Sick And Tired Of YouTube Ads

Don'T tellI am sick and tired of youtube ads, and this is what I’m going to do about it: all right. Let’s analyze this for a moment. Okay, first, they provide all videos on youtube free of charge. Second, you become addicted. Then they offer us a paid ad-free subscription because they know you don’t like ads and then they annoy the out of you with their ads so that you eventually buy their subscription and look I’m not against capitalism and making money. On the contrary, I’m all for it and look. This is not about the money. Money comes as a result of success. However little your successes are, if you have no success, you have no money and success is your duty obligation and responsibility as grant Cardone says it. So well in his book, the 10x rule, but he also says – and I fully agree it should be done ethically now. Don’t tell me that what google is doing here is ethical.

Google is rapidly becoming just like Facebook, not given a sh about you, the viewer, a human being, they don’t give a rat’s ass or maybe they do give a rat says it’s the same as giving you hard drugs for free for a long period of time to make you become addicted to it and then start charging for it and suck you dry? Don’T you see that they are turning us into the next type of addicts on the internet? I myself am becoming an addict and I’m doing something about it. I’ll tell you in a minute first, I want to talk about ethics here. Wouldn’T you agree that Google has some of the most intelligent people working for them and that they have access to a whole lot of money and that they are creating an ai that beats the intelligence of every human being combined on the planet. Then how come? They cannot come up with a business idea to make billions of dollars in profit. Ethically how come they must be stupid.

That is impossible. Oh really give me a break. Just look at the world’s most phenomenal example here, Elon Musk. Why did he start tesla? Why Starlink? Why SolarCity? And why the boring, company and SpaceX? Why? Because it was the right thing to do for him. It is the right thing to sacrifice his time and energy here on earth for the betterment of the world to a man like that, i tip my head and listen he’s not the only one. There are thousands of entrepreneurs around the world who run highly profitable businesses based on great ethics. So if Google is so smart, why don’t they do something for the betterment of the world huh? You can answer that question yourself. Two things are going to happen. Mark my words, one, an alternative to youtube will flow to the surface that offers video content in an ethical way, a way that works for everyone, a win-win.

Why? I am sure I’m not the only entrepreneur who is sick and tired of being bombarded by google ads and who can see this. That’S why two we, the people, will find a way to circumvent google’s malicious plan to make us into internet addicts. We, the people, have a voice and we will stand up and fight back and say no. Thank you, google. Here’S how I am doing it right now. Currently, all my videos are aimed to help people not to promote some random company that I don’t know. Therefore, I’m adding the text no ads colon in front of my video title and that will allow you the viewer to see if this video has ads by google or not before you decide to tap or click and watch. If this idea goes viral and YouTubers start doing that, we win and we will beat the system.

So if you are a YouTuber and you care about your viewer’s experience more than you care about the money you get from the ads, then do this and to all YouTubers out there who agree with me. Please use this video or make your own copy translate it. If you can I’ve provided the closed captions here and look, we can do this, but we have to do this together. People will abuse this for sure. This means that if you are a viewer – and you see no ads in front of the title and that YouTuber has allowed Google to place ads in it, we, the people should dislike the video click, the report flag for manipulative content, and then unsubscribe from their channel. Come on guys, let’s do this, and let’s do this together: It’s your Choices that count?

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