insider reports that professionals seem to consistently concur. That Mobile is the future of advertising. Consumers are goal circulars and other market contents via smartphones and tablets, and Business Insider goes on to say that consumers pick up a phone and ask regional industries a question instead of seeming it up online now. Does this tells us our world has changed? Maybe maybe not, but it is quite an important topic and for more information. If you want a more in-depth article, then please visit the Business Insider online. Okay. Our next topic is the 7 30 G’s for creating an effective mobile site. For this we go over to street engages street combat talks about the sevenths reactions for creating effective mobile websites, and it goes on to say that there are different energies to entering mobile marketing. Having a mobile website is one style, although it is a great way to increase visibility to your potential patron cornerstone. There are some things to consider to make it effective street engages reports that 51 percent of consumers say there are more likely to purchase from retailers with portable specific locates and 21.8 percentage of small businesses say they plan on increasing the amount they spent on mobile marketing. In 2012 – and they further go on to say that not all portable sites are created equal. However, there are some basic principles that small businesses can follow to ensure the mobile site generate the greatest return on investment possible. The 734. Creating an effective mobile site are as follows: one established a purpose to compile portable websites easy to find number three optimized for multiple systems and maneuvers. Number four hearten visitors to take action. 5 use touch points to build deeper connection, 6, automate the updating process and, finally, crowd 7. It is excessively inadequate that you track your results if you are interested in more in depth info about the 7th ologies for creating an effective website. Please visit street fight and this unfortunate us to the end of today’s installments. Hopefully you will tune in the game to get the latest on mobile sell tips-off to assist you germinate your regional business. Thank you for aria him and have a great day thanks.

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How to crop and trim a video on your iPhone or iPad — Apple Support

Take a long video and cut right to the good part with easy-to-use crop and trim tools in the Photos app. We’ll show you how to crop your video to another aspect ratio and trim the length. We’ll start with crop. In the Photos app, tap Edit while viewing a video. Then tap the crop button.

Now, tap the aspect ratio button in the upper-right corner. You can manually crop your video by using FREEFORM, or you can select a preset crop. Drag the video to reframe it if you need to. Looks good! Need to shorten your video a bit?

To trim it, tap the Video button. From here, slide the handles to change the start and stop times. Tap play to preview. And when you’re happy with your clip, tap Done. Want to go back to how it was?

You can undo your changes anytime by tapping Edit… ..


.then Revert. And that’s a wrap! Now you can post and share your video at just the right size. For more iPhone photo and video tips, subscribe to the Apple Support channel, or click another video to keep watching.

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Sick And Tired Of YouTube Ads

Don'T tellI am sick and tired of youtube ads, and this is what I’m going to do about it: all right. Let’s analyze this for a moment. Okay, first, they provide all videos on youtube free of charge. Second, you become addicted. Then they offer us a paid ad-free subscription because they know you don’t like ads and then they annoy the out of you with their ads so that you eventually buy their subscription and look I’m not against capitalism and making money. On the contrary, I’m all for it and look. This is not about the money. Money comes as a result of success. However little your successes are, if you have no success, you have no money and success is your duty obligation and responsibility as grant Cardone says it. So well in his book, the 10x rule, but he also says – and I fully agree it should be done ethically now. Don’t tell me that what google is doing here is ethical.

Google is rapidly becoming just like Facebook, not given a sh about you, the viewer, a human being, they don’t give a rat’s ass or maybe they do give a rat says it’s the same as giving you hard drugs for free for a long period of time to make you become addicted to it and then start charging for it and suck you dry? Don’T you see that they are turning us into the next type of addicts on the internet? I myself am becoming an addict and I’m doing something about it. I’ll tell you in a minute first, I want to talk about ethics here. Wouldn’T you agree that Google has some of the most intelligent people working for them and that they have access to a whole lot of money and that they are creating an ai that beats the intelligence of every human being combined on the planet. Then how come? They cannot come up with a business idea to make billions of dollars in profit. Ethically how come they must be stupid.

That is impossible. Oh really give me a break. Just look at the world’s most phenomenal example here, Elon Musk. Why did he start tesla? Why Starlink? Why SolarCity? And why the boring, company and SpaceX? Why? Because it was the right thing to do for him. It is the right thing to sacrifice his time and energy here on earth for the betterment of the world to a man like that, i tip my head and listen he’s not the only one. There are thousands of entrepreneurs around the world who run highly profitable businesses based on great ethics. So if Google is so smart, why don’t they do something for the betterment of the world huh? You can answer that question yourself. Two things are going to happen. Mark my words, one, an alternative to youtube will flow to the surface that offers video content in an ethical way, a way that works for everyone, a win-win.

Why? I am sure I’m not the only entrepreneur who is sick and tired of being bombarded by google ads and who can see this. That’S why two we, the people, will find a way to circumvent google’s malicious plan to make us into internet addicts. We, the people, have a voice and we will stand up and fight back and say no. Thank you, google. Here’S how I am doing it right now. Currently, all my videos are aimed to help people not to promote some random company that I don’t know. Therefore, I’m adding the text no ads colon in front of my video title and that will allow you the viewer to see if this video has ads by google or not before you decide to tap or click and watch. If this idea goes viral and YouTubers start doing that, we win and we will beat the system.

So if you are a YouTuber and you care about your viewer’s experience more than you care about the money you get from the ads, then do this and to all YouTubers out there who agree with me. Please use this video or make your own copy translate it. If you can I’ve provided the closed captions here and look, we can do this, but we have to do this together. People will abuse this for sure. This means that if you are a viewer – and you see no ads in front of the title and that YouTuber has allowed Google to place ads in it, we, the people should dislike the video click, the report flag for manipulative content, and then unsubscribe from their channel. Come on guys, let’s do this, and let’s do this together: It’s your Choices that count?

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Sneak Peeks: Other Videos Your Audience Watched, New Info Cards in Studio Demo, and more!

– All right, Insiders, we are back with another edition of News Flash. And I have to be very honest with you, I am developing a keen awareness of how difficult it is to be a creator. Not only do I have to get all the lighting right, but I’ve received feedback from on high that I have to remain in the center of the video. So I’m starting from scratch. I’m gonna be bringing you more and more news updates throughout these News Flashes.

But I’m also gaining more and more respect for this community and all of the efforts that you put in to make the platform exactly what it is. So, with that, let’s get into some updates. First up, we have some exciting news around latency once again. And, of course, we’re talking about studio updates. Up until now, creators had to wait about two days to see the data coming in around the search terms and URLs that were the pathway to actually getting to your content.

Now though, you’re gonna see the search terms pretty much immediate after a video is uploaded, and at the channel level, you’ll see the data within about a day. Like many, if not most of us, you’ve probably been missing Tom. Well, you can look back on a great interview Tom did with Tim, from Video Creators, where they discussed some common roadblocks that creators face and how to overcome them. We’ll leave a link in the description. Now we have a guest, James, who’s gonna take you through a new, native way to integrate info cards within Studio.

James is gonna take us through a sneak peek of what the team has been looking at to the benefit of you, our creators. – [James] So I’ve got my video here for the demo, and now we’re gonna come at an info card. And you know I’ve got to promote our favorite channel.

Creator Insider. There we go.

Hello, Insiders? Learn more about YouTube. And then let’s pick a spot. I’m gonna put this right about, let’s say three seconds here. And, actually, I’ll move it up just a little bit through at the beginning of the audio there.

And yeah. And then I’ll save it. You could add another one, another card if you wanted to here. I’m not gonna do that. That’s the new info cards editor.

Check it out soon. – Thank you, James. Next up, we have some great news around the audience tab within Studio Analytics. So, what you’re going to be able to see is videos that your audience has watched on YouTube that aren’t your own. So you’re gonna be able to see the other things your audience is looking at.


This gives you a great opportunity to get to know your audience better.

It also allows you to dig into what other video topics and formats that might suit your channel. Think about this in terms of the titles, the thumbnail styles, and the collaboration opportunities that you might want to explore. Now, we’re gonna be rolling out this card over the next couple of weeks, but a couple of things to note. You might not see it because your channel may not have enough data, or if you’re making content that’s appealing to kids, you’re not gonna have access to this either.

We’ll be rolling it out over the next couple of weeks, so be on the lookout.

And, of course, who won the trivia contest from last week? And, yes, okay, I hear the winner is coming to us shortly in a sealed envelope. Yes, thank you. Thank you.

Okay, so we have it here. Lemme put on my glasses. It was a really tough contest, I have to say. But this week’s winner was MarcoJP-ve, who correctly identified the answer to the question, which was, “Which video was the first to reach one million views on the platform?” The month, November.

The year, 2005. The video, a Nike ad featuring Ronaldinho. So, thanks so much, Marco, for engaging. This week’s question is, “Which video is currently the most liked video on the platform?” Dig into those comments as quickly as you can and be the first with the right answer, and you will be the winner of this week’s News Flash contest.


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Understand Your Shorts Traffic in YouTube Analytics!

– Hello insiders. I’m Elena. I’m a product specialist working on YouTube analytics. As probably all of you know, recently we launched a new feature called Shorts. Shorts are a new video or a new short video format and we’ve seen a lot of comments and a lot of questions about this feature.

And we want to talk today about how shorts will influence your metrics and YouTube analytics.

Some of the metrics will remain the same and some of the metrics might change. So we invited Fiona to talk about this topic in detail Fiona do you want to say a couple of words about what you’re working on? – Yeah, absolutely. So to introduce myself, hi, I’m Fiona, I’m a product manager on YouTube analytics.

And I, we’ve been spending a couple of months sort of doing some work to make sure that kind of shorts make sense and YouTube analytics and sort of don’t get too confusing, hopefully. – All right. So let’s start with how, can I see how many views shorts are driving to my channel in analytics? – Yeah. So maybe first of all to clarify, just how views are counted for shorts they are counted the same way as for shorts as for regular videos.

So they also contribute to your channel level view count and sort of don’t get filtered out in any way.

You can see how many views you get from shorts by looking at the traffic source type card on the reach tab of YouTube analytics. And you can also go into advanced analytics to see the same information. And if you click on the traffic source types there, you will see a row for shorts. And it’s important to mention that all of the views that are classified in that traffic source type, are the ones from viewers sort of swiping up to your video in the shorts player.

If people are clicking onto your short from the home tab, those would still be marked as kind of the in the normal browse traffic source as before. – Okay. So I assume shorts might decrease channel average view duration , click through rate or potentially RPM? Is that correct? – Yeah.

So they could change if you do have a lot of shorts your average reiteration could go down because of course the videos are shorter. This shouldn’t hurt your channel performance in any way it’s just kind of an attribute of the video. Same thing for click through rate because most people will sort of swipe to your video rather than click on it based on a thumbnail that metric might also change, but again, it shouldn’t really impact your performance.


RPM is a little bit special because the views in the shorts player aren’t monetized. And so we are actually filtering those out from the RPM population so that it doesn’t get too impacted and confusing, because you could have seen a drop if we had left it in, because if you get a lot of and monetized views, the RPM could drop since it is sort of essentially revenue divided by views.

So we filter that out. – Wow! That’s good to know about shorts. I also heard that analytics for shorts, I can’t see typical performance for shorts and analytics. Is that true?

And why can’t I see a typical performance there? – Yeah. So, because shorts is kind of a very new format, we wanted to make sure that we weren’t really generating any unfair comparison, so we didn’t want to say things like, “Oh no, your average view duration has gone down.” If we’re comparing it to regular videos, ’cause that won’t, it wouldn’t be an apples to apples comparison. So we’ve disabled these sort of typical performance indicators, the little up and down arrows, and also some of the headlines for shorts just to make sure that we actually when we do really bring it back, that it actually makes sense and is a fair comparison.

So we intend to have typical performance for shorts but we want to do it properly. – Okay. It makes sense. So do you have any questions for CI audience today? – Always.

We’re always working to improve analytics and particularly for shorts because it’s new, we’re very keen to hear you know what would be the most interesting information for you? What would be the most helpful? So definitely leave us a comment about that and we’ll look into it. – Awesome. Well, thanks for coming to the show Fiona.

Leave your feedback under this video and keep it real..

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