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Sneak Peeks: Other Videos Your Audience Watched, New Info Cards in Studio Demo, and more!

Master Your Social Media Tips And Tricks 2022

– All right, Insiders, we are back with another edition of News Flash. And I have to be very honest with you, I am developing a keen awareness of how difficult it is to be a creator. Not only do I have to get all the lighting right, but I’ve received feedback from on high that I have to remain in the center of the video. So I’m starting from scratch. I’m gonna be bringing you more and more news updates throughout these News Flashes.

But I’m also gaining more and more respect for this community and all of the efforts that you put in to make the platform exactly what it is. So, with that, let’s get into some updates. First up, we have some exciting news around latency once again. And, of course, we’re talking about studio updates. Up until now, creators had to wait about two days to see the data coming in around the search terms and URLs that were the pathway to actually getting to your content.

Now though, you’re gonna see the search terms pretty much immediate after a video is uploaded, and at the channel level, you’ll see the data within about a day. Like many, if not most of us, you’ve probably been missing Tom. Well, you can look back on a great interview Tom did with Tim, from Video Creators, where they discussed some common roadblocks that creators face and how to overcome them. We’ll leave a link in the description. Now we have a guest, James, who’s gonna take you through a new, native way to integrate info cards within Studio.

James is gonna take us through a sneak peek of what the team has been looking at to the benefit of you, our creators. – [James] So I’ve got my video here for the demo, and now we’re gonna come at an info card. And you know I’ve got to promote our favorite channel.

Creator Insider. There we go.

Hello, Insiders? Learn more about YouTube. And then let’s pick a spot. I’m gonna put this right about, let’s say three seconds here. And, actually, I’ll move it up just a little bit through at the beginning of the audio there.

And yeah. And then I’ll save it. You could add another one, another card if you wanted to here. I’m not gonna do that. That’s the new info cards editor.

Check it out soon. – Thank you, James. Next up, we have some great news around the audience tab within Studio Analytics. So, what you’re going to be able to see is videos that your audience has watched on YouTube that aren’t your own. So you’re gonna be able to see the other things your audience is looking at.


This gives you a great opportunity to get to know your audience better.

It also allows you to dig into what other video topics and formats that might suit your channel. Think about this in terms of the titles, the thumbnail styles, and the collaboration opportunities that you might want to explore. Now, we’re gonna be rolling out this card over the next couple of weeks, but a couple of things to note. You might not see it because your channel may not have enough data, or if you’re making content that’s appealing to kids, you’re not gonna have access to this either.

We’ll be rolling it out over the next couple of weeks, so be on the lookout.

And, of course, who won the trivia contest from last week? And, yes, okay, I hear the winner is coming to us shortly in a sealed envelope. Yes, thank you. Thank you.

Okay, so we have it here. Lemme put on my glasses. It was a really tough contest, I have to say. But this week’s winner was MarcoJP-ve, who correctly identified the answer to the question, which was, “Which video was the first to reach one million views on the platform?” The month, November.

The year, 2005. The video, a Nike ad featuring Ronaldinho. So, thanks so much, Marco, for engaging. This week’s question is, “Which video is currently the most liked video on the platform?” Dig into those comments as quickly as you can and be the first with the right answer, and you will be the winner of this week’s News Flash contest.


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Understand Your Shorts Traffic in YouTube Analytics!

– Hello insiders. I’m Elena. I’m a product specialist working on YouTube analytics. As probably all of you know, recently we launched a new feature called Shorts. Shorts are a new video or a new short video format and we’ve seen a lot of comments and a lot of questions about this feature.

And we want to talk today about how shorts will influence your metrics and YouTube analytics.

Some of the metrics will remain the same and some of the metrics might change. So we invited Fiona to talk about this topic in detail Fiona do you want to say a couple of words about what you’re working on? – Yeah, absolutely. So to introduce myself, hi, I’m Fiona, I’m a product manager on YouTube analytics.

And I, we’ve been spending a couple of months sort of doing some work to make sure that kind of shorts make sense and YouTube analytics and sort of don’t get too confusing, hopefully. – All right. So let’s start with how, can I see how many views shorts are driving to my channel in analytics? – Yeah. So maybe first of all to clarify, just how views are counted for shorts they are counted the same way as for shorts as for regular videos.

So they also contribute to your channel level view count and sort of don’t get filtered out in any way.

You can see how many views you get from shorts by looking at the traffic source type card on the reach tab of YouTube analytics. And you can also go into advanced analytics to see the same information. And if you click on the traffic source types there, you will see a row for shorts. And it’s important to mention that all of the views that are classified in that traffic source type, are the ones from viewers sort of swiping up to your video in the shorts player.

If people are clicking onto your short from the home tab, those would still be marked as kind of the in the normal browse traffic source as before. – Okay. So I assume shorts might decrease channel average view duration , click through rate or potentially RPM? Is that correct? – Yeah.

So they could change if you do have a lot of shorts your average reiteration could go down because of course the videos are shorter. This shouldn’t hurt your channel performance in any way it’s just kind of an attribute of the video. Same thing for click through rate because most people will sort of swipe to your video rather than click on it based on a thumbnail that metric might also change, but again, it shouldn’t really impact your performance.


RPM is a little bit special because the views in the shorts player aren’t monetized. And so we are actually filtering those out from the RPM population so that it doesn’t get too impacted and confusing, because you could have seen a drop if we had left it in, because if you get a lot of and monetized views, the RPM could drop since it is sort of essentially revenue divided by views.

So we filter that out. – Wow! That’s good to know about shorts. I also heard that analytics for shorts, I can’t see typical performance for shorts and analytics. Is that true?

And why can’t I see a typical performance there? – Yeah. So, because shorts is kind of a very new format, we wanted to make sure that we weren’t really generating any unfair comparison, so we didn’t want to say things like, “Oh no, your average view duration has gone down.” If we’re comparing it to regular videos, ’cause that won’t, it wouldn’t be an apples to apples comparison. So we’ve disabled these sort of typical performance indicators, the little up and down arrows, and also some of the headlines for shorts just to make sure that we actually when we do really bring it back, that it actually makes sense and is a fair comparison.

So we intend to have typical performance for shorts but we want to do it properly. – Okay. It makes sense. So do you have any questions for CI audience today? – Always.

We’re always working to improve analytics and particularly for shorts because it’s new, we’re very keen to hear you know what would be the most interesting information for you? What would be the most helpful? So definitely leave us a comment about that and we’ll look into it. – Awesome. Well, thanks for coming to the show Fiona.

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