5 Lessons I Learned Building A Internet Business Empire

from the outside the road to success always seems so easy right people say yeah he already has a successful business what does he know like what kind of problems does he have but the reality is that it’s never like I want to go from here to there and it’s easy now it’s actually not easy at all there’s a lot of hurdles in the way a lot of bumps in the road and that’s why I think it’s important to stress out or to sort of point out the five biggest lessons that I’ve learned over the last 15 years as an online entrepreneur that got me from zero to where I am today so just in case we haven’t met before my name is Willie cry and I’m an online entrepreneur from the Netherlands as you can probably tell by my terrible accent I apologize for that but I’ve been working online for over a decade now as an online entrepreneur and over during that time I’ve started various businesses I’ve sold various businesses and we acquire tens of thousands of customers worldwide to online marketing now I don’t want this to be about me I wanted this to be about you I want to show you how you can grow your business so let’s just let’s just dive into it first let me tell you a quick story of how I got started online so I was 16 years old it was back in 2002 which in online terms is like ages ago right and this is actually a funny story at least a lot of people seem to like this story anyway so I was 16 years old 2002 it was and at that time the movie the matrix was super popular here and in that movie every character had the wrong pair of sunglasses right and being a 16 year old boy I wanted to have one of those as well but here in the Netherlands there were nowhere to be found so I went looking online and I found it a company in the United States which for me was the other side of the world right I actually sold those sunglasses so I figured hey if they’re not being sold here in the Netherlands but they are in the US then maybe there are other people like me who want to have those who want to have those sunglasses so let’s let’s try to sell them right now I was 16 years old like I said so I didn’t have any money so I couldn’t just say well I’m going to buy those sunglasses and then I’m going to sell them online or sell them anywhere because I didn’t have the money to actually buy them right so what I did was I put up an ad online and I told people like hey you can you can buy these sunglass or me you’ll you’ll have to pay me first then after a while I’ll had like a month of order periods then after at the end of the month I’ll do an order in the US then left I have to wait two months in order for the sunglasses to go back to me because of the shipment time by sea and then after those two months I’ll set I’ll send you your sunglasses so they’ll have to put their trust with me the future has send me their money and then wait for like three months before they would get their sunglass back now the thing is that I was expecting to sell a couple of sunglasses so I would maybe have my sunglasses for free right now what actually happened is that we actually did 17th or I say we I mean me and my parents I did actually 17,000 euros worth of sunglasses of sunglasses that are six euros each so the whole house was filled with sunglasses which was sad which is another story actually so we sold 17,000 euros worth of sunglasses being a 16 year old kid and what while I was selling these all of this up I didn’t even tell my parents yet right so at some point I need to say my parents hey listen like I I just received 17,000 euros worth of sunglasses and we need to say I need to send that over to the US in order you know hoping that I will then get a box of sunglasses back instead of a box filled with stones for example now at this point online shopping wasn’t a thing yet like it wasn’t big especially for my parents who are pretty much old fashioned they were both farmers I live I used to live in the countryside so they were not happy but being there also entrepreneurs so they supported me and they said alright sure we’ll do it you know we’re gonna wire that money and we’re just gonna put the trust there and if it’s if this goes out so be it we’ll just have a lever go for it and everything went right everything went really well and at the end I learned tons tons of lessons I didn’t make any money out of any profit out of it because of something I did not foresee that’s once again another story but the most important thing is that and that’s the minute the main lesson I want to share with this story is that you gotta solve a problem like if your business doesn’t solve a problem you’re making it’s too hard for yourself like the I I found I stumbled on the problem that people wanted to have these sunglasses but there were nowhere to be found in that land so by getting them to the Netherlands I solved a problem that’s really the first lesson that I want to give a gift to you make sure your business solves real problems so for the following years I kept doing e-commerce by importing all kinds of products from all over the world and selling them here in the Netherlands and I realized that my passion wasn’t really with making all those packages or with the customer support or all of that but my passion really was with online marketing so I started looking online to see what I can do with that like right and I stumbled upon Google Adsense and a whole new world opened up for me I mean you can actually make money if people click on your ad well apparently yeah so what I said what I started doing a lot was I started a lot I started creating a lot of websites and I started to ranking them in Google right it was doing a lot of SEO and all I did was on those websites were filled with Google Adsense banners and it went really really well I mean I’m not a big fan of sharing numbers as some people do that’s fine I just I’m not a big fan of it but if like even in today’s standards I was doing really really well I went I like I was on the king of the world plus at least that’s how I felt and at some point boom like my adsense account got shut down because apparently you can only have three Adsense banners I had like five or six on every page which is me being selling my own mistake but I went from doing really well to absolutely zero literally overnight so I started thinking like first I started crying but after I started thinking what can I do and I realized that having you know I was relying just in Google Adsense so I figured I’m gonna do affiliate marketing not the kind of info marketing products or anything like that but like real tangible products or in the Netherlands like like holidays or mobile phones or mortgages or anything like that so instead of focusing on Google Adsense being my monetization strategy I had a bunch of affiliate networks so I idea was like if one of them stops or one of them you know doesn’t want me anymore or one of them goes bankrupt or whatever no problem at all so you think I was safe right well guess what like 99% pretty much all my traffic at this point I stopped doing SEO and I started doing a lot of Google AdWords so 99% of my it was from Google AdWords guess what boom there was a new quality score update and basically long story short all my traffic dried up literally overnight again so I was once again back to square one and I was once again I was doing really really well but like this took me a couple years were copied years after the Adsense incident so who doing really well back to zero literally overnight once again round two so that really taught me a really really important lesson I think maybe even one of the most important ones is that never rely on one source or one thing in your business always have a backup no matter whether it’s a traffic source your service your email company whatever it is always have a backup in place never rely on one source for any part of your business so when the advert slab happened I was fully focused on getting my master degrees on marketing management so I decided to first finish what I started first get my degree and then start a new business from scratch so that’s what I did so after half a year when I got my degree I said to myself hey I’m going to a new environment and I gave myself six months to start a new business from scratch so I went to Sydney in Australia which by the way is my favorite city of all I love to travel love meeting new people but that’s another story so went to Sydney Australia are higher than office in downtown city centre and I said to myself hey I’m gonna start a new goal a new business and I have the goal of getting X amount of dollars every single month so it was really just about how much money would I make right and I had like an exact figure in my mind that I that I wanted to hit so I went there I read full of energy new in new new environment new new everything and I had the experience right I started various businesses in the past which were really successful so I can do this right I I’m gonna crush it and so I started working and one man one man one month went by two three four and I went nowhere and I don’t mean nowhere as in I’m not hating my goals no no where as in not a single dollar made like not at all so I was I was I was to be honest I like I was in an awesome country but I was feeling down and I was feeling desperate and I had no idea what to do so I’m not sure why but at some point III started a side project which wasn’t focused on making any money at all I was doing a lot of Facebook marketing at the time at least learning about it and I realized there was a there was a gap in the marketplace so I heard someone from our desk to build me a plugin which was called WordPress for Facebook at the time so I gave it away for free just enter your email address and that’s it here it is you just go download it and after a while like this was a side project it was not like this wasn’t not business for me right it was just like something for from outside the stuff that I was doing to make money so I gave the blogging away for free people started opting into my email list and after a while I started looking at the numbers I’m like hey there’s a couple thousand people who signed up to download this free plugin Wow maybe I should do something with that so I hired the same guy again and he built me wordpress for facebook Pro which was like a better even better version and this was but this was around the end like literally at the end of the six-month period that I gave myself and still I had nothing to show for it nothing nothing went how I was hoping it would go so I remember it was this last week in the office early glitcher the last week I hired the office because right after the weekend I would fly back home to the Netherlands and the last week I went crazy because I wanted to finish that plugin and on the sales page and all of that that week so I can send that out to that email list and I had no idea how to sell something by email right I just so I’ve been just been working working working and that last Friday Friday night we were going with some friends we would have like a goodbye party you know I’m goodbye party and all of that with a barbecue and olz style and just before I closed down my laptop I was done like the sales page were already everything was done I press send I literally press sent on the email to let all those people who opted in before letting them know hey here’s here’s the pro version of what you downloaded first you know here you had the free version here’s a pro version and you can buy it right if you want so I set hit Send and then I was taking some stuff from from for my for my desk and put it in my back and I looked at my laptop and I was Bing Bing Bing or the scam and I was like super excited and I mean like I let that night I went out went out my friends to celebrate you know the last last last night together because I was coming back home after and that night or I was checking my phone I made more than that half a year combined in total so I was just I was amazed and that really taught me a super valuable lesson that said you should always lead with give value first and then reap the rewards after that don’t just try to make money don’t go for a monetary goal because money is non so you shouldn’t just focus on making money because that’s insane focus on giving value giving value first and then the rest will follow and that’s really the biggest lesson I learned from that like all the things I did just to make more money didn’t work and as soon as I started providing value just give value away for free that’s when everything changed so that’s really the big lesson that I want to share with this one so after I got back home I treated that part of the business that the Peregrine’s selling business as my core business and I was working on that for a couple of years until I got an email from this company that I never even heard of before but they were an investment company basically and they wanted to buy the whole company they want to buy it all and I have sold various smaller companies in the past but not never something like this not never something like this big right so there was a lot of thinking a lot of consideration a lot of and going back and forth and was a long stressful process actually but at the end of the day we made a deal when they bought the whole company right so including the same that the staff same people the whole product everything in the business was theirs except for my time basically and after a couple months I kept checking them and I kept checking how they were doing because it still felt like my baby right even though it was theirs but it felt like my baby and I was looking at hey how are they doing and everything went south like at the same team same product like an awesome product what went wrong what what happened and I started talking to some of our previous customers who were now their customers and they they told me that their custom spurred support sucks excuse my friends but they did not treat their customers with the respect they deserve right and that really reminded me of a really valuable lesson is that you should always treat your customers with the respect they deserve and you really care about your product the same way as you care about yourself basically if you really care about your customers and they feel that they know it then it’s one of the easiest way to stand out people remind that people love a good customer support and people love you know being treated fairly so whatever you do really care about your customers and you’ll stand out right away so all of this have it a few years ago and once again I was able to start a new business from scratch and this time though I didn’t want to spend a couple of years building it to get to the same point where I used to be and so I knew I have to change something right and up to this point already I always hired people for the things that I couldn’t do myself so I hired developers on a project basis I hired graphic designers on a project basis but that was about it like everything I could do myself I just do myself because I lo I’ve always been this control freak like I want to do it this way my way right and at this point it was time for me to let that go basically so I started hiring more people to grow the company to help me grow the company faster than I could do on my own and that really like before when I started doing that it was super scary like I told him to do this and they did it their own way and not my way and I was like god no you should do it differently and so there was definitely some things that I needed to learn in that process but again in the end of the day like I could have never grown my business this far or my like never ever it’s like right now for example or our business is like 15 at 15 people’s law 15 people on a full-time basis plus various people on a project or like freelance basis and like I’m super grateful from a team like they’re the best and they do things much better than I can and yeah like I would have never been able to grow the business this big without those people so this is like the fifth big lesson that I want to share with you is don’t try to do it yourself get people to help you out so there you have it the five things that helped me grow my business to where it is today make sure to solve problems never ever rely on just one thing in your business give away value first then reap the rewards care about your customers don’t try to do it all by yourself I hope this helps and I hope it inspires you if you’ve been following me for then you know that usually I sent out the actionable advice right the nitty-gritty when I marketing to help you grow your business now this time though I really wanted to focus on these five critical elements because I can tell you everything I know about driving traffic I mean we we’ve sent millions and millions and millions of people through our photos using pretty much every traffic source there is available right but I can I can show and teach you all of that but it wouldn’t matter if you don’t have these five critical elements in place in your business and that’s why I’m really sharing this video here for you today so once again I hope it helps and I hope you have an awesome day chest bye bye

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The Importance of SEO For Effective Internet Marketing

The importance of SEO internet marketing, if you are already running a web strategy or are planning to set about a web strategy, one concept you are unable to afford to skimp on a search engine optimization seo seo is one of the most popular buzz words advertising, but Unfortunately, most internet marketers simply are not aware of enough about SEO to generate this tactic, benefit them. Even those who are knowledgeable about SEO might have difficulty executing their SEO. Ways have generate the desired effect. Advertising is a very important part of running almost any business. You need to advertise to reach new customers and market, your merchandise, whether you take your small business online or otherwise it is likely. You already realize how important it can be to promote. But if you are running your small business online, you need to understand. There is a great deal of free advertising available by means of optimal search engine, ranking positions well known search engines such as google rank websites, as outlined by complex algorithms, which are built to determine which websites are most recent for particular search terms. They’Re for taking the time and effort to optimize your internet site for relevant search terms may lead to you being rewarded, rich in search engine ranking positions of those terms. This will be significant since the majority Internet users rely heavily on these rankings. It is not uncommon for Internet users to only review the first few results when they find a particular term. What this means is in case your website will rank very well enough to seem on page one in the search results. You’Ll likely enjoy increased online traffic. However, in case your website doesn’t reach page one or perhaps the second page, it can be unlikely. You will receive a great deal of online traffic from visitors who use search engines. Now you understand why search engine ranking positions are extremely important. You could wonder the way to achieve these rankings. The best way to optimize your internet site is to hire a search engine optimization specialist, to perform the meet your needs. The concept of SEO is complex and continually evolving, which makes it a hardship on most businesses that are not experts in SEO to maintain the changes on the market. Therefore, businesses that make an effort to optimize their website on their own might have difficulty maintaining predators who employ a SEO consultant to optimize their website. The algorithms utilized by search engines might be rather complex and will include several different factors. Some of the common factors in the equation include keyword, density, meta tags, titles, when weight links, online traffic and contend keyword density describes how often a certain keyword is employed in the content of your website. The idea behind this idea is that website designed to use a keyword often are most likely extremely relevant to that keyword. However, overuse if that keyword may lead to penalties towards the website if the search engine deem the keywords are not utilized appropriately. Meta tags are items of code which some search engines use in evaluating this article of the website. Placing keywords over these tags might be valuable in some search engines. However, care should arrive at avoid placing irrelevant keywords over these tags, since this may lead to your internet site being penalized. Backlinks can also be utilized by some search engines to position websites backlinks make reference to links on other websites which point to your site in evaluating the quality of such one-way links. Some search engines consider the ranking the website offering the link to your website, and that means you should guarantee the website providing one way, links to your site or high ranking websites to get essentially the most take advantage of these links. Finally, this article in your website can perform a great bolster your search engine ranking positions. Most SEO firms retain staff of writers who will be skilled at providing quality content. Also is optimized for relevant keywords. In case you employ a SEO firm. Would you not providing copywriting services? You need to purchase hiring a professional writer yourself. This will aid to guarantee the copy on your internet site is not merely valuable for your visitors and also considered valuable to find engines. This video is brought to you by a sniper marketing com.

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Advice to Small Business Owners in 2020

Advice to Small Business Owners in 2020

Alex BermanAre you a small business owner here is small business owner advice for you this is my best advice for small business owners I’m gonna go through four things that you as a small business owner should be doing in order to escape your business and start living free Who am I I’m Alex Berman I’m the founder of x27 I also run a software company I run a digital services business.

Yes I’m also a YouTuber here we’ve generated over ten million dollars in revenue for our clients and so you might consider me a little bit of a small business owner what’s cool also is I am free I’m working on my own schedule I’m not working 80 hours a week right I’m pretty free I’m working as much or as little as I want it’s pretty cool we’ve got a whole team going and it’s very possible for most business owners to do that and that’s what I want to cover in this video four things that you as a small business owner can do to start the process of escaping the small business owner advice trap that is most small business.

First, let’s start with s̲m̲a̲l̲l̲ ̲b̲u̲s̲i̲n̲e̲s̲s̲ ̲o̲w̲n̲e̲r̲ ̲a̲d̲v̲i̲c̲e̲ what happens in most small businesses you start a business because you either want to make money or you’re good at something then customers are paying you for this thing then you start working on the delivery of that thing then you end up doing the work on that thing putting a lot of your time in and eventually you’re only working on this thing putting all your time into delivery instead of into sales and what that leads to is you as a small business owner have now instead of getting the freedom business that you wanted you’re ending up with a business that is more like a job.

This video is brought to you by mail rush IO if you need to send cold emails or if your current provider isn’t allowing you to send cold emails you must get an account with Mel rush dot IO with Mel rush do you can send bulk email in campaigns on autopilot while avoiding blacklisting problem improve your sending reputation with a dedicated IP and if you sign up with the offer below they’ll include a free customized IP warm-up schedule with your dedicated IP account and you can get 30% off the first month by using the promo code cold email in addition to that you can also open a free trial account with a sending credit of 1000 emails check it out Mel roast audio promo code you know

Now you have to show up at the office every day and do a certain number of tasks and you’re not free and you might even be working more than you were at a corporate job and that sucks nobody wants that you become an entrepreneur because you want freedom you want to live your passion you want to do things that excite you so let’s cut all that out here’s the four step process number one figure out how you make money where does the money actually come from in your business and that doesn’t mean let’s say you sell widgets the way you make money is not selling widgets the way you make money is we call vendors and those vendors give us money for widgets or we go to trade shows and sell our widgets to customers at trade shows how you make money is not the product itself how you make money is literally how you make money how do you get to the customers that pay you cash for us we make money through cold email which is our number one source and these YouTube videos which is our number two source

So if I was a small business owner and I wanted to focus only on what makes the most money I would be making more of these YouTube videos and sending more cold emails that’s that so number one figure out how you actually make money how does the cash leave the customers hands and come to you number two scale that heart if you find out you make most your money from trade shows and you’re doing one trade show a month do ten this month do fifteen this month scaled the crap out of the way you make money and run that yourself at the start then number three once you have figured out how you make money and you’re scaling it up you’re doing more of these things that make you the money you remove yourself from everything that doesn’t make money directly that means if you’re a consultant and you’re doing small business coaching but you find out that the money is being made from cold email now instead of spending 40 hours a week actually talking to clients you move those 40 hours to work on new business and generating revenue instead and hire somebody to be the business coach for you that is the first step to escaping

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Now You’ve heard this small business owner advice it’s important to test your subject lines to have at least an 80 percent open rate and we’ve been able to achieve that pretty consistently for our clients selling the billion-dollar brand the hardest part was coming up with the subject lines but lucky for you we put together 50 cold email subject lines for you to test at email 10k com/subject I remember when I first decided to cut my hours incredibly the thing that was taking up most of my time was consulting calls people were paying me up to $1,000 an hour to consult on their cold emails what we did instead is now Robert Andrus my co-founder handles the consulting calls we charge a couple of hundred bucks an hour instead and he is able to take these calls and be just as good if not better than I was and our customers are getting more value from it because it’s cheaper and we’re all winning here and I don’t spend any time on it more importantly so I can focus on new business stuff

Then what you want to do is once you’ve removed yourself from everything else so that you can focus on the thing that makes money for your business you’ve worked on that thing only work on making money for your business until your revenue is high enough then number four you remove yourself from that money-making thing hire a salesperson to take over that aspect of your business that makes money and now you’re doing nothing you’re not working on the product you’re not working on the marketing and you’re not working on the sales you are now a business owner you’re free you’re in the new rich right you’re doing nothing you’re doing whatever you want all day and working on the systems of the business instead of working in the business

So that’s the four-step small business owner advice plan to escape your small business and increase your revenue while at the same time buying your time back and that best advice for small businesses again is figure out how you make money scale that hard remove yourself from everything that doesn’t make money then remove yourself from the money-making do those and start living the life you want you to have any questions on what we just talked about feel free to leave a comment below let’s get a conversation going thanks for watching the video feel free to subscribe to this youtube channel for more content like this we do videos three times a week all about sales marketing how to be a better business owner etc like this video to encourage this type of content on YouTube and if you want business coaching from us check out two twenty coaching com

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Best Affiliate Marketing For Your Business

With the plethora of online marketing solutions available today, any business may deem selecting the best one to be quite daunting. While some may consider SEO solutions and approaches, others may adopt affiliate marketing where its programs are now considered a dime a dozen.

Smart businesses today must evaluate carefully over the plethora of affiliate marketing programs to choose the one that best fits the business objectives, needs and requirements to generate the best returns on investment.

Effective features

Affiliate marketing programs may be floating on the Internet ready to be plucked by businesses, but there are some which are more cost effective and efficient than others. There is a great potential with the right affiliate program to increase the sales for a business without disappointing the business owner. Hence, it is crucial for the business owner to consider checking out and comparing the various affiliate marketing programs in the market before subscribing to one or more.

A market research would be the best course of action to determine if the affiliate program is effective and efficient with guaranteed returns. There are plenty of accurate and up-to-date reports and reviews on different affiliate programs by independent market researchers. A good affiliate program would have raving reviews with a long list of satisfied customers. Its effective program would target at a wider audience with products and services that are in great demand or exclusive. There would be easy to use features in a good affiliate program that ensure high sales and popular items that would generate the high demand. Flashy or fad products in affiliate programs do not last long for a consistent income.

A good affiliate marketing program must be compliant with the business standards set with a high commission that would generate a high profit.

Wise selections

Any enterprising entrepreneur can consider a suitable affiliate marketing program to boost its sales and profit. However, a wise choice is highly recommended to bring about the desired results. An efficient affiliate program must fit well with the business objectives such as branding, image, revenue targets, time frame and budget.

A well selected affiliate program is able to generate an ongoing income stream to the business for a long time. This would require distinctive products to be marketed that may be exclusive deals to make the sales more popular. There is less effort in marketing such unique products or services in the market as the competition would be less. However, the chosen product or service must also fit the demand of the consumer market to be saleable.

The best affiliate program in the market must offer a well-defined pay structure that gives rewards which motivate the marketer. Unclear reward schemes tend to waste a marketer’s time besides being potentially risky as scam activities with a lot of hassle in payments. Affiliate programs that offer a high commission with absolute pay rates are the best in the market as such programs require less effort in generating a decent income. Even with a lower traffic to the site, a good income is possible with a high commission affiliate marketing program. Costs can be reduced with less effort to increase profit margins.

The best of affiliate programs should offer a long term payout from repeated businesses. This ensures a continual income with the introduction of a customer to the affiliate site. Before embarking on any affiliate program, the wise business should verify their track record first. There are plenty of market reviews and feedbacks from past customers on different affiliate programs to recommend or warn potential business owners looking for affiliate programs.

Time to Process

Any business that seeks to adopt an affiliate program should go about the process slowly and carefully. Such programs should be slowly built up one at a time rather than a few programs simultaneously as it is important for the right process to be activated for the right testing of the program for the business. Not all affiliate programs would work well with every business as there are various factors involved. It is crucial for the business to check and test how effective is each affiliate program for the business and customers. Some affiliate programs do not pay if there is no conversion of visitors to sales.

It is best for a business to walk through the process of finding the best affiliate marketing program and test its effectiveness before indulging into it full time or check out other options. Once a sustainable income stream is established by the preferred affiliate program, the business can consider another based on the selection process success.

Wide opportunities

The Internet provides an abundance of income generating opportunities such as cost effective affiliate marketing programs that allow individuals to set up their own small businesses to generate income on their own terms. The changing business trends today encourage more individuals to work from home or gain some extra income at their own time.

Affiliate marketing allows individuals and businesses to advertise rampantly on different sites and blogs to gain more web traffic which proves to benefit all parties involved. There is a myriad of directories and websites on the Internet that displays a long list of affiliate marketing categories which businesses and individuals can get involved in. These categories may include technology, arts, finance, healthcare and automotive. There are relevant software solutions, tutorials and listings to assist the business in succeeding in affiliate marketing. The wide range of business opportunities abounds for every type of category an individual may choose to go in. This would make it easier for the individual to get going on the preferred area and gain more confidence as the business moves along.
The Internet offers a plethora of helps to boost affiliate marketing opportunities with established affiliate directories and tools in the market. A business can source for extra information or solutions in the market with the desired commission from the clicks and sales. A business income can grow when the proper research is executed to find the best affiliate marketing program in the market.