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Youtube Featured Channels 2022 Tutorials

How can I link to other YouTube channels on my YouTube channel, as a featured channel? I said the word “channel” way too much there… Hello, and I have this Youtube Featured Channels 2022 Tutorials!.

But I’ve just created a few other new YouTube channels and I want to link to those on my channels. I want them to appear like this, as featured channels. And I found it really difficult to find where to link other YouTube channels to my YouTube channel, so I’m going to walk you through the process step by step. This is my YouTube studio dashboard and on the left-hand side if we click on these three lines, it expands the menu and we want to go down to here: “Customization”. This opens up a menu for customizing your channel so at the top here we’ve got a channel trailer and then you might be aware of this but this is where you can put rows of videos for your Youtube Featured Channels 2022 Tutorials! page.

 I kind of like to think of them as bookshelves. It’s not very intuitive but this is how you link a featured channel. If we click on “add section” you get lots of options to add a section but right at the bottom that’s where it’s hidden: Featured Channels. Because this is going to appear on my channel page it’s…

It’s asking me to think of a title, so I’m going to call it “my other lovely channels” I’ll think of something better later, you can change this at any time. So let’s find that travel channel that I’ve made. It’s called Youtube Featured Channels 2022 Tutorials! and stops and this search box has found the channel! Even though there’s an apostrophe in the channel name, that hasn’t stopped it from tracking down the channel I’m looking for.

 You can link to your channel or other people’s channels. I’m just being arrogant and selfish and linking to my channels, so we’re going to click on this check box here. Tick! And on the right hand side here you can see that it has appeared in the list. My other channel is called there it is!

Wow, that’s found it really quickly, so I’ll tick that box. If you can’t find your channel by doing a search I tried this: Just go to the channel that you want to link to and at the top you can see in  the URL it says YouTube.com/channel and then it’s got this code here. It’s like a series of letters and underscores and numbers. I’m going to highlight that, that’s a unique URL name for the channel.

How I link & add channels to my other channel? YOUTUBE FEATURED CHANNELS 2022 Tutorial!

This is what the channel is actually called and I’m going to copy that. And if I paste that channel URL into the search box you can see it’s found the channel instantly. There is one exception to this. If you like this one – this is my IKEA  Dad channel – I’ve not added any videos to this channel, and if there are no matching results. Basically, it won’t link to channels that don’t have any videos on them yet.

When you’ve found all the channels  that you want to link to, just go down to “done” and there they are. They appear as a little shelf on your channel home page,  but something more special than that happens. If I hit “publish”…

And here is my lovely  YouTube channel! If I scroll down,  you can see these shelves mirror the sections in the customization menu… And there they are!

 At the bottom! My other lovely channels! Yes! On the tabs at the top of your channel page, we have videos, playlists, and community…

. If I hit “channels” there they are – my other lovely channels. And you can just click on them to go to them directly, and there is my other lovely channel: Youtube Featured Channels 2022 Tutorials!. Now the hope and the wish is of course  that if you make this link to your other channels, or to other people’s channels,  there’ll be some kind of link in the algorithm – or at least in people’s minds – that you are  publicly linked to these channels. If you want to see if this has any effect on my channel, or maybe even have a look at some of my other Youtube Featured Channels 2022 Tutorials! experiments,  why not hit the subscribe button?

It’d be great to have you along for the ride and right here right now is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next!

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The Best Marketing Strategy For A New Business Or Product in 2022

In the previous issues, we talked about the subconscious mind and the law of attraction. But we haven’t talked about Infinite Intelligence. The idea of Infinite Intelligence is a little abstract. Free-Download: Curated Collection Of Inspirational Quotes Spice Up Your Social Feed-In Seconds For Free!

Imagine there is a source that knows all.

When you have an intention to do something, the Infinite Intelligence will automatically help you to realize it by feeding you with ideas and attracting you to things, people, and events necessary for your ideas to be executed, through the law of attraction. Free-Download: Curated Collection Of Inspirational Quotes Spice Up Your Social Feed-In Seconds For Free!

I know that sounds religious, but that’s what I’ve learned and believed in when I was a poor fresh graduate searching for success, and it has led me to where I am today.

I’m a free-thinker. What I’ve said has nothing to do with any religious teaching.

When we have an idea to do something, that idea comes from the Infinite Intelligence. As we complete one idea and learn the lesson, the next idea will be given. Free-Download: Curated Collection Of Inspirational Quotes Spice Up Your Social Feed-In Seconds For Free!

This is how the Infinite Intelligence communicates with us to help us achieve what we want.

What you need to do is to take action on those ideas.

Some of you may say,

The Best Marketing Strategy For A New Business Or Product in 2022

“I have lots of ideas every day. I can’t possibly take action on all of them.”

That’s true.

What you need to understand is that ideas and opportunities are given to you based on what you’ve impressed upon your subconscious mind previously.

There is a delay effect, just like ordering pizza.

When your goal is unclear, you tend to send mixed messages to your subconscious mind.

It’s like ordering a Hawaiian pizza an hour ago, a cheese pizza 10 minutes later, and then a BBQ chicken later on. By the time Hawaiian pizza is delivered, you may have forgotten that you asked for it. You may wonder why you get a Hawaiian pizza when what you want is BBQ chicken.

See the analogy?

In the end, you are overwhelmed with pizzas, just like you are overwhelmed with ideas.

If you are overwhelmed with ideas, you will have to exercise your wisdom to decide which one will lead you to your ultimate goal.

The good news is, as your goal becomes clearer and clearer, the ‘noisy’ ideas will be lesser and lesser.

That’s when you make lesser and lesser mistake and every action you take effectively and efficiently move you closer to your goal. Free-Download: Curated Collection Of Inspirational Quotes Spice Up Your Social Feed-In Seconds For Free!

In a nutshell, the reason why we have lots of ideas is that we are not sure what we want. If we are very clear about our goal, the ideas given to us will be very streamlined. Free-Download: Curated Collection Of Inspirational Quotes Spice Up Your Social Feed-In Seconds For Free! To sort out the many ideas we have, we can ask ourselves, “Will this idea bring me closer to my ultimate goal?” If you feel that the answer is yes, just do it.

To your success,

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How to Market Your Business in 2022: Marketing Strategies That Work NOW

What are some of the reasons for failure? Let-me-share with you a story.

Some say procrastination, some say fear, lack of self-confidence, no determination, etc.

But to me, the top reason for failure is a reluctance to learn.

The market is full of people giving a false idea that one can get rich easily.

How often have you seen sales pitches like ‘no technical knowledge required’, ‘no skill needed’, ‘turnkey business’?

Gurus always position themselves as an average Joe and if they can make it, so can you.

As a result of all these, many people have the false impression that they can be successful without having to know much.

Let-me-share with you a story.

I told you that I had an old business partner in my first brick-and-mortar business. But I didn’t tell you that he had a son. Let’s call him Tom (not his real name).

Tom and I were working together in my first business, the mind machine business, remember? He was basically a sleeping partner. He was there because he had a 50% share in the company (money from his dad).

e wasn’t really interested in the business because he thought it was too small.

After the business folded, we split. Let-me-share with you a story.

He then went to Thailand to do his big business (with financial backing from his dad) while I continued with my small business, as he called it.

Before he left, he threw me a challenge. He said, “Let’s see who makes a million-dollar first!”

10 years later, I made my first million. He had lost a lot of money in different business ventures.

What’s the difference between us?

It is the willingness to learn.

I graduated as a civil engineer. In terms of general knowledge, I knew nothing about success principles, time management, and emotion management. In terms of technical skills, I knew nothing about marketing, programming, graphic design, copywriting, etc. I picked up all these skills and knowledge after I graduated.

For him, he believed that to make money, he simply had to employ people to work for him.

While I tried to master all the necessary skills to solve my business problems and save money, he outsourced almost everything and simply used the money to solve problems.

I can’t say what I’m doing is absolutely right, but his reluctance to learn and be a hands-on person had definitely caused his failure.

The more I learn, the more control I have, and the fewer mistakes I make.

For him, since he was hardly involved in the daily operation of his businesses, his success largely depended on the capabilities of his other business partners, who unfortunately were only interested in siphoning his money into their pockets.

Think about this… Let-me-share with you a story.

The missing puzzle between where you are and where you want to be is the knowledge to get there. If you have that knowledge, getting there is just a matter of time and hard work.

And guess what, knowledge can be learned!

Let-me-share with you a story. To your success,

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Need To Know The Right SEO 2022 Hacks

Need To Know The Right SEO 2022 Hacks

2022 is here and you need to know the right SEO hacks into making your website highly ranked by Google! Any organization’s marketing strategy takes into consideration search engine optimization (SEO) because the point of it all being is to simply increase traffic. Even if it means you have to create various online channels to achieve this, so it be. Organizational resources are to be utilized at the maximum for the creation of a great SEO strategy that drives optimum success on the internet and supports online sales to the maximum.

As a thumb rule, it is always important to remember that Google makes it a point to rank websites based on their SEO practices. Hence, if yours is the best, then you will be marked accordingly. The point of them doing this is to ensure that their users who put out a search query receive the most relevant and efficient solution or answer making your website highly ranked by Google. There is a knack for achieving this, we will discuss that in the following segments.

1. A fast site always takes the limelight: m̲a̲k̲i̲n̲g̲ ̲y̲o̲u̲r̲ ̲w̲e̲b̲s̲i̲t̲e̲ ̲h̲i̲g̲h̲l̲y̲ ̲r̲a̲n̲k̲e̲d̲ ̲b̲y̲ ̲G̲o̲o̲g̲l̲e̲ Believe it or not, people are bound to ditch your website sooner if the website responds slowly or has glitches that slow the process. Say a customer is on your site which is a shopping site, they have added a bunch of things to their cart intending to purchase those items. If your website is slow, chances are that they will exit it without buying anything and that is simply bad for business.

Considering how people browse the internet using multiple devices, it is most essential that your page is quick. Google considers this a big red flag and makes it a point to even give owners tips on how to increase their site speed. Loading speed is something Google looks at while ranking websites. Your hosting provider needs to be at the top of their game and give you the best service in terms of speed. Some factors could be affecting your site speed like the images it has got.

The solution to this would be to compress your images to increase speed during loading. Another thing you could do is to enable browser caching and reduce the number of plugins that are on your website, if you have more than necessary, they could be slowing your site down. It always helps to give your page elements a second look and remove any unwarranted elements because excess only makes things slower.


2. HTTPS Google is very particular that websites are secure, so are your customers frankly. So, as a website owner, you have to ensure your site is secure by upgrading it to HTTPS so as to ensure that any data that is exchanged between a web browser and a site remain encrypted.

Identifying secure websites is pretty simple, there will be a padlock symbol next to the link on the web browser. If you do not wish for your site to have a red warning sign next to it (which questions your credibility), it is better you upgrade to HTTPS. This builds trust in your customers that their financial details are not at risk and their security and privacy is being taken care of. Google looks at this as a huge plus point. Google actually makes it a point to warn its users against navigating into non-HTTPS websites that could pose security threats.

So, people might not even visit your website as a result. It is a ranking feature that Google possesses in its search engine algorithm in order to provide the most secure browsing experience to its users. There is no downside to moving towards HTTPS because it can provide accurate data in terms of referral traffic when it comes to GA (Google Analytics.) You will be able to pinpoint the source of your traffic much more easily this way.

3. Optimize mobile People mostly search using their mobiles today. This means that your website has to be able to accommodate this change in searches. Mobile users must be able to find and use your site with ease so, the design must not be too complex that elements do not load or are not functional upon usage over mobile devices. Google expects this from brands and has made this a priority.

4. Engagement and metrics Your website should have the power to grasp and retain attention. For this, it needs to harbor quality content that keeps users engaged for longer durations. If customers are on your website for longer durations, it improves your SEO and that will definitely affect the overall traffic you receive.

Content could range from fun videos to blogs to any on-site activities customers can partake in. What is not optimal is users opening your website only to return back to Google’s search page because they did not find it engaging or it did not suit their requirements. Google keeps tabs on this and this will affect your site’s ranking. Your position will be threatened by a website that is more successful in engaging your users than you were.

How you can avoid this is by taking a few steps to ensure that your content is easily understandable, readable. Let there be nice images too, and most importantly, catch the user’s eye by adding valuable content at the beginning itself. That will keep them on your website for longer.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an integral part of a company’s online website strategy. making your website highly ranked by Google A majority of online activities today start with search engines because people keep looking for answers and news at all times and this is the quickest way to obtain it. So, how you select your keywords, how you order them also matters greatly.

With Google constantly making changes to their algorithms with the intent of helping their users get a better experience, businesses and marketers need to be on the top of their game when it comes to SEO hacks if their goal is to be ranked in a high position on search engines and remain there. making your website highly ranked by Google These tips that were just explained to you should help in the creation of a better-optimized website, one which has a great ranking for sure if each of these steps is taken care of properly.

Marketing Instagram Live Is Here Guaranteed

Marketing Instagram Live Is Here Guaranteed

Amazing Instagram Promotion Tactics You Can Use to Get Real Results Instagram is considered to be one of the most actively used social media platforms with over one billion users who engage in a variety of activities like sharing, posting, and getting in touch with family and friends. For people who are involved in the online marketing of their brand, promotion through Instagram is something that they cannot ignore. It is considered to be the best marketing platform as it generated more and more engagements and interactions when compared to other social media platforms. Both small and large scale businesses should mainly focus on building strong promotional strategies incorporating this social media giant.

Nowadays, most businesses use Instagram for all their promotional activities. Top SEO and digital marketing experts recommend businesses use Instagram effectively to enhance their business. Another major reason for incorporating Get Real Results Instagram is that this social media platform has a great hand in influencing consumers’ choices and preferences. The younger generation widely considers this social media platform if they are in two minds before purchasing a product or a service.

Given below are some of the promotional tactics of Instagram which help in generating great results. Content is the permanent ruler G̲e̲t̲ ̲R̲e̲a̲l̲ ̲R̲e̲s̲u̲l̲t̲s̲ ̲I̲n̲s̲t̲a̲g̲r̲a̲m̲ If a business wants to build a strong online image, it is important to create appealing and engaging content. Content Marketing should be given priority. Various types of content are used by top businesses and digital marketing experts. Some of them include photos, videos, infographics, etc. It is important to maintain an active Instagram account of your business by posting content and updating the audience regularly.

You can get in touch with people from different parts of the world by answering their queries. When you start doing this, your business can receive increased interaction and recognition. Businesses can also measure their performance and efficiency based on the number of followers who follow the account and hit the like button on every post. This in turn brings in motivation to work even harder.

Marketing Instagram Live Is Here Guaranteed

Use the Instagram Story Feature Effectively Instagram launched this extremely popular feature in the year 2016. Ever since then, this feature is widely being used by almost all businesses. Businesses are more engaged in using this feature when compared to individual users who have personal accounts. The Instagram Story is a feature through which photos and videos can be shared. However, the shared content disappears within 24 hours. This feature has truly brought about a major transition for all businesses.

You can use this feature of Instagram regularly. One major step to take up is that it is important to prioritize and format your content by using high-quality images and easily readable fonts. Good quality software should be used to make posters, infographics, etc.

Use the most trending feature of HASHTAGS The hashtag feature launched by Instagram is considered to be extremely beneficial especially for businesses. It is recommended to use this strategy effectively to generate better results at a faster rate.

Generally, a particular hashtag is famous among millions of people all over the world who are active users of Instagram. If you use that particular hashtag as a part of your post, you are reaching out to millions of people all over the world. People who follow that particular hashtag can see your post on their feeds.

One thing to check is that your post should contain relevant content that adds up value to your business. It is important to choose the right hashtag, which is suitable for your business as using irrelevant hashtags would not satisfy the job of promoting your business worldwide. It is also important to use different hashtags for different posts and avoid the usage of the same ones to fasten up the promotional activity. Usage of irrelevant hashtags can have a large impact on the brand identity of your business which in turn would affect the results.

Effective Usage of Instagram Ads Advertising is a major procedure taken up to promote a business and increase brand awareness. Keeping this fact in mind, Instagram has launched different types of advertising features so that small and large-scale businesses can make the most of it.

There are different types of Ads launched by Instagram and each business can choose a particular type or a combination of types based on their needs and requirements. Some of the freely used Instagram Ads include story ads, Photo ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads, Collection Ads, Ads in Explore, etc.

Businesses can feel free to choose any of the above-given ads to promote their business. Each type of Ad works differently and has its features and benefits. However, all these types of Ads are equally beneficial and are being widely used by all types of businesses all over the world.

Instagram also provides a set of filters and special effects that are a part of the advertising campaign. You can try out these elements to enhance the quality of your content. These features are widely being used to improve the look and feel of your content so that it looks engaging and attractive. Get Real Results Instagram Using Instagram Ads is considered to be the most effective method to build a strong brand identity for your business. Instagram Advertising Campaigns are proven to generate great results by increasing sales, which in turn would increase the profitability of your business.

All the above-mentioned tactics can work wonders for your business. The Get Real Results Instagram businesses that have not yet incorporated this social media giant into their marketing plan are truly missing out on a great opportunity to reach the heights of success. These promotional tactics are strongly recommended for all types of businesses. For those who are just entering the online world, you can try out all the above-mentioned tactics and generate better results in the long run.

The Problems Everyone Has With Web Designs

The Problems Everyone Has With Web Designs

Boosting Online Conversions with Proper Web Designs Leads is great, but there is nothing more crucial to a business than conversions because, without them, you don’t get customers. A website turning people’s visits into conversions means getting the target audience to perform the desired action, what the company wants. It can be purchasing the product or service or simply subscribing to the company’s email list.

Improving conversion rates online is not very difficult. It can be done in many ways, from testing to be conducted surveys with customers; you can give them all a go. But nothing beats having a website with a killer design. Boosting Online Conversions with Proper Web Designs Something people just cannot stay away from.

The design has to be a priority B̲o̲o̲s̲t̲i̲n̲g̲ ̲O̲n̲l̲i̲n̲e̲ ̲C̲o̲n̲v̲e̲r̲s̲i̲o̲n̲s̲ ̲w̲i̲t̲h̲ ̲P̲r̲o̲p̲e̲r̲ ̲W̲e̲b̲ ̲D̲e̲s̲i̲g̲n̲s̲ Looks are not everything but they are something. Well-presented websites speak for themselves. This is an essential factor because users deem a site’s credibility by the looks of it more than anything else. A good design also means that the user is having a positive experience of their journey. This also means that there is a huge chance that they will become loyal customers and keep coming back for more.

Colors do matter

The Problems Everyone Has With Web Designs

Marketing and advertisement agencies know the importance of color schemes. The choice you make in terms of color can be very detrimental in terms of what your effort’s outcome will be. Color is used everywhere, from packaging to your creatives and it impacts your consumer’s purchase decision too. A lot of research shows how people buy simply because of the color of the product pleased them. Anything aesthetically pleasing will be wanted by all. So, when it comes to your website too, pick vibrant colors that match your brand’s image and bring out the emotion you want in your audience when they visit your site.

Being mobile-friendly

All internet users today, mostly access it through their mobile phones. May it be to check their emails, search for something or use social media, people seem to prefer their phones. It is, therefore, extremely important that your website fits a phone user and it looks and works just as well as it would via desktop. All call-to-action buttons and conversion points need to be optimized for the mobile screen. The journey can be simplified but the quality and experience need to be top-notch. Fix bugs and load time for better results.

Deciding the page layout

Knowing what it must be like when a user looks at your web page will be helpful to you when it comes to deciding what layout would suit your page the best. The design should be well made with key information in the right place so that your user’s eyes go towards what is important. Find the best area to place, whichever key content you think is most important. Know what to place right at the top, what needs to be at the absolute bottom, and what needs to be displayed at the conversion point. Each positioning should have relevance and meaning for you choosing to place it there. Haphazardly placing content all over the place with too much going on will just leave users confused and they might just end up missing out on some essential information.

Utilizing white space well

This is also known as negative space. White space is the free space you find around an image or a graphic element on the site. Most designers feel the need to fill up this blank space just because there exists some. Sometimes, it is alright to just let these spaces be. Forcefully putting something there will just leave the whole place looking cluttered and users will get lost or annoyed, in a worst-case scenario.

Navigation needs to be easy

Navigation has to be a breeze for your users. Help your users take action by guiding them towards whatever your desired action is. Creating an intuitive way to navigate while making it easy to find what the visitors want is preferable. The aim is to get visitors where they want to go, but with the least number of clicks.

CTA buttons need to be strong

CTA (call to action) buttons are what users click to perform the full conversion process. If your CTA button is good, it will reflect positively on conversion rates. Color comes into play in this aspect, so ensure design-wise, these buttons are well colored and highlighted, they need to stand out on the page.

Using images

Images are your friends. Using images to nudge your users into going to a specific part of the website is a smart tactic. You can use these images as cues that give people the direction of where they must go next. Otherwise too, images are a delightful element to add to websites to make them look beautiful. A picture does say a lot more than words!

Let the choices be minimal

When you give people too many options, they take a lot of time to pick and some may even get overwhelmed by the sheer pressure to make a decision. Web design can help increase conversion rate and if your design has highly directive and limited choices, it makes the process more efficient.

Snackable content

People like information, but they cannot consume too much at one go. What works in such cases is boiling down large chunks of content into brief, crisp ones. People find such content easier to absorb and even retain information. Boosting Online Conversions with Proper Web Designs Web design to include video to promote engagement

Design your site in such a way that people can engage themselves in it. Include video content that they might enjoy, along with comment sections where they can post their feedback. This makes them feel involved and like their voice is heard. From your end too, keep communication active by providing testimonials for the benefit of your customers on your website. This makes you look more reliable in the eyes of users. Make sure you include authentic audience feedback. Invest in automation as well, Boosting Online Conversions with Proper Web Designs that way; there will be a conservation of resources.

Changing Times For Digital Marketing Services Companies

Changing Times For Digital Marketing Services Companies

How to Get the Most Out of Video Marketing involves putting out a message that your company has a product or service that you want people to try out. Video marketing is doing this, but using a video to promote said products and services with the hope of engaging people digitally across various social channels, educating your customers, and reaching new audiences using this unique medium.

This form of marketing is versatile and can be used in so many creative ways. How to Get the Most Out of Video Marketing can use video to impact consumers throughout the purchase journey in an impactful manner, not just to increase engagement with the brand or website. Analytics further help to quantify marketing efforts and that leads to prioritizing what is important and what works, thus generating worthy leads.

Other teams can also benefit from videos, from HR to service teams, you can market your brand within and outside your organization. H̲o̲w̲ ̲t̲o̲ ̲G̲e̲t̲ ̲t̲h̲e̲ ̲M̲o̲s̲t̲ ̲O̲u̲t̲ ̲o̲f̲ ̲V̲i̲d̲e̲o̲ ̲M̲a̲r̲k̲e̲t̲i̲n̲g̲ Videos can be used for onboarding, customer feedback and stories, knowledge-based information, and many more ways in which a personalized experience can be created for customers and employees alike.

Creating stunning videos takes time and resources. The process is surely time-consuming and it can be a tad bit expensive, while compared to other marketing methods. You may go ahead and create video content as such, but that will make no difference if you don’t promote it in the right way and in the right channels.

People generally just lap up video content. They seem to prefer it more than other means and they seem to retain the information they see for much longer. So, if you can find a way to resonate with your audience, then you will see an increase in conversions. Promote your video content well to drive traffic.

Here are some ways you could do that: Let your video be about a story and not the sale…

000 credits

Customers are sensitive to pressing content that can potentially get on their nerves. As a brand, you don’t want to lose customers because you badgered them into watching your content. If your content has a solid story, something that is unique and appeals to people’s sentiments, people will watch it. Customers appreciate it when your content adds value to their lives. Try figuring out your crowd’s inner desires and emotional connections and then appeal to those.

Optimizing your content and using an attractive thumbnail

Nobody seems to think this is important, but the thumbnail is a very important element that influences your viewers into whether or not he or she should play the video you’re showing them. Have a thumbnail with an image that makes people curious to hit click. Use the known tactics to make sure that your video is easy to find on search engines. Upload it across multiple channels, but always host it on your domain first.

Be open to marketing links by enabling the embedding of your video. Have a great description, one that even Google appreciates and understands what content your video has. Have relevant keywords and unique titles. Good practices like this will result in Google giving you a good rank.

Running paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter

Social networking sites are a good place to start because people love to share content here. So, by paying a nominal amount, you can ensure your video reaches the audience demographic you are interested in and that these people see it frequently. These platforms also provide data on how your campaign is doing so that you may change strategies accordingly. Ensure that your video content can be shared with ease at all times within and across platforms.

Make the content interesting

Grab people’s attention because people are quite impatient. Nobody will sit through your whole video if it doesn’t seem worth their time. So, your challenge is to keep their attention from start to finish. A good way to do this is to keep your video content short. Be clear about what the video is addressing within the first few seconds of the video starting itself just so that your viewers know what they are getting into and don’t feel like they were duped at the end of it.

People appreciate honest content. No harm in having teasers, polls, or humor too, they are a bonus. Be clear on what value-add watching your video will give them. Will they have a good laugh? Will they learn something new? Whatever it is, it’s better to put it across as soon as possible so that your audience does not feel misled.

Visual learning is important, people look forward to it. Educate your audience using this powerful tool of video marketing. You could provide tutorials on how to better use the product or service your brand provides, or it could be a video on how to ease their daily habits or lives through hacks or whatever else. It could also surround a skill-based topic that they can use personally or professionally. This acts as proof of what value your brand adds to society as a whole and customers are likely to recommend or provide feedback in such instances.

Feel free to ask people for help! How to Get the Most Out of Video Marketing No shame in simply asking your audience to share your video content if they liked it. All major YouTubers do it, why shouldn’t you? Putting yourself out there as a brand can only have advantages because people either want to help or are truly impressed enough to share. It’s smart to start with your target market and then you can get the ball rolling. It is a very simple way of getting more visibility for your brand and its content.

This can be considered under the umbrella of the word of mouth marketing, under a technicality. How to Get the Most Out of Video Marketing Before you know it, your video would have been seen by so many different people from around the world. And as you keep coming up with more content, people naturally start to share even without you asking or pushing for it. The aim is to get to that level of creating video content.

How To BOTS Companion of a Modern Revenue Manager Legally

How To BOTS Companion of a Modern Revenue Manager Legally

How To BOTS Companion of a Modern Revenue Manager LegallySearch Engine Marketing versus SEO, which is more effective? Before getting into the nitty-gritty of search engine marketing versus search engine optimization, we first need to understand that using these two terms interchangeably is a mistake that is made far too often. Understandable if you have done so yourself, given how they can be confusing.

Here is an attempt to help you understand the difference between the two so you can make an informed choice with regard to what suits your business best, thereby improving performance and visibility when it comes to search.

Let us first understand what search marketing is. For businesses that want to engage customers online, they need to have a search optimization strategy in place. It is the basic step towards a brand marketing strategy. So, search marketing is essentially the effort put by a brand in getting consumer attention. This is done through frequently appearing on the search engine result pages whenever people search for a particular product.

Based on how good your site is, you will be given a rank and will appear either at the top or bottom of a list. So, each brand tries to get a higher ranking so that their search visibility is increased and there can be more driving of traffic towards their specific websites. Within search marketing itself, you will find two categories you can pick from.

The first is SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which is mostly paid and the second is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is organic in nature. Both are strategies to appear on the search results.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization Optimization of content with the intent of it being discovered using a search engine’s organic method of getting results is called search engine optimization. Here, brands and their sites cannot pay for them to be placed on the top to increase visibility. Various tactics are instead used by sites in order to obtain a high ranking which will automatically and organically place them on the top.

Google is one example of a search engine that takes into consideration multiple factors to rank pages. These factors change from time to time in terms of priority and intensity and there is no way of saying what it is at any given time but they can be roughly categorized into three groups.

On-page search engine optimization is where every single page is optimized by targeting specific keywords that are appealing to search engines. Several strategies such as content creation, keyword optimization, and research are done to reap the benefits of this strategy so that search engines can grasp what content a page contains thereby increasing the chances of that page receiving a higher rank.

Technical search engine optimization is for elements that are not content that websites contain. These are the technical aspects of the website that support its structure and operations in terms of performance and usage. This is to do with the speed of the website, whether it is mobile-friendly, load time, indexing, site layout and architecture, security among many other components. This ensures that the user experience is smooth and enjoyable which is a huge plus-point to search engines. It is an important criterion that determines a site’s overall ranking.

Off-page search engine optimization is more to do with a site’s overall reputation and the authority it holds with respect to its connection to other premium and well-known websites. So, the techniques that come under this are backlinks of high quality, link building, directories, and local listings from other websites.

If one brand’s website is linked to several other reputable websites, then this is a positive sign to search engines because it means that this website is reliable and trustworthy which will eventually show in its ranking.

The bottom line is, a strong search engine optimization plan is an amalgamation of the above three types instead of just one because all three combined are a powerful internet presence for any brand and search engine alike.

Comparing SEO to SEM

The main difference you can observe is the payment aspect and the general difference between the two. SEO is organic, SEM is not. In terms of how search engine marketing will work for your brand, here is a snapshot:
• SEM searches will appear with a label that says ‘Ad’ whereas SEO will not have this accompaniment.
• SEM searches are basically results that have advertisement extensions whereas SEOs will have a small description accompanying the page title. SEM does not have this.
• If users click on an SEM link that appears on their search result, then you (the brand) will have to pay every time it happens. This is not the case with SEO.
• The concept of target audience applies to SEM and not SEO. SEO results can pop up to anybody and everybody.
• Purchasing SEM means that your link is out to display instantaneously. A few clicks and the audience will be able to view your ad. You even have the scope of increasing your visibility and turning it off according to your convenience.
• If your website is still in the testing phase, then SEM is the better choice. You have full control over who can access it and how many times.
• Since it is a paid shindig, SEM only lasts as long as you continue paying for it. The organic SEO way goes on till your website is doing well and it only gets better with time.
• In terms of click rate, SEM, unfortunately, falls behind because SEO beats it.

So, what’s the best option for you between SEM and SEO?

Here are a few considerations for you to take while deciding which is the way for your brand. A good starting point would be to see what your competition is doing and what their search engine marketing strategy seems to be. If you see that they are doing well in either SEO or SEM, it will be best if you tried it out for your brand too.

It also pays to do research and to have a good understanding of what customers like, that way, you can figure out the ideal way to reach them. The length of your product’s buying cycle also matters in this aspect. If it’s a short cycle, then SEM ads are better. But, keep in mind the financial aspects as well. Will your brand be able to afford the cost-per-click prices? This is wholly dependent on how old or new your business is and how it is doing…

Master Your Social Media Tips And Tricks 2022

Master Your Social Media Tips And Tricks 2022

Master Your Social Media Tips And Tricks 2022The Best Way to Make Money Online using Google AdSense is a program meant for advertising which allows brands to run their ads on any chosen platform such as websites, blogs, or even YouTube videos by paying the brand for every click by a visitor. A unique AdSense code is placed on your site or blog and the ads will be generated accordingly through these sites that use Google AdSense. This is especially useful for newly established sites or blogs if they want to start generating income quickly. Google AdSense has gained immense popularity.

How a website performs is pretty subjective because it depends on what type of site it is. Data shows that some sites do better compared to others when it comes to the level of revenue they generate via Google AdSense. The formula is simple, you need good content and a large amount of traffic to make money using this advertising program.

Content can be of two types. The nature of one can be described as one that can attract a new audience to your website daily and the other type is one that keeps your visitors wanting more so they keep coming back to the site. As a brand, you will need a good number of both so that there will be an inflow of traffic that is new while ensuring that you retain your audience, making them loyal and frequent visitors.

Content on blog sites, social networks, online forums, free tools, new websites is among the few that can do this. They are easy to optimize and promote to gain visibility and clicks on Google AdSense ads.

Types of Google AdSense ads Google offers text, images, rich media, video, and animated images as adoptions to run on websites. In terms of text, there are options in terms of size and customizable aspects like color. Images are graphic ads that also come with options of sizes and text included. Rich media is nothing but interactive ads that often include HTML or video.
Another available option is ‘search’ which leads to you having a Google search box on your blog or site so that search becomes easy for visitors and it opens with AdSense ads, thus ensuring more clicks.

Choosing and creating ads Each company wants to be different so they will experiment with various styles of ads. You too have the option of doing the same. So, try to create ads in various formats to give your visitors to resonate with ads and advertisers who they might choose to click on normally. The user experience must always be your primary concern.

Your page must have a majority of content and fewer ads in comparison, if the opposite happens, that will work against your goal. Google analytics must be leveraged by you to understand what style of ads seems to work on your site, you will get the numbers on how many clicks each ad is getting, what people find most interesting, etc.

Make money with AdSense Start your planning for day one. Make sure you know and stick to all of Google’s rules and requirements. Complying with Google’s and AdSense’s policies will keep you on the positive radar because Google is quite strict with the rules. Clicking on your ads and incentivizing your clicks are not in line with the rules. Do not do this.

The quality of your site’s content depends on you. Money can only be made if you can drive traffic to your site, that can only happen if your content is worth people’s time. Organic traffic is much appreciated. Google fully supports search engine optimization to gain organic traffic. Article marketing is also a viable option.

Mobile-friendliness of your website is also a factor, Google gives prominence to it. It only makes sense because almost the whole of the population uses mobile devices. Responsive ads need to be used for Google to provide appropriate ad sizes to fit the mobile screen.

Experiment with different types of ads, test your options, and settle on the ones that lead to the most monetary gain. Per page, three is the maximum number of ad placements you are allowed, utilize them effectively. Placing your ads properly is also important, each strategy could work differently, you should try them all out. Place leader board ads, have an ad above the fold, have one below the logo, have ads within the article content, etc.

Google supports brands with the tools and analytics that can help you monitor your ad performance with ease. Acknowledge and work on the feedback Google provides based on your data, you might get warnings via email as well.

AdSense Custom Search Ads If your website has a lot of content to offer, your user could get lost trying to navigate through it. Use AdSense custom search for your site because this helps your audience find the specific content that they want to see. Your profits also get maximized because ads are shown alongside the search results.

Leveraging YouTube Starting your own YouTube channel with your video content is also a great idea. Monetization happens through this channel as well; you can link this YouTube channel to your existing AdSense account. You can pick and choose which videos you would like to monetize on and what ads must be shown to your video audience.

Competition and ads Some ads that you see driven by Google could belong to your competition. It could be completely different from what your users want to see. To avoid this, Google AdSense gives you the leeway to block around 200 URLs from being displayed on your site. You need to make sure you know what kind of ads are running on your website and block them if they don’t suit you. Pros of Google AdSense It is free and the eligibility requirements are simple, monetization can start even if your site is relatively new. Customization options are great, you can create what you like or simply experiment with ideas.

Google pays you by the month via direct deposits once you meet the minimum threshold. With one AdSense account, ads can be run on multiple sites as well as mobile devices. You can link your account even to your YouTube account. Cons of Google AdSense Google reserves the right to terminate your account if you break any set rules. Traffic is the prerequisite for you to make any money. You cannot expect to become rich solely depending on this.