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hello and welcome back this is video number two and in this video we’re gonna talk about analyzing your audience so like I said beforehand before you can go ahead and create content which is what most people do you need to have a good picture of who your audience is what their dislikes are what their likes are and all of that so what we’re gonna do here is we’re gonna be using a tool that’s free called Facebook audience insights and what this tool is is it’s a very powerful tool that has tons of data on your audience and it’ll allow us to gain a clearer view of your demographics who it is are they male or female are they a certain age what do they like what do they do not like and things like that so we’re gonna keep it simple and give you some real-life examples and it’s not going to be complex all right so let’s jump right in okay so right now I am at the Facebook audience insights and to get to this page all you need to do is simply go to slash ads slash audience – insights you’ll log into your Facebook account and you’ll be able to access this page now if you want a direct link and the link changes you can always go to and simply type in Facebook audience insights and it’ll direct you to that specific page okay so what this tool does like I said is it allows you to analyze your audience and we want to have a more granular very specific idea of who that might be now when you start this up you’re gonna see it says choose an audience to start you can do everyone on Facebook which is what we’re gonna do or you can have the option of people who are connected to your page now if you do have a facebook fanpage this is nice to have because this will give you an idea of exactly who your audience is that is connected to your page now in this example we’re gonna choose everyone on Facebook and there we go now by default it will most likely list your location if we want to target a person of a specific location you will enter that here then you can enter the minimum age to the maximum age now we don’t want to do this just yet what I normally do is we scroll down and we enter an interest and based upon that we will get a better idea of the demographics so let’s say for example people that are interested in a specific arts and crafts let’s say for example knitting so we’re gonna enter knitting so we see that here we’re gonna select that and we see this over here so as you can see I did not choose any of this I simply entered the keyword and then I got this information here so based upon Facebook Facebook is saying that there are about five to six million people in the United States of America that are interested in knitting now you can change that location to something like Australia to Canada to a different location but for now we’re simply just interested in the types of people so the demographics here we can see that the age and gender 88% are women and 12% are men so based upon this we can see that knitting it’s mostly women all right so because it’s mostly women we are going to want to target women so the images we have need to attract women now if it’s 50/50 you might want to choose images that are specific to that interest so when we take a look at the age we can see that even though it’s women the majority of them are actually in the 25 all the way down to 64 and more so we’ve got 19 percent 20 percent 90 percent 19 percent 17 percent now this is 7 percent which tells us that the age group from 18 to 24 is a little bit interested but not as much in fact we can see for males is 30 percent here which I would never have known and that’s why guessing who your audience is whether they’re male or female and all that information by yourself is actually quite dangerous so you really need to use this tool so we can see relationship status we can see that the majority of them are married the majority of them have a college education level we can see job title we can see that the majority of them are 31 percent administrative services the second one is sales and the third one is management so this allows us to kind of paint a picture now if you want to zoom in on a specific age group and gender you can simply click that area of the block so let’s say for example that we want to focus on people that are 25 to 34 or actually let’s pick the one that’s high as 20 percent 35 to 44 so if you click that what Facebook will do is it’ll hone in on this specific group now when we click that we can see that about 900,000 to about a million people are in this specific group now if we scroll down we can see it’s about the same married college education level administration services management and that’s interesting because remember we saw sales being the one of the third highest when we look at this specific group we can see that it is non-existent so what you want to do here is simply write down what you see so we’re going to talk about page likes and all of this in a different video but for now let’s keep it simple you

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