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Guest posting ways composing write-ups or blog for those that remain in a thrill to obtain a solid victory. There are numerous advantages are offered for business people to avail visitor publishing services to the core. They will certainly supply real articles and also new material on the pertinent topics which appropriate for your site.

The Best Marketing Strategy For A New Business Or Product in 2022

In the previous issues, we talked about the subconscious mind and the law of attraction. But we haven’t talked about Infinite Intelligence. The idea of Infinite Intelligence is a little abstract. Free-Download: Curated Collection Of Inspirational Quotes Spice Up Your Social Feed-In Seconds For Free!

Imagine there is a source that knows all.

When you have an intention to do something, the Infinite Intelligence will automatically help you to realize it by feeding you with ideas and attracting you to things, people, and events necessary for your ideas to be executed, through the law of attraction. Free-Download: Curated Collection Of Inspirational Quotes Spice Up Your Social Feed-In Seconds For Free!

I know that sounds religious, but that’s what I’ve learned and believed in when I was a poor fresh graduate searching for success, and it has led me to where I am today.

I’m a free-thinker. What I’ve said has nothing to do with any religious teaching.

When we have an idea to do something, that idea comes from the Infinite Intelligence. As we complete one idea and learn the lesson, the next idea will be given. Free-Download: Curated Collection Of Inspirational Quotes Spice Up Your Social Feed-In Seconds For Free!

This is how the Infinite Intelligence communicates with us to help us achieve what we want.

What you need to do is to take action on those ideas.

Some of you may say,

The Best Marketing Strategy For A New Business Or Product in 2022

“I have lots of ideas every day. I can’t possibly take action on all of them.”

That’s true.

What you need to understand is that ideas and opportunities are given to you based on what you’ve impressed upon your subconscious mind previously.

There is a delay effect, just like ordering pizza.

When your goal is unclear, you tend to send mixed messages to your subconscious mind.

It’s like ordering a Hawaiian pizza an hour ago, a cheese pizza 10 minutes later, and then a BBQ chicken later on. By the time Hawaiian pizza is delivered, you may have forgotten that you asked for it. You may wonder why you get a Hawaiian pizza when what you want is BBQ chicken.

See the analogy?

In the end, you are overwhelmed with pizzas, just like you are overwhelmed with ideas.

If you are overwhelmed with ideas, you will have to exercise your wisdom to decide which one will lead you to your ultimate goal.

The good news is, as your goal becomes clearer and clearer, the ‘noisy’ ideas will be lesser and lesser.

That’s when you make lesser and lesser mistake and every action you take effectively and efficiently move you closer to your goal. Free-Download: Curated Collection Of Inspirational Quotes Spice Up Your Social Feed-In Seconds For Free!

In a nutshell, the reason why we have lots of ideas is that we are not sure what we want. If we are very clear about our goal, the ideas given to us will be very streamlined. Free-Download: Curated Collection Of Inspirational Quotes Spice Up Your Social Feed-In Seconds For Free! To sort out the many ideas we have, we can ask ourselves, “Will this idea bring me closer to my ultimate goal?” If you feel that the answer is yes, just do it.

To your success,

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Revolutionary Access Secret Facebook Group Pays Commissions

Revolutionary Access Secret Facebook Group Pays Commissions

Revolutionary Access Secret Facebook Group Pays Commissions1) Beneficial and Distinct Material One of the most essential internet marketing methods for a successful Facebook marketing project is to draw in even more likes. Business owners, as well as marketing professionals, need to be acutely knowledgeable about what their target market wants as well as expects. This would help produce the best materials that would attract this possible company brings about the business coasts.
If the Facebook web page is well structured with useful as well as one-of-a-kind material, internet site visitors might like their web page as an indicator of support. Good web content can bring in favored audiences like bees to honey. Well-written web content could include viable life remedies which the business could supply. These ought to be clearly stated on the web page convincingly that would certainly draw web consumers to the brand name and firm.
The website has to provide solutions that would certainly accommodate the needs and wants of the reader. This would certainly motivate them to see the page commonly and also even share it with their very own circle of get-in touches. If top-quality content is uploaded on a regular basis, there would be even more rate of interest in the brand name and business. Even more, internet website traffic would stream to the site, and also the marketing expert will certainly have much more possibilities to interact and engage these to become clients.
There are numerous kinds and classifications for wonderful content which could be posted; pointers as well as tricks, Do It Yourself info, and also life solutions along with best sellers or most popular information are great content groups.

2) Consumer Advertising
The bottom line of social media is to motivate an energetic involvement of the web individuals or clients to that network. Every social media sites network is a superb platform for each and every interested or satisfied web consumer to market the brand or item in support of the business without being paid. This is the primary benefit of Facebook advertising where supportive consumers could share their fulfillment regarding the brand or its offerings easily and extra convincingly than the brand marketing itself.

If more active communication happens on the Facebook web page, more internet website traffic would certainly flow to the business website. Beneficial feedback, as well as product evaluations, could be encouraged with prompt acknowledgment as well as recognition by the entrepreneur or online marketer. When a favorable and strong connection is established between the marketer as well as the client, the latter can be an unofficial brand name ambassador.
3) Touch on Service Influencers
Services require to be proactive in identifying the very best tools in their marketing for the optimum outcomes. This includes influencer marketing which identifies the essential person that can be critical in spreading the brand name and company out there. These could be business influencers with a multitude of followers as well as fans that might be thinking about the brand name or offerings.
Some market influencers might charge a fee to advise their followers to the brand name or firm. Excellent settlement can help in attaining business goals promptly. Organization influencers must be good representatives for the brand and company; much like brand name ambassadors of products.
4) Facebook Marketing
Services can additionally think about Facebook advertising if they are a comfortable budget plan. Nonetheless, Facebook ads can be taken care of without setting you back the firm an arm or a leg. This would need a correct recognition of the target market and the objective or profits. Tactical ads are very reliable in drawing in the ideal group to the business coasts.

Ultimate Booty Home Workout!

All right, I have a lot of ladies right now that I’m training actor Wesley. How do I get a bigger butt? I want my book nice. I want it big, you know I want it sexy and you know I thought most women want to lose weight, but they want a big button. I’M gon na show you how to get it done. I’M gon na show you how to get it done, not saying that I have a big butt, but I’m gon na show you how to get the gluteus nice. Okay. First, you want to do it. You want to get down here before them. Okay, go to your forearms look straight. You want to see the leg. You see that all the way up down you see, then that should be a nice 90-degree angle. That’S not enough. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 1, we’ve done is go for the form. You see right here upon on the face: 1. 2. 3, 4. 5. 6: 7 next leg: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, next leg, 1, 2, 3, four, five, six next days; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 1, 2, 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 1, 1, 10, 2001 June, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 1. 2, 1 you’re going to Rome going your bedroom you’re, not that I should not take you longer than 7 minutes to do this. Workout and your glutes are done for the evening all right folk. This is whistling virgin you’re a master virtual training. Hey that’s training with whis get fit with pass;


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Online Investing Wealth Building Strategies

Online Investing Wealth Building Strategies

8 passive ways to make money without a product. Now, if you’ve been trying to figure out ways to make money online, you don’t have a product. This video is for you because in this video I’m going to show you eight ways you can passive ways to make money. 24/7. You don’t need to invest any money and inventory whatsoever and we’re starting right now: hey I’m jr. Fischer. I appreciate you visiting my channel if you’re new here. Do me a favor and subscribe hit that subscribes button down there.

Take a bell to turn off Bell notifications, my goodness, you turn off Bell notifications to become part of the family to fish your family, so that every time I do a new video, I will notify you don’t think of searching for it. You won’t stumble on it. You’Ll know because I can tell you about it, so don’t forget to do that. In addition to that, we have passive ways to make money. You want to get it to you.

Absolutely free, okay, it’s going, be in the description below just click the link and learn no credit card required. Now. Have you been questioning how to make money online and you don’t have any products? You don’t want to look for products. Put your comments below about what you’ve done or what questions you have about it if you’ve been successful with some other methods put that below, because that’ll help other people now I’ve been selling online since 2009 and I’ve sold millions of dollars worth of both digital and physical products and I’ve learned O̲n̲l̲i̲n̲e̲ ̲I̲n̲v̲e̲s̲t̲i̲n̲g̲ ̲W̲e̲a̲l̲t̲h̲ ̲B̲u̲i̲l̲d̲i̲n̲g̲ ̲S̲t̲r̲a̲t̲e̲g̲i̲e̲s̲ with a lot of stuff along the way and on this channel all I do is I share it with you.

I help you start running and grow your online business by doing these videos so enjoy the videos, take the information, and make some money okay. So let’s go ahead and get started right now, let’s take a look at the first way that you can make money online without any products.

Now: here’s the truth making passive ways to make money 24/7, while you sleep, while you’re at the beach while you’re at the movies, while you’re eating dinner, that’s a pretty cool idea and it is passive and I know it works because I’ve done it. However, nothing is truly passive and what I mean by that is that you have to do some work upfront to get that passive income going. So you can’t just sit in your chair one day and all of a sudden money starts coming. It doesn’t work that way. You’Ve got to put some effort in upfront, but once you’ve done that there are some truly passive ways to make money. So let’s jump right into that right now and we’re going to talk about the first way.

The first way to make passive ways to make money is a professional spokesperson. Let me ask you a question: what, if somebody just handed you a script and they said, read this in front of a camera and send me a video of that and I’m going pay. You would you think, that’s a good deal, I mean I do and you could actually do it now, I’m going to show you where you can do it, let’s run over to Upwork right now, so I can show you how that’s done.

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Beta Weighting Hedging

Hey everybody its Hari Swaminathan, welcome to the free course library. In this mini course, we are going to look at how you can hedge a per your portfolio with one spider trade. So let’s back up a little and see why we would need to use this in the first place, so let’s say we add a portfolio of which is a combination of stocks as well as options. So as you can see here Apple I have some stock I have 200 shares shows a little bit of profit, I have Amazon which is options we have a call spread here has a bit of loss.

Then same thing on FedEx, Google, we have some options positions so you know a normal portfolio might look like something like this. You have a few stocks, you might have a couple of options positions and now you’re concerned that the overall market might take a downward trend. For whatever reason so you know as of now in the middle of August, we are looking at the russia-ukraine crisis. So you have this portfolio you don’t want to close everything out but you want to position yourself in such a manner that even if the markets take a crash either next week or any time, your portfolio is not going to get affected a whole lot.

The way you do that is you can see now in terms of your Delta, I mean stocks have full hundred Delta so basically if you have 200 shares you have 200 Delta. Because if the stock goes up by one dollar then, you know your Apple shares will be up by $200 because you have 200 shares. But options are different depending on which strike price you have, your deltas are going to be different. If you just looked at the raw deltas you have 200 Delta’s on Apple, you have 154 on Amazon, you have 131 on fedex and 108 on google. But the deltas of all the stocks on not the same, so you know the Apple Delta is not the same as Amazon Delta. So one Delta on Apple is not the same as one Delta on Amazon because both have different correlations to the overall market.

So you would want to better wait this portfolio to the spider which is the overall market, so by when you beta weighed the concept of beta waiting is that each individual stock has its own beta which is the correlation to the overall markets. So when you beta wait it to say the spider then what you’re doing is you’re reducing every stock. It’s beta you mean the platform obviously calculates all of this for you but the platform will calculate the beta of each of the stocks in this portfolio. It will take its beta into account and it will reduce it to a common spider level Delta. So basically, if we do this if I beta weight it now, you can see in terms of the spider we would need eight hundred and sixty-one deltas on the spider.

So which means we can now come to the spider and say if you wanted we know we have positive eight hundred and sixty-one Delta. If you if we wanted to beta weight this and make it delta-neutral on the spider, we would have to buy a certain amount of spider put options. We would buy put options because we have positive Delta here and therefore to neutralise it you would want to buy the spider put options. Let’s go take a look at the spiders and let’s say we wanted to give it protection of let’s say about a month or so. Let’s go into the September series and you want to buy a certain amount of spider put options so that it equals to 861 negative Delta. You know let’s say we wanted to buy the 190 put so the spiders are at 195. So let’s we wanted to buy the 190 put and you can see if you buy 10 contracts of the Spyder puts.

You would get 255 Delta so perhaps we want to buy about 32 maybe so that we get 861, so you know you want to check that and see how you get it 843. I think the right amount would be about 34 spider put contracts of the 190 put option that gives you negative 869 Delta’s just from the spiders. If you look at your position you have 861 positive deltas and this will give you in 869 negative Delta, so you’ll be negative by about 6 or 7 Delta’s which is perfect. So now how much would this cost? this would cost about let’s say with the option is going for 1.4 so $1400, so about $4,500.

If you spend $4,500 on the spider put options, you can completely hedge your entire portfolio, so obviously your entire portfolio is probably worth a lot more you can see it’s worth about $27,000. So spending $4,500 to protect this overall portfolio is not bad and it doesn’t mean that whatever you spend on the spiders is going to go away. It’s not going to go down to 0 first of all, if the markets crashed like you fear that it might then, these put options are actually going to be profitable and not only that if over a period of the next few days say 5 to 7 days, if the risks in the market go away so in which case, you don’t need these options any longer then you can perhaps even sell them maybe for even for a small profit. If the spiders have gone down a little bit you know these put options might increase in value even if it does not increase in value and it goes down a little bit, it has served the purpose of hedging your overall portfolio.

So you can always beta wait your entire portfolio to anything, if you have NASDAQ stocks which is most of these stocks on NASDAQ. So perhaps you want to beta weighted to the Nasdaq ETF and now you can see you need actually 16 24 deltas, when you beta weighted to the Nasdaq. You want to take a look at your portfolio and decide which index it is that you would need to beta weight your portfolio on and because that’s critical. In fact, in this case you would not come to the spider you would come to the QQQ . Because all of the stocks are NASDAQ stocks, except for FedEx. All the others are NASDAQ stocks. So you would want to come and actually have a beta weight your portfolio, hedge it with the QQQ, so here you can see actually you’re going to be spending less contracts.

I mean you’ll need about less contract so let’s put 25 and there we go we have 837 negative actually may not that’s not true, you would need 1600 in this case. If you see 1624 and this gives you 16 74 gives you a little bit more, so perhaps you can just do about 45 contract,s let’s see that’s too less. So maybe about 47 contracts on the QQQ or maybe 48 and this would approximately hedge your portfolio on the Q’s. Because most of these stocks are NASDAQ stocks, so you would want to hedge it against the Q’s. So again you would spend around the same amount , you would spend about forty five hundred, forty six hundred on this and of course, you can close out this hedge at any time. But the important thing is when you want to know how many Q’s you have to buy, how many contracts of the Q’s you have to buy, you have to beta wait it to the Q’s and that will give you the exact deltas, that you on the queues to completely hedge this portfolio. So if you take off the beta waiting you’ll see you have only a raw Delta of 594, but then just having the raw Delta doesn’t make any sense because all of these stocks are going to move differently.

So you want to reduce them all to a common base and you do that by beta weighting it against the q’s. Hope this was helpful if you have any questions please send us an email at Thank you.

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6 Tips For Your Emails

affiliate marketing

So here’s the thing email marketing can be complex. Are you trying to achieve a measurable return on your email, marketing investment, Maybe you’re trying to grow or retain your email subscribers and stay compliant with all these new email regulations? Hey everyone. My name is Shauna Carroll and I’m a principal channel consultant working at HubSpot, Working with marketing agencies and direct clients. Trust me I’ve seen a lot and I’m here to give you the lowdown on email marketing.

i’m going to share with you solutions to common challenges, marketers face, so you can start reaching your audience effectively and crush your business goals through email And I’m going to do so by getting some ideas from HubSpot Academy’s Email, Marketing Certification, which, by the way, is free. Now I see this a lot. Some of the common challenges when it comes to email are things like making sure you’re hitting your email, open rates, click-through rates, email, deliverability, and staying compliant.

It all comes down to having a sharp and integrated email marketing strategy, No matter the size of your company or marketing team. You need to have a clearly defined strategy in place to be able to reach your goals. Experts agree that, in order to build an effective email marketing strategy and get your email seen, you have to adhere to this framework. Let’S check it out. [ Courtney ] The three pillars you need to build. An effective email marketing strategy is the significance of segmentation. The power of personalization and the impact of data-driven analysis, So the first pillar, which is segmentation, it’s basically dividing your email subscribers into small segments based on a strategic set of criteria that you have determined things like location or purchase, history, or even activity on your website, Can work great

Let’S see what Courtney has to say from the Academy, Segmentation is seemingly simple but important. Segmentation is what helps you send the right person, the right message at the right time, Creating an inbound email experience and conversation means focusing just as much on the context of your message as the content you deliver. The DMA, a Data and Marketing Association, found that 77 % of email marketing ROI came from segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns.

Bringing context and content together helps you write the greatest emails in the world and make sure they connect with your audience and don’t waste their time or yours. I love that stat that 77 % of email ROI comes from segmentation, But now you may be wondering how do we actually get started with segmentation? Let’S check this out Segmentation at its core brings together two key inbound concepts: buyer personas and the buyer’s journey Sending the right email at the right time to the right person means knowing who that person is and where they are in the buyer’s journey. Buyer personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer based on real data and some select educated speculation about customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals.

And the buyer’s journey is the active research process. Someone goes through leading up to a purchase. The buyer’s journey is made up of three stages: the awareness stage, the consideration stage, and the decision stage. The second pillar is personalization Customers now kind of expect personalization in all marketing they get from modern companies. It’S just no longer an option In email. Personalization is when you can use your subscriber data to make your email feel customized for your subscribers, making it more intimate and relevant.

Personalization is so much more than adding the first name of the recipient to your email, It’s about creating a contextualized and individual experience. While there are many channels that’ll allow you to do this and more and more created each day. Email is a channel that continues to offer so much room for creativity and experimentation and developing that highly personalized experience. Email personalization is basically like having a personal concierge for every person that interacts with your brand, based on actions that they take. How cool would that be? There’S a word for that by the way which we all should know, It’s behavioral email,

Behavioral email is defined as the practice of sending automated targeted emails to your contacts, based on the historical interactions they’ve had with your company across channels And when you send a behavioral email, you’re, creating a highly personal experience for your contacts. One of my favorite examples is OpenTable. They make it easy to make reservations online, but they also remember your favorite restaurants and help you discover new ones, based on your user reviews and your past reservations. How cool is that Another great one comes from Spotify. They send behavioral emails to fans that love certain artists And they surprise them by giving them exclusive access to presales and other goodies from the artist. This brings us to our last pillar the impact of data-driven analysis In a world that is always changing where your customers are always changing. The way they live and work analysis helps you evolve with them and not be left behind.

By analyzing your emails consistently and having emails as one of the core parts of your inbound strategy, you will give your customers what they need to continue the conversation with you. So how do you actually get started with that? [ Courtney ] To implement data-driven analysis into your email marketing. You will want to keep in mind this framework First track the metrics that matter

This will be different for you in your business than me in my business Second understand what those metrics indicate about the success of your emails. What is moving and improving versus what is slowing down And then third apply what you’ve learned to optimize and improve each email that you send Email marketing is a powerful tool And a lot goes into creating an impactful email? Marketing strategy Learn more from Courtney in the HubSpot Academy, Email Marketing, Certification Get certified and start mastering your email marketing strategy. I’ll see you at the next one.

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Best Ever Door to Door Salesman

actually I’m gonna be quick like nestling be there like Michael Jackson that’s why your neighbors said I’ll remind them a Nicholas Cage because I’m going in 60 seconds watch this right here dad look who does this the most on a window the kids the dogs that are ugly black guys that eat fried chicken now you see these water spots look they get wider than my elbows at our lotion watch this dad and I’m right here cuz Stevie Wonder’s says seeing is believing and I got a disease called enthusiasm so I’m gonna cut straight to the mustard watch this don’t laugh to mark the neighbors ghost eaters black kids forever your window okay look like mr.

Miyagi remember the Karate Kid now watch does the air dry it puts the co2 Nigel winter no water spots no fingerprints no streaks that’s not we can’t sell it to criminals don’t tell Tiger Woods did your mom y’all would agree oh you see this right here who did okay watch this No my mom said if it’s darker than me and they don’t pay the bills it should be there right god bless you now look this right here did we just upgrade it like Beyonce this is our new surfactant hold this and watch this because this should be the main reason why you get the HBO special you know HBO me know you get the help of brother green called me a pig and look at this right here look those go with chicken don’t drink Adobe the Hershey squirts but look that one bottle lasts longer than my last relationship y’all got water right yeah how far you come try to use it oh yeah but not this is my last demo and I want you here quicker than your favorite shampoo y’all see me with these right here sharpies yeah now watch this even though I’m black getting black magic it just work because let’s say you got this in the clothes that a carpet that around room would you agree that’s hard to get out okay would you throw it out shout it out get okay to stab it down Mike Tyson about Kobe Bryant it was a little as a multiple-choice funny joke cuz you know you came to a bleach on colors right sure look at this this safe won’t colors that’s why we close telecast a miso you just wait a spray right now dude this right here takes up eat blood coffee stains grass stains kool-aid lipstick gum blue can do it would you say that’s wider than the Colgate smile not oh my goodness you see that can use up my teeth today Jesus for the bottle I use money turn brown no I’m just kidding but no you just use it on for your house what’s the hardest thing to clean would it be carpet the tile barbecue grills the shower doors that oil and rest of the driveway that’s blacker than my mother but not as beautiful or that counseling right here can I put this on youtube yes ma’am what are you feeling personality show but this sells itself though it’s called a vanish to wonder cleaner best day since cake and ice cream now unlike Madonna has never been touched so you want to put two caps in the bottom and I’ll just come motion neighbor they just get it because they like me y’all familiar with Tony Robbins yeah see I’m taking this course because this is how Jamie Foxx started off door-to-door and he said two years of door-to-door selling there’s the equivalent to four years of college communication on you interact with different people that’s what I have for the neighbors owned by because the work they just get it because they like my tenacity because they said it in the easy I’m pretty sure Windex in Bleach I never knocked on your door made you laugh with my way about the camcorder just the tape right but which I do full of ourselves – god bless you did but as I said just try to warn you only gotta buy the case today like Matlock – Ted you can’t get the whole chicken at least get the wing right that’s oatmeal beat no meal but like I said you want to put two caps 20 ounces of water so that one bottle make you 68 Spears but you should just save my autograph because by the time you run out you probably see me on Last Comic Standing and anybody big it should win it because even Jesus said if you give a person a fish you feed him for a day but if you teach amount of fish you can feel lighter god bless you but if you had one would you try it on first day at that right there right a hard water spots but just just some funny I don’t know how much is it with a warm bottle just 36 about and you get a spray powder it makes you 68 bottle I just get 50% of that because if I sell my mouth get enough that’s why your navy sound just go get it could use funny because the one thing that your neighbors did say they look right here you know all of these cleaners another joker so let’s take this one but you know all of these claims right here Y on you they said this stuff is like a pregnant lady on we’re for it don’t work okay you get it because you know there’s Clorox super green fool on that comments biggest vampire so yeah I probably use a lot now if you had a choice that grabbing a solid dollar a hundred pennies now this should be really to check test for your dough now mom you see our door handle their brands oh my god pull the door watches this should be the main reason why y’all get to get rid of me special I’ll give fire right now but what you can do mom you can write this up for fund raise and though that’s what most your neighbors you can you get the writing yes I like you uh-huh you must be a teacher cuz you got a lot of class but you see right here down through no you get the write it off no that’s why a lot of your neighbors don’t do a friend a pocket they do it from the heart but I tell you what I can’t do if y’all get the one bottle imma throw in a free Mary Kay Christian to your Calvin Klein believe the time spray bottle to go with it but this should be the check test though you see this brass right here now I’m gonna be on one last time y’all see this look shiny like a baby Jaime y’all first bought the house god bless you watch this right here naw it’s so old I know not about to be brand new it’s gonna be – disco go from 79 to 2010 look at that oh my goodness that sure did that’s worth the bottle right there not the door don’t panic it’s organic remember I said you know fake color remember that’s what we could that’s what we gotta sell it to Michael Jackson well I’ll probably ocean USDA EPA and PETA you notice the safe around dogs I like Michael lid and it’s safe volunteers are like pee-wee Herman would you say the show a Longworth with me being the commission off that one bottle from your heart you think I can extend upcoming oh yeah that’s not the reason why I’m doing it this is a stepping stone for me because I get a commission to pay for my actions food that’s what a lot of your neighbors are you from around here I’m from my mama don’t tell my daddy here staggered but I’m staying here now yeah we still really skinny brutes why’d you don’t see me on TV make sure you take that Kenny Brooks because uh because I think if you’re around because we played music and bands and we have it’d be perfect to have you come up and you know between dads and say some [ __ ] I’m fine yeah yeah why not I’m so nice man y’all cooler than the other side of the pillow thank you I had Johnny inside cut man zone because your neighbors been working me like I’m black is heavy like I’m Mexican that’s why I’m trying to get over on one neighbor try to make me clean the toilet yeah but that’s I said just Charlie one cuz I know that go take the cheese out John macaroni and mom it ain’t like y’all can use it oh could you use it on everything only thing you can’t use it on this dirty mine dirty Solar nosy neighbors that’s why when part of Jesus in a bottle and dad you know them bugs that commit suicide on the front of your car yeah they told me the bugs I hear it’s bad a good morning from watch this right here to see is unison but but it’s made I have to leave them ok you can do cash check or chicken we could you get this right now you only have to wait are we faster the UPS the fitter motion ever just been doing cash I’m making out to the company could you get it right now and I’m gonna get you all the spray bottle just to join make me clean the toilet god bless you

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Top 3 Tips for SEO Success in 2020

Top 3 Tips for SEO Success in 2020

Every modern business today requires the best of search engine optimization to survive; much more to be a market leader in its industry. The availability of SEO success factors business to businesses small or big impacts the business enterprise’s growth, brand, and visibility with a greater market appeal. Hence, it is worth every business effort in understanding and applying the best of SEO for the desired business success in 2020.

There are a plethora of SEO success factors that are available to different business enterprises in different industries. Not every business company would apply the same SEO success factors business features to enjoy the same degree of business success for this year. However, most businesses would try to secure the top 3 tips for SEO success in 2020-21 that would generate the desired business outcomes.

Best Practices and new trends

Search engine optimization offers a myriad of tools and resources to benefit the business when rightly applied. There are various processes in which a business can choose to enhance its web business site as more consumers turn to the Internet for their shopping and entertainment needs. It is a common consumer habit to click on the first link displayed by search engines when a search is generated. This is the S̲E̲O̲ ̲s̲u̲c̲c̲e̲s̲s̲ ̲f̲a̲c̲t̲o̲r̲s̲ ̲b̲u̲s̲i̲n̲e̲s̲s̲ trend of consumers to assume that the first link is the best of their desired searches as generated by popular search engines.

Web pages that are frequently viewed with appropriate keywords are normally listed higher in the first page results of search engines. This is the best practice adopted by search engines using specific algorithms in determining the ‘value’ of the web pages and their contents. Web businesses take on different types of SEO strategies such as on-page and off-page to benefit from the best of SEO.

It is crucial for web marketers to be aware of the best practices and trends of SEO that would impact businesses of any size, industry, and establishment. The progressive technology generates new search algorithms that are more stringent with a host of SEO applications to benefit web businesses. It can be a daunting task for any business enterprise today to select the best of search engine optimization tools, techniques, or campaigns to enjoy the desired business outcomes. More stringent semantic searches with highly complex queries are being manipulated by top search engines to screen the best of web pages while denouncing poorly structured ones. This is the trend in ranking any website by top search engines in 2020 especially with Google’s Hummingbird algorithm.

There is also the emergence of Google Panda or Google Penguin in the market that applies a stringent ranking algorithm to put only the best of websites at the top of the results page of Google. An online marketer must stay alert to the technological changes in search engine optimization that impact the consumers’ search patterns for 2020. New trends in SEO would be set and applied to the evolving technologies coming onto the marketplace. There might be an intense integration of the old and new in SEO to satisfy changing business and consumer demands for this year.

Proactive approaches by businesses

It is important for online marketers to stay connected with the evolving technologies and changing trends in SEO to enjoy the desired business success in 2014 as more and more businesses may crop up in the marketplace overnight and gain a foothold in the market as a market leader quickly. There must not be any letting off on market alertness with the uprising trends in SEO and the social media marketing environments. Every business today needs to stay in touch with the growing number of social media websites that can fuel their marketing strategies and campaigns effortlessly.

Modern businesses need a proactive mindset with appropriate actions to manipulate the available web resources to propel their market standing and value through social, local, and mobile aspects. Impactful SEO changes must be adopted to take on the benefits before the competitors to gain an unfair marketing advantage. ‘The early bird gets the worm’ is an appropriate adage applicable to modern businesses with the power of the Internet today to boost the business operations and bottom lines. There is no differentiation between small or big businesses with the appropriate use of SEO tactics and features in any industry.

Modern businesses need to share website links proactively and frequently with new and fresh content that would capture the attention of their targeted web audiences. Relevant keywords must be researched and engaged for greater effectiveness when applied in web searches. The business webpage must also be structured in total compliance with the stringent web requirements of search engines to be well noted on the Internet for more traffic.

New frontiers of potential markets

Another tip for SEO success factors business success in 2020 is a consideration of new market frontiers that may be emerging or already beckoning. There is a definite expansion in the use of social and mobile environments besides the local environment in which SEO can be applied successfully by any business.

The smart and innovative business enterprise in 2020 would take advantage of these new environments to source for more potential leads to expand their customer base and increase their sales opportunities for a bigger bottom line. There are now more marketing opportunities through online social media sites and mobile environments that captivate millions of users or members. These environments form the best of opportunities to gain potential leads for any business when the right SEO campaign is applied and monitored carefully to gain the best results.

There would be an integration of new and old SEO features into online social media sites and mobile environments with new applications and software solutions making their presence in the marketplace. Every modern business in 2014 needs to stay in touch with the millions of mobile and online social media sites’ users to have their SEO campaigns effectively executed.

Popular search engines would impose greater SEO success factors business verifications on web pages and contents via local and mobile tie-ins with complex semantic improvements as found on mobile devices and systems.

Facebook Marketing Strategies For Small Business Owners

With news that Facebook has taken over Google in the number of web traffic, it is no longer surprising to have more businesses clamoring to manipulate Facebook to boost their web traffic needs. Small business owners are especially keen to consider the myriad of Facebook marketing strategies to gain a wider customer base for potential leads and loyal customers.

Social media channels

Social media sites are growing in leaps and bounds in popularity in transforming communication over the Internet. This indirectly impacts businesses conducted on the web regardless of their industry or offerings. Internet marketers are seizing the opportunities with social media channels like Facebook to manipulate its dynamic features in boosting visibility and sales.

Small business marketers are concerned about quick and favorable ROI to help sustain the business; if not grow or expand it to another level. Hence, it is crucial to consider the best of Facebook marketing strategies for small business owners that would be cost effective and efficient in generating the desired outcomes. This is an ideal moment for small businesses to jump onto the social media networking bandwagon to stay in touch with millions of Facebook users who are potential leads for the company.

A smart small business owner would consider the huge or gigantic audience, Facebook offers for free to propagate its business activities and marketing strategies. The business’s offerings can be delivered to millions of potential customers with the possibility of going viral. Least cost is incurred through this form of online marketing strategies when executed correctly and professionally.

Word of mouth marketing is the best advertising modes in town without incurring any cost. It is more convincing than coming from the horse’s mouth.

Potential strategies to implement

Social media networks are great platforms to secure more advertising or promotional coverage. These platforms are ideal in generating the right marketing exposure for different categories of audience. It is crucial to employ the best of Facebook marketing strategies to enjoy the limelight for the business with a proper maintenance to sustain the marketing campaign or change it after a thorough evaluation of its effectiveness after an application.

One of the best Facebook marketing strategies is to understand the dynamic features of Facebook that can help boost a small business. It is important to generate an online marketing strategy that suits the small business enterprise with a clear understanding of what Facebook offers and prepare to accept the type of outcomes generated by going along this path. Hence, the small business owner may list out its business plans and objectives to match the best Facebook features available that would boost marketing and sales.

Another great Facebook marketing strategy is to check out what the successful competitors are doing and learn from them. A small business can consider similar Facebook marketing features on a smaller quantum due to size and establishment as well as budget.

Next, a small business should consider the best niche markets or the right categories of potential leads available from Facebook. A personal profile on Facebook would be required with a business page and profile that visitors can also view or visit. This is an effective way of directing traffic to the web business site.
There should be regular high quality content posted to attract the right type of traffic via Facebook to the web business site. Small business owners can commence at the news section on Facebook before expanding to worthy articles on forums or blogs with the inclusion of videos in the near future to establish an expertise level in the marketplace.

Leveraging on Facebook

It is imperative for a small business to leverage on Facebook to lower its marketing and advertising costs. This should not be a problem with the plethora of free components Facebook offers to boost business presence on the Internet, or drive web traffic to the site from its millions of followers.

The huge database of potential leads for any business sits waiting for businesses to knock them over with the plethora of wares and services in the industry. It is easy for even a small business to build up the desired customer database to sustain its existence and growth.

The innovative small business would try to generate a minimum number of new potential leads a day from Facebook with its millions. A comfortable figure of 50 new leads to be added to the database is a good start in setting up a solid customer base for the small business via Facebook. The small business owner can choose their 50 new leads carefully to form the niche customer base that would be relevant to their business operations. These new leads must first be cultivated as friends before transforming them as customers.

If the small business owner takes the initiative to welcome their selected new leads with a well executed video, these can be readily converted to potential customers in due time. However, the welcome video should not contain any scent of business to prevent a total shutout by the potential leads.

The primary move at this point in time is to build relationships through value added information or services to secure the trust and respect of the recipients. Special offers and promotional items can be included in the videos or the mails to stimulate recipients’ interests in visiting the web business site. An opt-in box can be generated in the HTML profile box to secure more potential leads for the small business using the auto-responder with new campaigns which may be passive but effective if quality content is available to attract traffic to the site. Useful and relevant content posted usually drives more traffic to the web business site which any small business can take on easily.

A mini-website can also be created containing relevant multiple links that allow traffic to flow to the web business site of the small business. This mini-website can be integrated properly to allow professional interactions with the potential customers of the business while generating a pleasant experience for every visitor to the site.

My Smart Marketing Strategy From 2014

My Smart Marketing Strategy From 2014

Smart Marketing Strategy 2014smart marketing strategy 2014

We are now halfway through 2020 but as my businesses approached 2014, they must be braced for the rising competition and fluctuating economy that loom on the horizon. However, from smart marketing strategy 2014, the advanced technologies and their continuing progressive developments bring hope to businesses in all industries with more tools and solutions for market sustainability and even expansion.

There are a plethora of tips for developing a smart marketing strategy 2014 to equip small to large businesses in moving forward with the operations. There may be more than 14 tips to enjoy a smart marketing strategy that would boost business.

Workable tips smart marketing strategy 2014

It is important to secure marketing tips that would bring about the desired business outcomes. These outcomes include achieving company goals and visions, identifying market trends to boost bottom lines, better customer service alignment, an updated business structure to be competitive and worldwide recognition as an established market leader in the industry.

There are 14 potential tips or effective marketing recommendations that would enhance the business’s web presence and market position in the marketplace.

1. Optimize business profile

Every business that determines to move forward in the marketplace needs to start off with optimizing their business profile through easy customization of their web business site URL with top search engines. This move would make the business page legitimate with a wider web presence for more web traffic to come by.

2. Crisis management

Every business must be prepared for any crisis in 2020 with the uncertain trends of the economy. With more competition in the marketplace, crises are bound to sprout and the smart business enterprise would need to be well prepared for these small or big crises.

3. Social media options

Social media is the buzzword for modern businesses that not only want to survive but expand to be the market leader in their industries. Hence, it is imperative for businesses this year to embrace social media marketing into their smart marketing options.

4. Use Twitter Cards

Twitter offers effective lead generation cards that would bring on more potential leads to the business for more sales and higher profits. These cards allow leads to be collected directly from the tweets without filling in forms.

5. Content reviews

It is necessary for businesses to review their existing web content and structure to be updated with the latest to keep pace with the market trend. Creativity and innovation are the call of the year for businesses to make a strong impact on modern consumers.

6. Enhance analytical skills

It is never too late or too old to learn the new ropes for any business owner or manager who wants to see success for the business entity. Even new analytical skills and knowledge are required to steer the business to greater heights of success.

7. LinkedIn applications

Apply the best of LinkedIn sponsored updates that enable businesses to promote company posts directly at specific locations’ news feed to reach the desired audience. This is a cost-effective marketing approach that draws more web traffic.

8. Celebrating success

Sometimes, a successful business needs to brag about its best year to keep the competition cringing in 2014. It is important to acknowledge the hard work and effort put in to generate last year’s success while bracing the company for more success this year. A celebration is an appropriate occasion to acknowledge the progress made by the business with more capacities expanded in the coming future.

9. Competition review

Besides celebrating previous success, it is also necessary to review the competition to be better prepared for this year’s competition. SWOT analysis would help businesses to take realistic steps of action to move forward confidently to enjoy similar success this year.

10. Video and mobile marketing

Venturing into video marketing would be a smart marketing strategy for 2014 as more consumers prefer viewing videos than reading text. Videos on products and services can be exciting and compelling with the proper development tools and creativity. Progressive technologies are also offering the vibrancy of mobile marketing options to boost business operations.

11. Legal compliances

Any business that operates in full compliance with the local authorities stands to win their favor and social respect. There may be new online marketing legislation in every local environment in which companies need to be alert and adapt quickly to for a smooth year operation.

12. Proper company policy

Any business that operates in full compliance with the local authorities must also have its own house in proper working order with the right housekeeping rules and policies set in place. This would ensure an orderly modus operandi that motivates workers’ productivity and customer respect.

13. Cutting losses

Not every business decision is profitable; hence, smart businesses adopting smart marketing strategies must consider cutting losses in areas that are underperforming. Some redundant profiles may need to be closed down and bad debts may be written off to clean up the financial books.

14. Manipulate the web

The Internet is the largest and most dynamic platform for great ideas and inspirations for smart marketing strategy 2014 to come on. Watch this space! Smart businesses would surf the web for more ideas to boost their business bottom lines while checking out how and why their competitors are faring better.

Last few years versus this year

As I said my 2014 websites showcased many delightful online marketing features that were powerful to businesses; these include Twitter coming onto the public scene, Graph Search by Facebook, Direct Messages, and Instagram with videos.

2020 is poised to be adventurous and eventful with more impactful marketing strategies to delight businesses, small or large. Businesses may be sitting on the edges with fears and anxieties while eagerly anticipating more goodies to be rolled out by progressive technologies just like a child awaiting Santa’s gift.

Although no one can successfully predict what 2020 may bring, there is a high expectation of the best marketing tools and smart marketing strategy 2014 solutions that would form great smart marketing campaigns to boost business operations and profitability. Lifestyles would be impacted while businesses transform the marketplace with these new entries, although there may be elements of risks with every uncertainty until tested and proven.

My Smart Marketing Strategy From 2014
My Smart Marketing Strategy From 2014


Smart Marketing Strategy 2014