Best Ever Door to Door Salesman

Best Ever Door to Door Salesman

actually I’m gonna be quick like nestling be there like Michael Jackson that’s why your neighbors said I’ll remind them a Nicholas Cage because I’m going in 60 seconds watch this right here dad look who does this the most on a window the kids the dogs that are ugly black guys that eat fried chicken now you see these water spots look they get wider than my elbows at our lotion watch this dad and I’m right here cuz Stevie Wonder’s says seeing is believing and I got a disease called enthusiasm so I’m gonna cut straight to the mustard watch this don’t laugh to mark the neighbors ghost eaters black kids forever your window okay look like mr.

Miyagi remember the Karate Kid now watch does the air dry it puts the co2 Nigel winter no water spots no fingerprints no streaks that’s not we can’t sell it to criminals don’t tell Tiger Woods did your mom y’all would agree oh you see this right here who did okay watch this No my mom said if it’s darker than me and they don’t pay the bills it should be there right god bless you now look this right here did we just upgrade it like Beyonce this is our new surfactant hold this and watch this because this should be the main reason why you get the HBO special you know HBO me know you get the help of brother green called me a pig and look at this right here look those go with chicken don’t drink Adobe the Hershey squirts but look that one bottle lasts longer than my last relationship y’all got water right yeah how far you come try to use it oh yeah but not this is my last demo and I want you here quicker than your favorite shampoo y’all see me with these right here sharpies yeah now watch this even though I’m black getting black magic it just work because let’s say you got this in the clothes that a carpet that around room would you agree that’s hard to get out okay would you throw it out shout it out get okay to stab it down Mike Tyson about Kobe Bryant it was a little as a multiple-choice funny joke cuz you know you came to a bleach on colors right sure look at this this safe won’t colors that’s why we close telecast a miso you just wait a spray right now dude this right here takes up eat blood coffee stains grass stains kool-aid lipstick gum blue can do it would you say that’s wider than the Colgate smile not oh my goodness you see that can use up my teeth today Jesus for the bottle I use money turn brown no I’m just kidding but no you just use it on for your house what’s the hardest thing to clean would it be carpet the tile barbecue grills the shower doors that oil and rest of the driveway that’s blacker than my mother but not as beautiful or that counseling right here can I put this on youtube yes ma’am what are you feeling personality show but this sells itself though it’s called a vanish to wonder cleaner best day since cake and ice cream now unlike Madonna has never been touched so you want to put two caps in the bottom and I’ll just come motion neighbor they just get it because they like me y’all familiar with Tony Robbins yeah see I’m taking this course because this is how Jamie Foxx started off door-to-door and he said two years of door-to-door selling there’s the equivalent to four years of college communication on you interact with different people that’s what I have for the neighbors owned by because the work they just get it because they like my tenacity because they said it in the easy I’m pretty sure Windex in Bleach I never knocked on your door made you laugh with my way about the camcorder just the tape right but which I do full of ourselves – god bless you did but as I said just try to warn you only gotta buy the case today like Matlock – Ted you can’t get the whole chicken at least get the wing right that’s oatmeal beat no meal but like I said you want to put two caps 20 ounces of water so that one bottle make you 68 Spears but you should just save my autograph because by the time you run out you probably see me on Last Comic Standing and anybody big it should win it because even Jesus said if you give a person a fish you feed him for a day but if you teach amount of fish you can feel lighter god bless you but if you had one would you try it on first day at that right there right a hard water spots but just just some funny I don’t know how much is it with a warm bottle just 36 about and you get a spray powder it makes you 68 bottle I just get 50% of that because if I sell my mouth get enough that’s why your navy sound just go get it could use funny because the one thing that your neighbors did say they look right here you know all of these cleaners another joker so let’s take this one but you know all of these claims right here Y on you they said this stuff is like a pregnant lady on we’re for it don’t work okay you get it because you know there’s Clorox super green fool on that comments biggest vampire so yeah I probably use a lot now if you had a choice that grabbing a solid dollar a hundred pennies now this should be really to check test for your dough now mom you see our door handle their brands oh my god pull the door watches this should be the main reason why y’all get to get rid of me special I’ll give fire right now but what you can do mom you can write this up for fund raise and though that’s what most your neighbors you can you get the writing yes I like you uh-huh you must be a teacher cuz you got a lot of class but you see right here down through no you get the write it off no that’s why a lot of your neighbors don’t do a friend a pocket they do it from the heart but I tell you what I can’t do if y’all get the one bottle imma throw in a free Mary Kay Christian to your Calvin Klein believe the time spray bottle to go with it but this should be the check test though you see this brass right here now I’m gonna be on one last time y’all see this look shiny like a baby Jaime y’all first bought the house god bless you watch this right here naw it’s so old I know not about to be brand new it’s gonna be – disco go from 79 to 2010 look at that oh my goodness that sure did that’s worth the bottle right there not the door don’t panic it’s organic remember I said you know fake color remember that’s what we could that’s what we gotta sell it to Michael Jackson well I’ll probably ocean USDA EPA and PETA you notice the safe around dogs I like Michael lid and it’s safe volunteers are like pee-wee Herman would you say the show a Longworth with me being the commission off that one bottle from your heart you think I can extend upcoming oh yeah that’s not the reason why I’m doing it this is a stepping stone for me because I get a commission to pay for my actions food that’s what a lot of your neighbors are you from around here I’m from my mama don’t tell my daddy here staggered but I’m staying here now yeah we still really skinny brutes why’d you don’t see me on TV make sure you take that Kenny Brooks because uh because I think if you’re around because we played music and bands and we have it’d be perfect to have you come up and you know between dads and say some [ __ ] I’m fine yeah yeah why not I’m so nice man y’all cooler than the other side of the pillow thank you I had Johnny inside cut man zone because your neighbors been working me like I’m black is heavy like I’m Mexican that’s why I’m trying to get over on one neighbor try to make me clean the toilet yeah but that’s I said just Charlie one cuz I know that go take the cheese out John macaroni and mom it ain’t like y’all can use it oh could you use it on everything only thing you can’t use it on this dirty mine dirty Solar nosy neighbors that’s why when part of Jesus in a bottle and dad you know them bugs that commit suicide on the front of your car yeah they told me the bugs I hear it’s bad a good morning from watch this right here to see is unison but but it’s made I have to leave them ok you can do cash check or chicken we could you get this right now you only have to wait are we faster the UPS the fitter motion ever just been doing cash I’m making out to the company could you get it right now and I’m gonna get you all the spray bottle just to join make me clean the toilet god bless you

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